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  • 2/11 = 2+11 = 13


  • Death that gives life...

    Since ancient times, the Egyptians, Aztecs and other Native American tribes have viewed the dead as a source of encounters, rituals, transformation and light. Today, the DAY OF THE DEAD festival continues to unite us with those we no longer see, but whose presence we can still sense near to us.

    Let’s look a little more in-depth to understand this important Latin American holiday, which is increasing in popularity and becoming more well-known across the world.

  • The Day of the Dead falls on 2 November (2/11 = 2+11 = 13). What is the significance of this date? There is a meaningful link between the two that proves nothing in our universe is by chance.

  • In tarot, 13 is the number of the Major Arcana card, DEATH. In this context, Death signifies a transition, a finish line, a destination, but not an ending. A karmic number in the Kabbalah, we find this number tied in infinite ways to bad luck or foreboding, but this is also part of the great myth of a deceptive collective unconscious, folk legends that logical people do not buy into.

  • If we could only detach ourselves from the grief, sadness and melancholy that we experience at the loss of a loved one, we could see that, in reality, death is a passage to a higher state.

  • As stated previously, 13 is a karmic number and an indicator of an unfinished experience, but karma also accounts for occurrences that bring us joy in this life. With this idea, we can eradicate the notion that KARMA = NEGATIVITY. Remember: we are what we believe and we create these beliefs ourselves. Like an alchemist, we can transform the base metal of our life into gold.

  • Close your eyes. Visualise yourself surrounded by crystals, light and your desires. You will start to move in the right direction. The crystals will start to shine, and your desires will become reality.

    Karma is the eternal law, according to which each person reaps what they sow. The universe is a manifestation of the Divine and of man, and it is the result of our thoughts.

  • Everything contains in itself the capacity for improvement and attainment. The number four is the archetype of stability and constructiveness (13 = 1+3 = 4). It allows you to touch that which you have thought. In the number 13, man confronts the supreme test of all matter: bestowing life.

    Be brilliant and shine! But never forget that beauty is found in life’s shadows.

    Federico Raffo
    The Numbers Man