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  • Horoscope April 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • Early spring blossoms bring an atmosphere of deceptive tranquillity: there are projects under way and you must remain focused, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn lend you support in reaching an imminent new beginning.

    As far as financial prospects are concerned, the central week of the month offers good chances of earning money.

    Romantic nuances may flourish around an acquaintance or connection which could quickly bear fruit thanks to the presence of Venus in the sign.

    Montlhy Mini Tarot Reading / Ace of Cups. There is a crucial new beginning, something that blossoms, that brings abundance and gives satisfaction.

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  • A forceful month!

    The Sun and Mercury will join Venus bringing a better mood and a more carefree and relaxed atmosphere compared to that of recent months, some tauruses will bring important projects to fruition, work-related disputes will find solutions, and it is quite possible that interesting new opportunities may arise in a totally unpredicted way.

    As far as romance is concerned, there is a strong need to reach a goal, it cannot be ruled out the possibility that someone may well suddenly decide to get married or to go and live together, unexpected encounters are equally possible which, however, due to their intensity and passion, may prove to be quite destabilizing.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Eight of Coins. Skill, competence and great commitment are the ingredients that will accompany you in achieving your professional goals.

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  • April begins with positive energies and excellent intentions.

    From the 4th of the month onward Mercury will be back in a favourable position and Mars, still in your favour, helps you to make crucial decisions concerning projects you have already begun, but which will see the light of day in the coming months.

    The Sun, Venus and Mercury in twelfth house hint at projects being set up, and a period of preparation, prior to a happy debut.

    As far as love is concerned, a friendship might turn into something more, but at the moment it is best to keep the news to oneself. Possible new encounters with someone who might be a bit enigmatic, but still quite fascinating.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Page of Cups. This is a positive time, and one must give space to one's own intuition, so that new ventures may emerge.

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  • The second part of the month will see improvement.

    The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries might cause a little trouble, in terms of energy you might feel fatigued.

    At a professional level possible obstacles, delays, or occurrences which may slow down the natural performance of activities are on the horizon. From the 15th onwards the wheel will begin to turn in a favourable direction bringing some recovery.

    As far as your love life is concerned some discussions or misunderstandings will affect your mood, with ups and downs at least until the 15th, then everything will magically be resolved.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Ace of Coins. Change is coming and a new project that starts with great enthusiasm, something concrete that comes to life.

    Outfit / Zebra printed bikini.

  • In your professional life the game is still on, Jupiter and Saturn in opposition have highlighted some issues that needed to be addressed, and amongst negotiations and new agreements, we may be able to see a bit of recovery, especially if you work with partners.

    Some Leos have made different choices, and it cannot be ruled out the possibility that they may have to rely on a lawyer to assert their rights.

    Many may think about taking a trip or moving, it's definitely a good time to disengage, Mercury and Venus suggest this is a good idea.

    There is a desire for sharing in your romantic life, and regain the harmony that perhaps had been a little lacking due to the stress generated by the past months, and some have had to face a separation.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Temperance. Patience and stability while waiting for new developments, this is not the time to act impulsively: knowing how to balance energies will yield positive results.

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  • Virgos find themselves with recovering energy and brilliant results within easy reach.

    For those who have invested and engaged in new work endeavours this is the month in which to reap the fruits of their labours.

    Some have launched themself into alternative directions, including studying, and it is not to be excluded that they may find solutions abroad, or at least far from home.

    For those awaiting answers, the drawing up of new contracts or new collaborations, they will have to wait until the third week of the month and the support lent by Mercury.

    There is a hybrid climate on the romantic front, some would like novelty, but lack the necessary impetus to take a chance, but from the 15th onwards grit and a desire to get out there will return.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Judgement. The achievement of significant goals, important news, positive changes, an unexpected surprise.

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  • The Sun, Mercury and Venus in opposition bring instability, you might feel a little under the weather, with scarce energy at alternating phases, and even your mood will not always be at its best.

    Some will have to deal with controversies in their work life, perhaps it would be wiser to postpone any decisions or confrontations till after the 15th, when the astrological horizon will be much improved.

    The same rule applies to love: Venus in opposition may cause some discontent, some disagreements, or spark the desire to be by oneself, but in the second part of the month we may expect a good recovery.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Two of Coins. This isn’t the time to make decisions: at the moment stalling and weighing up pros and cons is the right move so as not to waste your energies.

    Outfit / Fuchsia "Noah" flat mule.

  • Some clouds obscure this spring sky, as far as work is concerned something might be moving in a positive direction and everything will run smoothly till the 20th, at which point Mercury will come into opposition, and disagreements, or potential contrasts with colleagues and partners may arise.

    Venus is in opposition from the 15th and it may cause some friction with your partner as well as possible situations that may need to be clarified or resolved for the common good. This is certainly not the right time for new encounters, even your mood could be affected.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The Wheel. Events and situations can occur suddenly and change rapidly; direction is defined by the kind of energy you want to invest.

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  • The Sun, Mercury, and Venus in fifth house explicitly tell us of sociality and visibility, you are quite determined, and it is the ideal time for a professional growth through networks and contacts that can favour new opportunities to be seized on the fly.

    From the 15th onwards Venus and Mercury will move into the Taurus constellation, and it will be time to devote yourselves exclusively to organization.

    As far as love is concerned, the first two weeks of the month are remarkably interesting, some are struggling with someone new and don’t want to waste time, the second part of the month is perhaps less dynamic, but equally stimulating.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The Chariot. A lot of energies in circulation, especially the desire for movement and change as well as for redress. If the right balance is found in the chosen path it is possible to have a rapid success.

    Outfit / Cigar "Renée" flat thong.

  • What an excellent month, there is nothing that can hinder this moment of great opportunity, it all depends on you and how much you are willing to get involved, in particular with concern to exploring new career paths.

    Some will have to make an important decision and will want to evaluate carefully the pros and cons before facing a change that could seem radical.

    Saturn and Jupiter are in a favourable position pushing you in that direction.

    Venus has been favourable to you for quite some time, if you have not had any notable encounters perhaps you should wonder whether you actually want to meet someone.

    Capricorns are very independent, they like to be alone, this characteristic can sometimes represent a double-edged sword.

    From the 15th of the month onwards Venus favours you and who knows if this might finally be the right moment!

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Nine of Wands. Wisdom, control, and the expectation of slow but constant definite success, steady but measured energies.

    Outfit / Multicolour printed bikini.

  • April will offer an interesting beginning.

    Mercury will bring prospective new contracts or collaborations, an excellent moment for the field of communications, Saturn will lend you advice on the best options, to make a rational and pragmatic choices, taking into account pros and cons.

    It is a time of important decisions, when it will be necessary to make selections evaluating what you should hang on to and what best to let go, in every aspect of your life.

    Up until the 15th of the month your love life will run smoothly, at which point you will run the risk of some confrontations or discussions.

    Your freedom is not negotiable.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Ace of Swords. Great mental energy and a new beginning that requires rationality and decisive stances.

    Outfit / Black "Alton" flat thong.

  • Interesting innovations and opportunities are peeking over the horizon, some will want to pursue a different line of work, others will turn a passion into a profession, all of which is a mere anticipation of what the arrival of Jupiter in the sign shall bring.

    Mars might just season everything with a sprinkle of impatience and nervousness at least until the 20th, when Mars itself will push you to make targeted choices with greater grit and determination.

    You may feel a desire for stability in your love life and, as never before, a need to plan an important project that could possibly come to fruition at the first hints of summer.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Justice. Achieving a balance is important to deal with every situation in the best way, without being conditioned by external elements.

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