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  • 2020 Horoscope – words by Gabi Lussi

  • To understand the astrological influences of 2020, we have to take a look at the past, when Pluto went into square in 2008. You started on a path of radical change from the ground up, just as Pluto demands. Old patterns were swept away without knowing where to lay new foundations. These have been difficult years, especially in terms of work. Today you are starting over again, from zero. Your tenth house of professional success is demanding your attention and energy, because 2020 is a year of building your future. It would be productive to put skills into play that fall outside your usual skill set. In this way, the synergy between what you already know and what you want to explore will be greater. To obtain the best results, focus on collaboration. You won’t arrive anywhere fast if you go at it alone.

    In relationships, many Aries have already built a family life with children during the last two years. While taking on your partner’s demands responsibly and rationally, it often came at the cost of emotions and romance. It is necessary to address the situation and find the opportunity to talk about these unexpressed feelings, otherwise you risk finding yourself and your partner living separate, parallel lives.

    The best times of 2020 in terms of love will be at the beginning of spring, when Saturn’s square ends.

  • In mid-2019, Uranus entered Taurus, revolutionising your life in all senses. For a fixed, stable sign such as yours, this is a big challenge to face. The upcoming year will be one of revolution and new, unexpected occurrences. You will need to make fast decisions. Perhaps you will need to leave a stable job to jump on a one-of-a-kind, totally uncertain opportunity, just like Uranus likes it. This planet will revolutionise your life, making it more dynamic and energetic during its transit, which will last several years. In 2020, Uranus will primarily effect those Taurus born in the sign’s first decade, who will be the first to face these major changes.

    The same holds true for your romantic life. Perhaps a stable relationship will take on a libertine edge. Uranus prefers freedom over social propriety, so you need to be ready to widen your horizons. On the other hand, Saturn in trine from Capricorn offers fatherly support, helping you make the right decisions. Perhaps, for a while, you will experience the residual effects of old ties, along with new situations. It is important that you let yourself get swept away by Uranus’ energy, because resisting it would be counter-productive and tiresome, if not impossible.

  • You are now ending a long journey in search of a new identity that began with Neptune, way back in 2012. This was strengthened by Saturn in opposition that pruned away dead branches and redefined what was necessary by eliminating what is now superfluous. You may have lost your bearings in terms of work, as well as in your emotional life. Today, you are reborn with a new identity.

    Finally, 2020 begins with a clear idea about what to do and how to proceed after a long phase of reprogramming. A balance has been achieved between your needs and desires and what actually can be put into action. Geminis are gifted with high levels of intelligence and creativity, but often need the approval of others to proceed, as they suffer from a deep sense of insecurity. In 2020, you will acquire a new sense of confidence. It is a time of redemption after the astrological complications of recent years, making it a year of stability and building for the future.

    The same can be said for relationships. There may have been people you cut from your life in the past, but you can mend relationships and establish them on a more solid base, if they are truly worthwhile. Relationships that had outgrown their purpose were severed by Saturn, but now is a time for building. You have clear ideas about the best path to take for you and your loved ones.

    Relationships are strengthened on common ground. Many will have the opportunity to construct a new home base, perhaps in another city.

  • With Pluto and Saturn in opposition, Cancer has had to face many changes during the last three years. Pluto has brought inner transformation, as it works on a subconscious level, sweeping away outdated beliefs and values over time and rebuilding them on a more solid and sound base.

    In terms of work, you may have had to deal with precarious situations, but kept working hard due to Saturn in opposition.

    Due to these conflicts, in 2020, Cancer has a broader and more concrete vision in terms of what you really want. Conflicts have now ceased and you can confidently take small steps towards carrying out concrete goals without getting bogged down by irrational fears.

    Work offers a landscape filled with possibilities to harvest. To start, try ironing out contracts and agreements in a very clear way. The first six months of the year will be very interesting.

    Relationships need to be redefined and renewed. You need to find a new balance, without burying your head in the sand. Couples that are having difficulties or are separating will be able to agree on legal proceedings and find closure without too much second-guessing.

  • Leo has undergone various phases of change during the last few years. Some may have moved to a new city or started a new life. In 2019, you may have experienced many delays and uncertainties due to Uranus, but you remained on your feet and weathered the storm.

    The new year is a time to put the focus back on yourself. You need to get your priorities straight, by putting other people’s needs on the back burner. If old roads lead you to old patterns of behaviour, it is better to reset your compass and continue towards your goals. This way you won’t get lost, because you will be following your path without distractions getting in the way.

    Your love life also requires a new focus. Saturn’s opposition is pushing you to be more responsible. You may get married, move in together, or have a baby, everything is about constructing a future together. Gone are the days of short-lived romances and fleeting passions, it’s the time to take your love life seriously and build something real.

    Put this year to good use by focussing on internal and material growth.

  • Yours is one of the year’s most favoured signs. Finally, after years of exhausting struggles and attempts at finding your way, you are ready for a comeback.

    A determined Pluto is pushing you towards transformation, while Neptune, in the opposite sign of Pisces, is urging you to unleash your creative side. You have arrived at an extraordinary new point of departure.

    Pluto in trine from Capricorn has a powerful, regenerative edge. Old, outdated patterns will fall away, making room for something new. You are bursting with energy and ready to start over from scratch. Many favourable planets will help you tackle new projects, so you can finally arrive at a stable professional life. It’s important to map out proper boundaries between yourself and others and stick to these limits, because Virgo always tends to put everyone else’s needs above their own. Now is the time to put the focus back on yourself.

    You will be surrounded by a multitude of opportunities. Your skills have acquired additional value, so you can ask for more. If you hit a wall in your plans, new possibilities will spring up in their place, making you unstoppable.

    The past few years have been difficult in terms of love, with conflicting relationships, separations, uncertainties and unclear situations. In 2020, you will find balance and stability. It will be easier to try to reach agreements with others during the first half of the year. With stability in all sectors of your life, you will also be able to construct a secure emotional life. This is truly a golden year for Virgo!

  • You enter in 2020 with more purpose and clearer ideas than those you are leaving behind. Pluto’s square has pushed you towards professional autonomy, as well as being yourself, even among those you don’t know very well. Libra is known for teamwork, and, with the help of Uranus in opposition, you were able to work independently even when in a collaborative group. These have been challenging years, but now you feel stronger and more independent.

    In 2020, you will embark on many new experiences that you have been planning for several years. You are now more mature and determined in terms of what you want and what you need to change, also in terms of romance, because, even here, you have gained a sense of independence.

    Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are making you realise that stability starts in the home, bringing solidity, clarity, teamwork and a solid base. This will lead to great inner confidence and self-esteem, as well as increased creativity, which you can use at work.

    You may move houses this year, as well as make home improvements or do redecorating projects – in short, everything that is in the hands of Venus. The main theme of 2020 is putting down roots. You can start this process by anchoring your inner self and then working outwards to everything that surrounds you.

  • During Saturn’s long transit over the past two years, you may have felt like you had to start over from scratch. Saturn trims and strips away everything that is no longer useful, but it is also filled with the chance to start again from a place of greater wisdom and maturity. Thanks to its clear insights, you now know what matters in life and can start afresh with a greater foot in reality. Scorpio is famous for its indefatigable energy. With Pluto as your ruler, you are well acquainted with the conceptual cycle of death and regeneration. Just like the mythical phoenix, you will rise from the ashes, stronger than before.

    It starts at work. Jupiter and Saturn in your third house will push many Scorpios to find new job situations. Given the astrological circumstances of the past, you may have moved on from old situations without really knowing where to put down new roots. Now is the time to get involved with promising possibilities, new collaborations, or old dream projects that have been gathering dust in a drawer.

    If you own your own business, you may decide to sell, in order to invest in broader, long-term projects.

    Your love life will also require a practical approach. If you are in a relationship you will manage to consolidate, plan, and invest in the long-term.

    If you are still somehow tied to an ex, you will finally be able to turn the page once and for all. For those in an ambiguous situation, it is time to put down limits. Singles, however, will have many potential suitors on the horizon. The choice will be up to you.

  • Jupiter has just finished its long transit through your sign that lasted over a year. This has brought you many advantages, even if they are not yet completely clear. The seeds have been sowed and, in 2020 are finally ready to be reaped. The size of your harvest will be proportional to the effort you invested in your goals during Jupiter’s transit in your sign.

    New opportunities will come knocking, and new projects will get off the ground. With Saturn leaving the scene during the second half of the year, you will feel a return to the good-natured positivity that your sign is famous for.

    If you have relocated to a new town or country, you will start to experience the benefits of this move, as well as feeling more grounded and rooted.

    In terms of your romantic life, after the unrest of the last two years, you want to re-establish order and stability by finally cutting off situations that have remained open-ended but no longer make any sense to continue. Put your personal well-being first, by ridding yourself of people who make you feel in chains. It is better to break it off and start a new life based on your heart, as opposed to remaining in a prison of your own making.

  • When Pluto entered your sign in 2008, Capricorn underwent a grand transformation. Pluto’s task is bringing all that is hidden deep down to the surface. In fact, Pluto is associated with psychoanalysis. After many years of hard work, you have reached the finish line. If you set about this journey as a mission to be faced with courage and determination, you have now reached your goal and are starting a new life cycle.

    Jupiter and Saturn are in your sign, with Uranus in trine, making this a 5-star year. Along with Virgo, Capricorn is 2020’s most-favoured sign. Any decision you make will lead to victory. With the constant support of Uranus, you will always be in the right place at the right time. You will reap the rewards of the seeds sown during the past few years through hard work. Your labours will now be greatly rewarded.

    Your love life will also witness exponential growth. You could get married, move in together, or relocate to a new home or city – all changes will be for the better. Singles will have a wide array of potential suitors. Both Jupiter and Uranus will push you to new adventures, which will bring major changes to your life over the next few years.

  • You have been going through an extended phase of introspection and interior isolation. This has served the purpose of putting your inner psyche in order, while trying to navigate through murky waters. Finally there is a light on the horizon in 2020.

    A clear improvement, defined by a feeling of inner well-being, will spring up within you. Then slowly, step by step, you will find yourself in a new chapter during the second half of the year. The transit of Venus will also bring you a new sense of creativity. You will tackle all sectors of your life with a renewed life force, filled with the right intuition to make new work projects take shape. All these changes will be manifested in new creative ideas.

    The second part of the year will be highly productive thanks to Mars in auspicious aspect. All your plans will be put into practice.

    Even love will enter a phase of reconstruction. The past few years have been filled with confused, undefined situations. Perhaps you did not have clear ideas about what kind of relationship you would like, because Aquarius certainly does not like to define or pigeonhole relationships. This often leaves you in situations that straddle the line between friendship and love. The year 2020 will bring the clarity and determination necessary to be at the centre of attention. You will have many opportunities. For those already in a couple, you will be able to build a stable life together. It will be a particularly constructive year.

  • Pisces is coming out of a year that swung between highs and lows, with some planets in favour (Jupiter) and some in inauspicious aspect (Capricorn), making you experience moments of great confusion. What does 2020 have in store?

    Stability is the key word. It is a very positive year, but a lot will depend on what you have already planted. Often Pisces will put things off, because they don’t believe in their own abilities. The year 2020 is brimming with ambition. You will need to force your hand in unsatisfying work relations. You can achieve your goals. It is the right moment to invest your energy in new initiatives and collaborations. Try to find alternatives to situations that are no longer satisfying.

    Jupiter will also be on your side in romance. If you are already in a happy relationship, you will be able to make successful plans for the future during 2020. For example, you may invest in a new home, move in together or have a baby. For singles, you will be open to constructive relationships, while banishing relationships that have no future.