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  • Horoscope August 2019 – words by Gabi Lussi

  • The beginning of the month will exhibit certain idleness due to the Mercury square. Be aware of distractions at work that could result in errors in judgement. You may notice a reversal of this from the 10th August onwards, thanks to the Trine of Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Venus, returning as the undisputed protagonists of summer. You will have the right determination and desire to tackle any situation and achieve your goals. Moreover, you will benefit from Jupiter favouring economic aspects.
    In terms of your love life, the key word of the month is passion, despite the first 10 days of the month which will be subjected to intense discussions and verbal showdowns. This will calm down when Mercury re-enters the trine, attraction and a desire to be involved will pacify minor disagreements.
    Thanks to Jupiter in trine you will have lots of energy and great physical fitness.

    Couple / Michael Fassbender and Grace Jones

    Fortune Cookie / When you climb a mountain, do not forget to enjoy the view.

    Gemstone / Howlite: Balances energy and creates harmony and cooperation with the world around you.

  • August will see you struggling in uphill battles the first part of the month, with the square of Venus, March and Mercury. It would be wise to postpone possible commitments, decisions and clarifications until after the 15th August when the trine of Mars, Venus and Mercury will lead to milder circumstances.
    Connections with the energy of Uranus are tinged with novelty, characterised by unexpected events and excitement. They will follow a slightly unconventional and irritable rhythm, so it is best to avoid provocation and postpone decision making until after the 15th, when March, Venus and Mercury will be back in trine.
    Discord between the planets produces a sense of exhaustion, a detox diet, relaxation and recuperation is advised until the 15th.

    Couple / George Clooney and Cinderella

    Fortune Cookie / The secret to happiness is letting go.

    Gemstone / Green Tourmaline: helps to find alternative solutions and formulate constructive thoughts.

  • August will be hectic and intense; you will need to finish your work tasks so you should concentrate all your energy in the first two weeks of the month to avoid the square of Mars and Venus. It is best therefore to postpone commitments and plans for the end of the month, with the square of Neptune and the opposition of Jupiter, pay attention to your financial investment returns.
    Love will be unpredictable in the first part of the month, to make way for an electrifying and passionate atmosphere; from the 22nd the Mars and Venus square will bring an atmosphere of arguments and discontent. Keyword: stay calm.
    Calibrate and channel your energy across several fronts, relax and keep sports activity to a minimum.

    Couple / Jean Michel Basquit and Cher

    Fortune Cookie / Do not chase the future. Focus on enjoying the present

    Gemstone / Citrine Quartz: a lucky charm that transforms ideas into projects and attracts wealth.

  • The favourable transit of Mars, Uranus, Venus, the Sun and Mercury will push you to finalise agreements, plan new collaborations, outline new projects and start new endeavours for September. Enjoy a period of great satisfaction, both material and personal.
    Your love life will be marked with romantic moments, thanks to Neptune in trine, that are also realistic thanks to the conjunction of Mercury; the perfect alchemy for a romantic adventure but one with your feet on the ground. Complicity and Eros will escalate towards the end of month.
    Physical energy will gradually increase, to be shared in the relationship.

    Couple / Betty Boop and Kanye West

    Fortune Cookie / Only hold on to the past to build the future

    Gemstone / Fire Agate: strengthens personal security and alleviates extreme emotion

  • Expect fireworks as this is Leo’s month, a long list of planets lie in your favour; Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. The Sun and Jupiter in trine will be the main protagonists in everything you want to achieve this month, without any obstacles. There will be the right approach to resolving and answering issues at work that need settling, demonstrating targeted skills, as well as the right intuition for good investments with fruitful results.
    Positive influences will make you captivating and very alluring, ready to celebrate your birthday. Share this with friends and loved-ones in an intimate environment.
    Good psychophysical energy, but pay attention to your diet.

    Couple / Madonna and Macron

    Fortune Cookie / Sharing is the path to happiness

    Gemstone / Yellow Topaz: it carries rays of sunlight within it and protects from negativity; a powerful good luck charm

  • The sign is in a phase of progressive wellbeing, Mercury’s sextile position stimulates positivity up to the 11th, concluding and maybe even closing all of those open constraints that the sign does not like to leave suspended. Get ahead of the game and plan the work you want to start in September.
    Love is reflective, the trines of Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn ask you to put your relationships in order before planning common projects, from the 20th onwards Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury will give you a positive charge and put you in a good mood, everything will proceed with more lightness and passion.
    New energy and new projects will really push your expectations.

    Couple / Alice in Wonderland and Donald Trump

    Fortune Cookie / You never lose, you either win or you

    Gemstone / Musky Agate: Helps to find balance between sensitivity and rationality, and to express the two emotions.

  • You will struggle a little in the first part of the month with boring situations that need to be resolved. The squares of Mercury, Pluto and Saturn will test your patience and you will struggle with accounts that do not balance, or with solving complications created by others. Finish and deliver work on time; you will still have the necessary determination given Jupiter’s favourable intervention. You could say that everything will end well, as the second part of the month sees you more serene and free from work commitments.
    Much passion and exchanged glances will arise this month, but with a hint of conflict with unpredictable Mercury in the first part of the month. It is best to avoid discussions or making requests until after the 15th.
    Psychophysical energy will be available throughout the month; a little of outdoor sports will make you feel better.

    Couple / Spike Lee and Jodie Foster

    Fortune Cookie / It is plans that keep people together.

    Gemstone / Tiger’s Eye: Protects against negativity, attracts wealth and money.

  • Keyword of the month: patience. The squares of Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury will produce irritability, the support of Mercury will help to mitigate this aspect and keep you calm even if your intuition would push you in another direction. Clarity of mind is required to complete tasks set months ago that are now ready to conclude, there will still be a clear recovery at the end of the month.
    You will experience moments of great irritability in your love life, and a phase of instability from the discord of Uranus, Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury. It is best to brood in solitude so as not to run into unnecessary discussions.
    Fluctuating energy causes irritability, with clean recovery at the end of the month.

    Couple / Taylor Swift and Scooby-Doo

    Fortune Cookie / Create your own anti-stress strategy

    Gemstone / Turquoise: Brings internal calm and protects intuition.

  • There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm in this sky of August, Jupiter is still present in the sign and will see you realise all of your projects that will be finished with perseverance and efficiency. Take into consideration projects and proposals for work abroad and make plans, taking advantage of the presence of Jupiter.
    Love is passionate, it is best to invest in stable bonds rather than scatter yourself in occasional acquaintances. There will be a desire for sharing and empathy thanks to Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in favour, you can also count on a possible past love that you still remember fondly.
    Perfect physical fitness and energy in recuperation.

    Couple / Ulysses and Circus Magician

    Fortune Cookie / You will find your fortune travelling to far-away lands

    Gemstone / Flourite: Harmonises the cerebral hemispheres, increases knowledge and creates stability

  • Capricorns are known for their tenacity and do not let go of something until they have what they want or deserve. This month you must have patience and wait at least until after the 16th to balance your finances and ask for a raise. Expand projects and review collaborations when the trines of Uranus, Venus, Mercury and the Sun will be active.
    Love will be dominant in the month of August, be ready to enjoy exciting adventures and abandon yourself to the passion brought by the alignment of Pluto. Saturn in alignment will push you to close those relationships that no longer have a reason to exist. Rapid recuperation of energy, sport will help you to recharge.

    Couple / Homer Simpson and Paris Hilton

    Fortune Cookie / Take pause.

    Gemstone / Malachite: creates mental order and helps loosen up joints

  • The sign is in a delicate position having the opposition of Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun, in addition to the square of Uranus, which feeds a fundamental feeling of dissatisfaction as well as certain instability. You will want to close situations that have generated conflicts in the past and move forward. Take a long vacation at the best time and postpone your decisions until the end of the month. Your projects are great but do not expose yourself right now and do not underestimate your opponents.
    Even love is under pressure from the opposition, it is best to wait until the end of the month for requests and clarifications in order to avoid a climate of tension. Mercury will be in opposition from the 12th and will trigger squabbles and quarrels, it is best to avoid these since, from the end of the month, you can get what you want, passion will be in recovery.

    Couple / Othello and Desdemona

    Fortune Cookie / Dreaming is necessary

    Gemstone / Aquamarine: gives clarity of thought, modulates anger and irritability.

  • This month sees the sign struggling with a great deal of ideas, Mercury in trine from Cancer will stimulate insights into many areas of work, as well as a desire to achieve thanks to the push of Saturn leading in that direction. It is a good time to move forward with projects to be implemented after the holidays.
    Beware of some irritability from the 20th onwards with Mars in Virgo.
    Love is very romantic with the desire to create empathy and dialogue for two, all will be in perfect harmony until the 20th. From the entry of Mars in Virgo it is advisable to clarify ambiguous situations and not create fractures, which would then be difficult to heal.
    Energies in alternating phases, the body requires a review caused by psychosomatic disorders.

    Couple / Iggy Pop and Blondie

    Fortune Cookie / Everything begins with a choice.

    Gemstone / Moonstone: helps to practically apply intuition in everyday life.