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  • Horoscope August 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • Work is at the centre of your thoughts, at least until the 10th. You can lay the groundwork for new projects that you want to take part in.

    It is best to complete agreements during this time, because, afterwards, you will have to hit the pause button.

    If you don’t do things yourself, Mercury will force you to sit on the sidelines. It may be better to go on holiday and put everything off until September.

    Your love life brings new opportunities that you could never have dreamt of. Many will experience new emotional attachments bursting with passion.

    You may even want to consider making a more stable commitment.

    Kind of Swords / You need to take a strategic, pragmatic approach if you want to reach your goals.

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  • A few planetary aspects are bringing uncertainty, causing you to feel insecure and in a bad mood.

    Luckily from the 12th, Mercury moves into a favourable aspect, bringing new possibilities, validation in the workplace, awaited replies, and new contacts that appear out of nowhere.

    Venus helps you find common ground with your partner. After a period of discord, you can once again establish harmony and trust.

    For singles, this is a lively month filled with new encounters and passionate experiences that start off just for fun.

    The World / It is a period of harvest and success. Everything is turning in your favour, and new projects will pan out in the long term.

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  • No matter your goal, it is best to put things off. Mercury is in favourable aspect until the 10th, making it the perfect time for signing agreements and negotiating contracts, but after this, Mercury and Mars only bring uncertainty and obstacles.

    It is better to take some time before making your move, if possible.

    There is a bit of tension in your love life. It will be hard to work things out with your partner, or you may experience setbacks that make you feel distant from each other.

    After the 17th, Venus brings happiness and good spirits, just in time for a holiday getaway for two.

    Seven of Coins / You need to deal with projects and responsibilities that require a lot of time and energy, but bring tangible results.

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  • August is likely to be a very busy month in a positive way.

    Things are favourable in terms of work and some offers could arrive out of the blue and taking you by surprise, especially if you have already made plans to go on holiday.

    By remaining flexible, current opportunities could bring something interesting in the future that has been long overdue.

    Things are smooth in your love life until the 16th, especially if you are in a new relationship.

    Venus could create distance by bringing family discord or sudden tasks that need to be done — but it is nothing that can’t be sorted.

    The Emperor / You need stability and tangible results at the moment: everything is possible.

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  • There are a lot of new things in store for you this summer. As was already hinted at last month, this is a period of rebirth for many Leos.

    You can find abundant new energy and good spirits during the dog days of summer — just in time for your birthday!

    The Sun and Mercury in your sign are bringing unexpected new opportunities and offers at work.

    It is a time of growth, confirming that things will take shape in autumn.

    Venus and Mars in Virgo are pushing you towards solid, stable relationships, while Jupiter in opposition is raising a challenge by asking for a commitment from couples who have not yet set off down the same path together.

    The Hermit / The wisest approach is to reflect on and understand a question before making a decision.

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  • The sky’s the limit for you, Virgo!

    Mercury, Venus and Mars, followed by the Sun on the 23rd, are showering you with a series of successes.

    It’s taken a lot of non-stop effort and energy to get here, but you now see tangible results.

    You are very close to the finishing line, and you need to decide how to proceed.

    For many, this means expanding your activities and launching big, important projects.

    Your love life is also bustling. Thanks to Venus and Mars in your sign, it will be difficult to resist romance and passion.

    New couples can think about future dreams and projects together, while singles can easily meet new potential suitors.

    Ace of Wands / You are filled with new energy. Projects can be born out of enthusiasm, marking the start of something important.

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  • While harmonious skies are bringing big opportunities, it could also be a demanding period.

    You feel tired and want to unplug, but the best advice would be to hold off just a little longer.

    Mercury and Mars in Virgo are warning you to stay on guard; someone around you may be throwing obstacles into your path. Sometimes, success also brings enemies. It is better to stay in the game during the first half of the month.

    Venus enters your sign on the 17th, bringing your emotions back into play.

    As a solution, you may want to run away and hole up with your partner in a peaceful location. This will be a definite possibility until the end of the month.

    Five of Wands / There is a climate of tension and obstacles. If you use diplomacy to overcome this tense moment, everything will turn out for the best.

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  • August is a month to dedicate to yourself.

    You feel the need to escape and free your mind from all the duties that have overtaken your life during the past few months.

    You feel a lot of satisfaction for the goals you have achieved, but now need to think about rejuvenating yourself.

    In a totally relaxed atmosphere, you will be filled with creative intuition to invest in new projects.

    Temperatures are rising in your love life. The desire returns to unleash your emotions and meet new people to satisfy your needs of the moment.

    If you are not certain about your relationship, it is time to immediately turn the page and move onto the next one.

    Ace of Cups / Everything is turning to your favour in terms of love. Long-held dreams can now become a reality.

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  • You have invested a lot of energy into your career and the results are starting to arrive, opening new horizons filled with possibility, as well as difficulties and stress.

    It is necessary to find the right balance and focus on your goals until Mercury returns in harmonious aspect on the 11th.

    After this, it is better to slow down and hit the pause button.

    Venus and Mars in disharmonious aspect are not favouring love relationships. You may face obstacles with your partner because of work commitments.

    You have other priorities until the 16th, but after that, Venus returns in your favour and things take off big time.

    Justice / This month’s challenge rests in finding the right balance. You can harmoniously realign many aspects of your life and return them to their proper place.

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  • It’s in the cards that August be dedicated to work. There are so many interesting possibilities that it will be impossible to turn your back on them. Mercury, Mars and Venus in trine are opening up new horizons — also abroad — where you should invest your energies.

    In love, you will experience wonderful moments sharing ideas and new projects.

    You may decide to go on holiday together or relocate to be closer to one another.

    From the 17th, some clouds could appear in the skies.

    If you are single, don’t plan out your entire day, but take a totally carefree approach.

    Queen of Coins / Stability and substance are your main priorities at the moment. You can successfully reach a goal.

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  • Even though you feel the need to take a break, the skies are good for business.

    Agreements will take shape with sights set on autumn, but everything has to be put in gear before the end of the month.

    Venus, Mercury and Mars in your financial sector are urging you to get your accounts in order and possibly make investments.

    Don’t even think about love until the 16th. Challenges and stressful situations won’t leave any room for fun and love, but after the 16th, everything turns around and you can find refuge in a safe harbour.

    Ten of Wands / It is a moment of maximum effort. You need to put aside everything that is not absolutely necessary, so you can rest and refill your energy reserves.

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  • Get ready for a super-busy August!

    The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in opposition are bringing non-stop change filled with unforeseen events and decisions that have to be made on the fly.

    You may have added responsibilities at work and things that have to be done suddenly at the last minute. It’s easy to stress out, and Mars may even derail a certain project.

    It’s the same atmosphere in love. Venus and Mars in opposition create tensions, for some it may be because of work, while for others, it may because the overall relationship is unclear, especially if you are dating two people at once.

    Three of Cups / You are up for lighthearted fun and in no mood for stressful situations.

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