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  • Horoscope April 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • The April sky is beautiful, with the Sun in Aries and Mercury in your sign.

    You will enjoy a great start to the month with numerous projects taking shape. Ultimately, you will make a breakthrough in situations that have been hanging in suspense over the last few months.

    Have faith in your new work-related collaborations.

    Mercury in your sign will push you towards new ideas and projects that fall outside your domain.

    The Sun will bring positive energy and determination, giving life to any plans you have in the pipeline.

    The positive aspect of Venus will bring in the new spring and along with it, new interesting encounters.

    Communication will be the key to leaving an impression on someone’s heart.

    Proceed with caution as Mars is in its first phase, which will see Arians much more entrepreneurial than usual.

    Fortune Cookie / A good deed does not require a reward.

    Gemstone / Turquoise (Brings good fortune, protects from negative energy).

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  • April will be a time for patience for Taureans, who must wait for news and work related answers.

    There are decisions to be made, particularly for those who are taking on new responsibilities, to keep moving forward in this challenging time.

    Mars square will bring agitation and anxiety, but this will improve from the 20th of the month, with the Sun in Taurus.

    Your relationships will suffer slightly in this stressful climate, linked to your current working situation, as well as Mars in your sign, making you antagonistic.

    For new encounters you will benefit from a charged Mars and the energy from Uranus, which will push you out of your comfort zone: unexpected encounters with people far away can open new doors.

    Fortune Cookie / Fate deals the cards, we play the hand.

    Gemstone / Carnelian (Stimulates creativity, helps to nurture your own dreams).

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  • This is the perfect time for new projects.

    It is important to plan everything to the last detail because, even if now is not the time, it soon will be.

    The best ideas are yet to come for those who work in the creative sector, with Venus in your sign for the whole month. Some will rely on certain choices that are considered a little outside the box, but they will be successful.

    You love life will also reap the benefits of Venus in your sign: some will fall in love and dream of romantic ideas, some will start their lives together, some will finally overcome their problems and rediscover the joy of being together. April is the month of love.

    Fortune Cookie / The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know.

    Gemstone / Celestite (Relieves stress and gives a sense of harmony and calm).

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  • Positive energy for the entire month thanks to Uranus and Mars in auspicious aspect from the 14th.

    Guided by commitment and determination, many Cancers are ready for a debut. Your projects will be supported by people you have met in the past.

    Many are also busy with projects and creative ideas that will come to light in June.

    Your romantic life is full of energy. You want to fall in love or make plans together, such as renovating the house or having a baby.

    For those who have been having relationship problems, it’s time to recover your former serenity.

    Singles are in search of something new. There are many opportunities to meet interesting people.

    Fortune Cookie / People who don't understand your silence will never understand your words.

    Gemstone / Morganite (Helps balance the emotions. Controls anger. Brings purity in love.).

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  • Plenty of positivity thanks to the effects of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in a positive aspect.

    Projects will crop up, thanks to contact with the outside world, for those who work independently, even if some time is required for practical implementation.

    Possible collaborations and assignments will materialise, for those who work for companies that export products abroad.

    Love brings tension.

    Mars in opposition for the whole month will bring impatience towards your partner, the smallest thing can create friction even for trivial issues.

    Singles will experience interesting encounters, as long as you give space to others.

    Fortune Cookie / If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

    Gemstone / Citrine (Helps to maintain focus on the present, brings happiness, helps to maintain a positive attitude).

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  • Many Virgos are invested in their work: now is the time to extend your projects, putting new resources and skills to the test.

    Outside collaborations will be positive but if there are things to be signed that require travel, it is better to wait until the second week of the month, when Mercury will be in Aries.

    Love will need to wait while Venus is in square.

    There will be potential delays on projects due to physical distance, perhaps someone in a transitional phase at work and away from their partner.

    Others, due to work commitments, will have little time to dedicate to their relationships, but this will not be a problem: even you will be busy on the work front, finding new opportunities.

    Things will improve towards the end of the month.

    Fortune Cookie / A problem is an opportunity to do better.

    Gemstone / Shungite (Magical properties used as a shield in electromagnetic fields).

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  • Now is the time for reflection and decision-making.

    It is wise to consider pros and cons and evaluate the best path to take, organise work outside of the office, review collaborations, consider proposals that have been made to you over the last few months and make significant investments, after careful evaluation.

    Jupiter and Saturn square will keep you on a leash and it is over the next few months that you will start to see results.

    Your love life will be balanced.

    If there is something to be clarified or something required from your partner, it is best to do this before the 12th, after this Mercury will be in Aries, so in opposition, and this could start arguments or discussions.

    Venus trine will bring serenity and joy.

    New encounters for singles, charm from Venus.

    Fortune Cookie / Everything you desire lies on the other side of fear.

    Gemstone / Rose Quartz (Cultivates love, helps to cure wounds of the heart and encourages you to be more loving).

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  • Projects that you have already started will run as planned.

    There are many new things in the sky for Scorpios, but this month you must contend with Mars square, which can make you feel anxious and agitated.

    Possible arguments and disagreements with colleagues or partners can occur, as well as difficulty making compromises.

    Those who work in teams should consider working more independently.

    This month will bring pressure, but this will clear in May.

    Agitation will also be brought to your love life: there is discontent in the air.

    Some will feel under-appreciated, others will want to make decisions independently without taking advice from their partner.

    Those dealing with a separation must contend with their ex, with regards to financial issues.

    Fortune Cookie / The only way to make friends is to be a friend.

    Gemstone / Celestite (Relieves stress, promotes sleep).

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  • April is a positive month for Sagittarius.

    New deals and fresh collaborations will materialise, even from outside your normal circle.

    Those who have recently moved will start to be more comfortable at home and feel more stable.

    All activities linked to shopping, communication and production will increase after the 12th, when Mercury will move into a more favourable position.

    The same is true for those awaiting payments.

    If you are making investments, it is advised to move them until after the 12th of the month.

    Venus in opposition will give a feeling of “with me or against me” in certain situations.

    Lack of tolerance and a desire to avoid: some people will have made choices that seem wrong at this time, or you will succumb to pressure from your partner, some will long for a distant love.

    In order to communicate constructively, wait until after the 12th, when Mercury is in favour.

    Fortune Cookie / Don’t favour your appearance, your actions are beautiful.

    Gemstone / Tiger’s Eye (Promotes emotional balance, brings mental clarity).

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  • This will be a good period for Capricorn, which will be one of the most favoured signs of the year.

    The support of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your sign will back all the initiatives and changes that you started implementing at the end of last year.

    There are multiple opportunities for those that have not had the courage to release the ties: nothing will be in conflict in this period, everything is at the will of your desires.

    From the 12th, Mercury will move into Aries and form a square, this means that you must sign agreements, contracts, legal policies and notary deeds, if you need to.

    Try and tie things up in the first 10 days of the month, or wait until May.

    In your love life, there will be some discontent linked to practical challenges, but projects already in progress will not be affected.

    Clarify your thoughts before the 10th.

    There are good opportunities to meet people for those who are single, as long as everything is clear from the beginning.

    Fortune Cookie / When there’s growth, everything flows more quickly.

    Gemstone / Fluorite (Strengthens memory, improves concentration).

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  • You will experience a good start to the month, thanks to Mercury in positive aspect until the 12th: this will be favourable for all commercial transactions, orders, agreements, new projects and important contracts, for those who want to expand their working sector.

    The Sun and Mercury are in a favourable position, supporting good humour and initiatives, Mars at rest in Aquarius will bring grit and determination in this phase of change.

    Love is passion this month, with Venus in positive aspect.

    Take the time that is needed to think over important choices, imposed by a long period of solitude and personal change.

    Many will consider a life in partnership, marriage.

    Fortune Cookie / Don’t lock your dreams away in the attic.

    Gemstone / Agate (Aids with meditation, relaxes and bring optimism).

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  • Mercury will be in Pisces until the 12th of the month, giving life to numerous initiatives.

    You will receive solid assistance that aims to move business relations: great opportunities to make changes in business, it will be a good idea to invest in communication, it's time to think about your growth from a professional point of view, excellent earnings and investments.

    Uranus in sextile will drive you towards new solutions, for those experiencing a stalemate or discontent: it is time to make firm and independent decisions.

    Your love life will see periods of tiredness and dissatisfaction, due to Venus square for the whole month.

    You may feel the need to make a change, or a sense of nostalgia for a failed romance.

    Stable couples will give priority to work or running the house.

    Fortune Cookie: What are you waiting for to be happy? Start today, now.

    Gemstone / Lapis lazuli (Brings internal balance, develops intuition).

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