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  • 2021 Horoscope – words by Gabi Lussi


  • Happy New Year, Aries!

    The keyword for 2021 is change.

    After several difficult years, you can finally free yourself from stagnant situations.

    Saturn and Jupiter have changed signs once and for all, bringing a major boost of energy and opportunity to your professional life.

    Aries needs to feel stimulated and motivated in order to unleash the best of themselves, and 2021 will bring results that have an almost immediate impact.

    Projects that were stalled throughout 2020 will be reviewed and given the green light.

    You will also be able to dedicate your time to things that bring greater satisfaction in your personal life.

    In 2021, you will also reach important goals in regards to love.

    Couples who put joint plans on hold due to work-related difficulties will finally be able to live out their dreams, which could include getting married, moving in together or having a baby.

    You will have a clear vision of your future and want to be in full control of your decisions.

    You will no longer be able to endure on-and-off relationships or clandestine affairs.

  • A year of great change is finally ending.

    Many of your sign bravely opted to go your own way in your professional life.

    Looking back, it was a year filled with challenges, but also one that prepared the groundwork for greater independence and satisfaction.

    The year 2021 continues this trend.

    If you have taken on new projects and duties, your career will advance in lockstep, bringing greater responsibilities.

    Those born in the sign’s first two decades will face major changes, while those born in the third decade will remain slightly hesitant about setting down a new career path.

    For the latter, true transformations won’t occur for another year, even though you realize it is time to start a new chapter once and for all.

    New work opportunities arrive in the spring — on May 14 to be exact — when Jupiter enters Pisces.

    Some may move abroad for work.

    Your will seek stability in love.

    Long-term couples may consider marriage or moving in together, as the desire to build a life together will be high.

    July and August are auspicious months to try for a baby.

    Although the overall romantic trend is towards stability, the summer months could bring passionate new encounters.

  • The past year has been a difficult one for Geminis.

    Filled with false starts and new beginnings, you needed to constantly adapt to a precarious work environment or invent new income-generating opportunities, without ever knowing for certain if you were heading down the right path, due to trust issues.

    The year 2021 sees a marked improvement.

    Jupiter and Saturn are transitting in your house of far-away places, bringing foreign contacts into your life, as well as the opportunity for exchanges and business collaborations abroad.

    In May, Jupiter moves into your 10th house of personal and professional independence, bringing a series of success in your professional life and beyond, which, of course, will require the necessary amount of effort.

    Your love life often faced turbulent changes over the last two years.

    There may have been messy breakups or moments of confusion and solitude.

    Others may have had to deal with relationships filled with difficulties and misunderstandings.

    With the arrival of the new year, it’s time to hit the reset button and start from scratch.

    Those couples who weathered the storm will see smooth sailing, with their relationship being defined by harmony and maturity.

    Others will take firm positions regarding love affairs that have no future.

    For all Geminis, the mantra for 2021 will be order and clearheadedness.

    The best period to meet someone new is from the beginning of spring to the end of summer.

  • Sunny skies are in store for you in the new year, Cancer!

    Jupiter and Saturn move on from a long, challenging opposition.

    The time has arrived to reorganise your life by taking into consideration your own personal wellness, so you can live a stress-free, peaceful existence.

    In terms of career, you need to make clear decisions about what professional path to take.

    Most importantly, stop accepting compromises just to keep the peace; everything will be more fluid and dynamic.

    On May 14, Jupiter enters Pisces, opening a treasure chest of possibilities beyond your usual borders, both personally and geographically.

    Many Cancers could have the opportunity to move to a new city or foreign country for work, while others will be moving out of their comfort zone towards a life filled with stimulating adventures.

    Others still may choose to go back to school or enrol in a Master’s programme.

    Your love life will also be filled with positive change.

    If something isn’t working, you will want to immediately clear the air, instead of allowing misunderstandings to fester.

    If you are interested in a potential suitor, you will have the courage to let them know your true feelings.

    In May, thanks to Mars, and June, due to Venus, you will be able to get yourself out there in the dating the scene.

    Couples who have made it through a rough patch will want to review their relationship and come to a final decision, perhaps even to separate.

  • There are changes in store for you, Leo.

    Last year ended with a whimper, with many of you having to juggle difficulties, obstacles and family duties, often losing sight of your own personal needs.

    The year 2021 sets a new tone.

    You will be able to put aside the needs of others in order to focus on yourself without feeling guilty.

    It is time to sail the waves of personal freedom and forget what the rest of the world thinks.

    The year starts off with Jupiter and Saturn in opposition, shining light on what needs to be improved and pushing you towards making independent decisions while casting off the demands of others, both in work and your personal life.

    Your love life will also be under the microscope.

    With Saturn in opposition, it is time to make firm, constructive decisions.

    For example, you may decide to marry or move in with someone.

    If you have been having a clandestine affair, the moment has arrived to clean house.

    With Mars and Venus in your sign in June and July, it will be difficult to resist the call of love.

  • It’s time to turn your back on a challenging year.

    Many Virgos invested a lot of effort and energy in new work projects, while others searched diligently for solutions to grow business, whenever it was possible to do so.

    After all, you are one of the most industrious signs when it comes to career.

    In 2020, many of you realised how much of a weight you were carrying around on your shoulders, which was often compounded by picking up the work of others — but you could also consider this as a trial period.

    While work and personal realisation is still on the charts for 2021, many Virgos will start to feel restricted by their current lifestyles and become increasingly aware of how they truly want to live.

    Even the most inveterate Virgo will start putting themselves first.

    Perhaps the long lockdown period made you conscious of your own needs and created the desire for a more carefree approach to life.

    In January, you will need to coordinate work duties with colleagues and partners by finding common ground, so that projects started last year can be brought up to speed.

    If you launched your own entrepreneurial endeavour, you will see an increase in business.

    Collaborations will be a key element of success.

    In love, you will stop taking on the duties of two people, preferring to optimise your time in terms of home, children and work.

    The new year sees a definite shift in tone.

    Many Virgos will start taking charge of decision-making by laying down precise rules and doling out responsibilities to others instead of solving everyone else’s problems.

    Shaky relationships will take a turn for better or worse, and the same goes for everyone else.

    Above all, it is important to have fun.

    Being in a couple will work only if you retain your own sense of independence and don’t set your expectations too high.

  • Last year was challenging and demanding, pulling you in many different directions at once.

    If you work in a team, you often had to make compromises in order to please others.

    This approach, however, also gave many Libras an opportunity to figure out what they wanted for the future.

    As early as January, there will be good news on the earnings front, thanks to Jupiter and Saturn in harmonious aspect.

    This configuration shines the spotlight on creativity, allowing you to invest your energy and skills in developing innovative projects that bring successful results.

    Over the course of the upcoming year, work will be the focus.

    You will finally be recognised for your efforts, providing a healthy boost to your self-esteem.

    Collaborations with colleagues could be tense, because you will no longer be willing to compromise in order to keep the peace.

    You now want to impose your vision and bring it to fruition.

    The same goes for relationships.

    You no longer want to bury your head in the sand to avoid conflict.

    You want to be loved for who you really are, and if this causes friction, it may be time for a change.

    Couples who overcame a rough patch last year are now on more solid ground and ready to make plans for the future, including having children.

    September and October are filled with passion, signifying a rebirth for all.

    You can meet new suitors, take existing relationships to the next level, or move on from dead-end situations once and for all.

  • For several years, Scorpio has been undergoing a period of slow, continual transition and personal evolution due to Uranus in opposition.

    This continues in 2021, especially for those born in the second decade.

    The new year bodes well for those who are willing to make the hard choices that lead to personal fulfilment, by not allowing yourself to be ruled by conflicting emotions or closing yourself off to the world.

    If you have been clinging to outmoded ways of doing things, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will push you to abandon these habits and implement change.

    For example, if you have been putting off making important career decisions, the time has arrived to take a new dynamic, energetic approach.

    During the first part of the year, you will still have a hard time making decisions, but things start to change in May, when positive, buoyant vibes point you in the right direction.

    In love, many couples have faced difficulties, especially those in a long-distance relationship.

    This year, the focus is on stability by finding common ground on which to build a solid future together.

    This includes making career decisions that work out well for each of you.

    Even young couples will want to plan for a joint future, perhaps by deciding to move in together.

    Pregnancy is favoured when Jupiter enters your fifth house in May, which may come as a surprise.

    The best time to meet new suitors is from May until the end of the year.

  • The past few years haven’t been easy for Sagittarius.

    You have had to face obstacles that undermined your professional and personal success.

    Moreover, judgment errors could have created their own fair share of problems.

    The new year is also the start of a new cycle that brings greater awareness.

    Thanks to past experiences, you will have a clearer vision of the future.

    With Saturn and Jupiter in good graces in your house of communications from the start of 2021, you will have the desire to meet new people and make new contacts, which could lead to interesting new collaborations, especially with people that live abroad.

    Starting immediately in January, it is necessary to get yourself out there and start reaching out.

    There will be a sharp improvement in finances.

    Your love life will also enter a carefree era filled with new energy and people.

    You will be more active socially, which will breathe fresh air into existing couple bubbles.

    If you have gone through a recent breakup, potential new partners will come your way.

    January kicks off with Venus in your sign, bringing new opportunities for romance and adventure.

  • The year 2020 was a period for planning the future.

    Many Capricorns were entirely focused on work, while others were starting entrepreneurial endeavours.

    Things weren’t always easy, as Jupiter and Saturn’s extended transit through your sign often slammed on the brakes — but by slowing down, you also had the opportunity to fully dedicate yourself to new projects.

    The new year starts off on a positive note.

    Jupiter and Saturn’s entry into Aquarius shines the spotlight on finances, bringing new sources of income, leading to a greater sense of security.

    Finally, you will know that all your hard work has not been in vain.

    Some Capricorns may decide to invest in a real-estate venture or their own business.

    Your love life has taken the backseat recently, so you will want to make up for lost time.

    Established couples will consider marriage, moving in together or starting a family.

    Young couples will find time to plan joint projects together, in order to ensure a better future.

    With Venus in your sign in January, even the most solitary Capricorn will be ready to get out there and jump into the dating scene.

    Relationships formed at the beginning of the year have an extremely promising future.

  • You can’t wait to turn the page on 2020, a challenging, demanding year both personally and professionally.

    For this reason, you are starting 2021 filled with the necessary determination to start new projects and work towards goals that personally inspire you.

    Your mantra for the new year is to do what’s right for you, and stop worrying about pleasing or upsetting others.

    The new year kicks off to a great start with Saturn and Jupiter in your sign, beginning an important new cycle overflowing with opportunities and possibilities to pounce on, first off in work.

    You have already dealt with many changes, and the time has arrived to get yourself out there, look around and create a free flow of energy by starting new projects and collaborations.

    Focus on being an early adopter of innovative solutions, a talent which your sign has a particular knack for.

    With Jupiter on your side, everything you touch is destined to grow and find success.

    Get ready for year filled with surprises!

    Home and family will be another focal point in 2021.

    There will be an overwhelming need to shed your skin, as you no longer identify with your current living situation, pushing you to find a place that reflects who you are.

    Many new changes are in store for your love life, as well.

    Even though you are a highly independent sign, you now long to build something lasting.

    Even the most resolute singles will want to settle down — but in an Aquarian style, filled with plenty of personal space and devoid of labels.

    If you have recently gone through a breakup, you will enjoy your newfound freedom and the single life.

  • Many Pisces start off 2021 dealing with changes that were initiated last year, especially in regards to work.

    Some of you changed jobs, while others ended collaborations.

    Moreover, several of you had to conform to external influences beyond your control.

    No matter what situation you currently find yourself in, you will have a clearer vision regarding what path to take in 2021, despite the influence of Mercury in May and June, which could throw obstacles or delays on your route to success.

    However, with Jupiter in your sign from May to the end of the year, you will receive validation and new opportunities.

    Some of you may decide to move to a new city, or even a new country.

    Your communications sector is also lit up; you should concentrate on making new contacts and collaborations that could help you in your career.

    In love, there is more awareness and less doubt.

    Stagnant couples may decide to put an end to things, while new relationships will be ready to make plans for the future.

    If you have a solid bond with your partner, you may decide to have a baby.

    April opens a new chapter in your love life.

    Many Pisces will fall in love with someone new, thanks to Venus in your sign, which will bring many potential suitors your way.