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  • Horoscope December 2019 – words by Gabi Lussi

  • A demanding December for Aries: dissonant Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter create an explosive atmosphere. You will be at the centre of arguments with competitors and surrounded by unforeseen events that require your attention. It is necessary to stay focussed and calm to find a quick solution. Harmonious Mercury will lay out the strategies needed to obtain results, after all an unchallenged Aries is never satisfied. You will be proud of what you have achieved by month’s end.

    Your love life will be put on the back burner due to workplace interference and a pile-on of tasks but will come roaring back at the end of the month, once your job responsibilities calm down.

    You will be in top physical form, with a fluctuating mood.

    Couple / Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton and the Batmobile

    Fortune Cookie / The best view is from a mountain top after a long climb.

    Gemstone / Agate: Provides mental clarity. Protects against and wards off adversity. Helps focus on goals without wasting energy.

  • An amazing December awaits you, Taurus! The past few months have been very busy. Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn is the time to reap the rewards of your hard labour. You will experience huge amounts of success and luck in all areas of your life. Uranus and Saturn have been in harmonious aspect for quite a while. They have given you the commitment and perseverance needed to achieve what is now manifesting before your eyes.

    Your love life will also bring great happiness, because you are ready to commit to planning important things for the future. The New Year will bring change and new opportunities. You may feel a bit tense and anxious, but nothing that will dampen December’s resplendent skies.

    Escape on a romantic holiday, just the two of you.

    Couple / Victoria and David Beckham

    Fortune Cookie / Train your mind and seize opportunities.

    Gemstone / Amethyst: Calms the mind. Boosts self-confidence. Protects the respiratory system.

  • This will be a bit of a contentious month for the Gemini, filled with highs and lows, uncertainties and setbacks, cancelled appointments and unforeseen events. Mercury is to blame. In opposition from the tenth until the end of the month, it is heaping you with anxiety and communication issues. Try to complete projects during the first ten days of the month. Stay calm and mindful if things don’t go as you had planned during the rest of December.

    Your love life will be emotional and passionate, even if other issues demand your attention. Things turnaround during the Christmas period, when you will regain balance and open up more to your partner.

    Your physical form won’t be at its best. Stop wasting energy; focus on yourself.

    Couple / Jack Skeletron and Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)

    Fortune Cookie / Speak not to people, but to their inner child.

    Gemstone / Rose Quartz: Eliminates worries. Soothes and balances the nervous system.

  • Beautiful December skies for you, Cancer. This is an auspicious time to start new work projects; Uranus will give you the push needed to sweep away the indecision typical of your sign. Even if Jupiter’s entry into your opposite sign, Capricorn, brings added expenses, things will work out in your favour by month’s end, due to simmering new possibilities. This is an excellent period to make changes and correct course in all aspects of your life.

    A stellium of planets in Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn, brings tension to your romantic life, including arguments over future plans and disagreements over how to spend the Christmas season. Mercury in harmonious aspect will cause communications to fester, while solutions and passion are guaranteed by a trine by Mars.

    Couple / Leonardo Di Caprio and Cinderella

    Fortune Cookie / If you want something to be perfect, try not to micro-manage it.

    Gemstone / Pink Tourmaline: Helps regulate emotions and diminishes feeling of being overwhelmed. Assists in achieving emotional balance and faithfulness.

  • December will test your patience, due to a series of unexpected events and overlapping commitments. You will be facing a never-ending workload, filled with all sorts of tasks. Dissonant Uranus, Mars and Mercury will make you anxious and intolerant.

    A chilly climate in relationships, due to Venus and Mars in disharmonious aspect. You will feel distant and malcontent, because you do not have the energy to fully share life with your romantic partner. When Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 10th, it will be possible to clear the air through light-hearted communication.

    You will be feeling a bit run down, but your vitality bounces back during the Christmas period.

    Couple / Queen Elizabeth and the Dalai Lama

    Fortune Cookie / Limits exist only for those who stop dreaming.

    Gemstone / Ruby: Stimulates and opens the heart to sentiments. Protects from emotional vampires. Re-energises romance.

  • Positive skies for Virgo! All the planets are aligned to bring improvements in every sector. You will be one of the superstar signs of 2020! With Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn, you don’t need to wait until New Year’s Eve to celebrate. Finally everything is going according to your wildest hopes and dreams. You will reap the fruits of your hard labour in your at work. Colleagues and collaborators will appreciate your efforts and hold you in high esteem.

    With a disharmonious Mercury, you may overspend, but your income is destined to increase. Your love life is undergoing a five-star period. Your dreams can come true, making this the right moment to let your true feelings be known.

    Shake off your shyness! With Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter intrine, couples can plan for the future. You are in optimum physical form, with an abundance of determination.

    Couple / Scarlett Johansson and Vin Diesel

    Fortune Cookie / Once you have made a decision, don’t look back.

    Gemstone / Blue Topaz: Helps focus your energy on yourself, instead of on others. Boosts self-esteem.

  • A super-busy December for Libra. You will, at times, be overloaded with work commitments, setbacks and delays. Those responsible are dissonant Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. Mercury will come to your aid with organisational strategies and solutions. It will require a lot of energy, but you will be able to regain equilibrium. By the end of the month, everything will be perfect.

    You will also need to devote a lot of attention to maintaining harmony in your love life, which could be filled with tension and setbacks. In terms of family, certain relatives may require your assistance. A challenging month in all aspects, but you will be able to manage everything in the best way possible. Your physical form won’t be at its peak, but you will be revitalized in time for Christmas and New Year’s.

    Couple / Popeye and Olive Oyl

    Fortune Cookie / Fill someone else’s cup and yours will always be full.

    Gemstone / Blue Celestite: Promotes negotiation and conflict resolution. Brings balance during difficult periods.

  • Focus on workplace success this month. If you have projects you would like to pitch, now is the moment to do so. You will have the right strategy to obtain your personal objectives. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are pushing you towards success and increased earnings.

    Things are also simmering in terms of romance. You will be charming and irresistible. It will be impossible for you to remain alone. Those in a couple can make plans for the future. Your relationship is growing stronger by the day. Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn requires conviction and organisation.

    You will be in excellent physical and mental form due to Mars in Scorpio.

    Couple / Annie Leibovitz and John Lennon

    Fortune Cookie / Act in a way you will always be proud of.

    Gemstone / Magnetite: A crystal that is as magnetic as your sign’s personality. It brings inner peace and develops intuition.

  • Jupiter finishes its extended transit of your sign and enters Capricorn. This doesn’t mean you will no longer receive its benefits; you will continue to cultivate all the opportunities you have sown in all matters. In terms of work, you will need to take a rational approach while managing your daily routine, along with a dose of concentration.

    In love, the curtain comes down after Jupiter’s exit. You now return to an ordinary, secure life. It may be filled with less passion, but more substance. Mercury enters your sign on the 10, bringing excellent communication and feelings of closeness.

    Optimum physical fitness and energy. Make sure to eat a healthy diet.

    Couple / Steven Spielberg and Jaws

    Fortune Cookie / Remember the impossible is within reach.

    Gemstone / Turquoise: Improves intuition. Helps focus on the present, while benefitting from the past.

  • Things are finally looking up for you Capricorn! Jupiter’s entrance into your sign makes you one 2020’s favourites. After years of conflicts and difficulties due to Pluto in your sign, things are now turning around. You will be able to tackle your work and other demands, no one will be able to compete. Capricorn is a workaholic sign that doesn’t care about dedicating increased energy to their career. With Mars on your side, you will have vitality to spare and finally be able to reach important, profitable goals.

    Irresistible and charming, you are amongst the zodiac’s favourites this month in terms of love. If you are already in a couple, you can plan home décor and travel projects together. Dreams become reality.

    Optimum physical form and high energy levels to share with friends and family.

    Couple / Michelle Obama and James Corden

    Fortune Cookie / Tell others your dreams to make them line up with reality.

    Gemstone / Amber: Bestows the determination needed to reach your goals.

  • You need just a little more patience, Aquarius. December is yet another month filled with nervous tension. It will be difficult to sort out certain misunderstandings with people at work and you could easily lose your temper. Mercury brings clarity from the 10th. Thanks to your ability to concentrate and diplomatic nature, you will find the right solutions, with a net improvement by month’s end.

    Love is put on the back burner. Between a bad mood and workplace stress, you won’t have enough energy to dedicate to your partner. Disharmonious Uranus and Mercury create squabbles and fights. It is better to take a deep breath and wait for the end of the month, when the atmosphere is more relaxed due to the holidays. Your physical form is put to the test. Try to rest and relax.

    Couple / Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

    Fortune Cookie / A smile is a secret weapon.

    Gemstone / Fluorite: This extremely powerful and spiritual crystal promotes freedom of thought; it helps make decisions based on your needs and not those of others.

  • Finally, a five-star month for Pisces! December is full of opportunities and new paths to explore. Uranus and Mars are decidedly pushing you towards completing your goals, while pragmatic, rational Saturn tackles all bureaucratic tasks needed to get new projects off the ground.

    This is an optimal period for love. The skies are filled with positivity, freeing you from the cloud of pessimism, thanks to a plethora of favourable planets. Moreover, Mars is bringing passion and security. It is now possible to make your dreams come true.

    Your body and mind will be in harmony, despite your obligations. Optimal energy thanks to Mars.

    Couple / Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

    Fortune Cookie / Be flexible. It strengthens the mind.

    Gemstone / Amethyst. This crystal rules dreams. It creates a bridge between the spiritual and everyday reality. Protects against and absorbs toxic energies emanating from people and the environment.