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  • Horoscope December 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • As already mentioned last month, this is an important moment.

    After two years, Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius.

    It will feel like a weight is being lifting off your shoulders, and you will already see improvements by mid-month.

    You can finally leave long-standing difficulties behind.

    There is also other good news: the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury will be in positive aspect, bringing new contacts for collaborations and greater leadership roles.

    Contracts that have been in limbo for months will finally be finalised.

    Everything that you have dedicated time and energy to will now see the light of day.

    There are new horizons in your love life, as well.

    There is the desire to have something concrete and stable.

    Venus in auspicious aspect during the second half of the month brings a sense of well-being and seductive allure.

    You may even meet “the one”.

    You will have a great mental and physical connection with your partner, and your best period for love is from the 16th until the end of the month.


    Fortune cookie / Once you have made a decision, don’t look back.

    Gemstone / Tiger’s Eye. Eliminates stress and headaches. Calms anxiety. Provides feelings of stability.

    Outfit / V neck "Lala" chemisier mini dress.

  • It’s time to take stock of a rather unusual year filled with a multitude of change.

    Uranus has brought radical transformations, causing you to question aspects of your life that seemed set in stone for years.

    December is a decisive month.

    After the 15th, Jupiter and Saturn enter your 10th house of career.

    This is the start of an extremely productive period that will bring concrete results.

    Your love life will continue to experience a series unsettling jolts until the 15th, a date which marks the end to a number of planetary oppositions.

    After this, you will be able to settle differences and enjoy a period of warm togetherness during the holiday season, especially on the 25th and 26th.


    Fortune Cookie / Make a choice. Everything gets easier after that.

    Gemstone / Agate. Strengthens the nervous system. Promotes concentration and clarity of thought. Protects against negative energies.

    Outfit / Draped mini skirt.

  • December is an extremely positive month.

    Several work projects show signs of a promising future.

    Some Geminis will be given important new positions or promotions, while others will have the opportunity to develop projects with foreign-based business partners.

    If you need to renew a contract, you can do so with more advantageous terms.

    In love, you have reached the summit of togetherness with your partner.

    You will experience many romantic moments and can look forward to the future with confidence.

    The 2nd and 27th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Stubbornness is not the same as determination.

    Gemstone / Blue Chalcedony. Creates harmonious relations. Calms anxiety. Eliminates negative emotions.

    Outfit / "Astrid" polo mini dress.

  • This is an important month for Cancer.

    After two challenging-yet-constructive years, Jupiter and Saturn are finally moving out of opposition, closing a difficult chapter and ushering in a new one that will be much easier.

    Your love life will be filled with romance and passion until the 15th thanks to Venus in auspicious aspect.

    The rest of the month is a good time for planning your future together.

    If you have not completely moved on from a relationship, you will be able to close the door once and for all next year.

    The 3rd and 4th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Attempts don't count; results do.

    Gemstone / White Onyx. Assists memory. Promotes a mind/body balance. Protects the nervous system from stress and excessive emotions.

    Outfit / "Bella" t-shirt with shoulder pads.

  • The moment has arrived to review your situation.

    Jupiter and Saturn in opposition highlight situations that need to be clarified.

    Something is off-kilter in your professional life that must be changed.

    Some of you have tried to breathe new life into work situations that are not bringing expected results; clarity is required to find temporary compromises.

    Your financial life is also suffering from this same trend.

    Your love life improves during the second half of the month, when Venus is in positive aspect.

    You and your partner will be able to talk about everything, including making plans for the upcoming months.

    The 5th and 6th are filled with passion.


    Fortune Cookie / If you wait for opportunity to knock, many doors will remain closed.

    Gemstone / Amber. Brings balance and mental clarity. Offers protection from negative energies.

    Outfit / Neon green patent "Devon" mule.

  • Looking back, it’s been a challenging-yet-instructive year.

    Jupiter and Saturn have taken you down a path towards greater independence.

    The moment has arrived to hit the gas and drive full-speed towards your goals.

    You will need to look back and put things in perspective this December, before departing towards a 2021 filled with great satisfaction.

    In love, Venus is in positive aspect until the 15th, bringing passion and seduction.

    You may find yourself attracted towards mysterious, magnetic people and situations.

    The second half of the month is more straightforward.

    Obligations may take your attention away from your love life on the 7th and 8th.


    Fortune Cookie / Sometimes wisdom is understanding when to let things go.

    Gemstone / Magnetite. Promotes healing and wards off negative energy.

    Outfit / "Eva" midi dress with turtle neck and slit.

  • This is a positive period for Libra.

    The good news is that Jupiter and Saturn will be in auspicious aspect for all of 2021, allowing you to leave behind the difficulties you faced last year.

    If you have invested your energies in a personal project, you will receive the deserved praise for your efforts.

    Some Libras may be offered a promotion or given work duties of a more interesting nature.

    December offers a glimpse into what 2021 has in store.

    In love, it is time to make important plans for the future.

    If you have been dating someone, it may be time to make it official.

    Couples may decide have a baby.

    The 10th and 11th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / The answer is always in your heart.

    Gemstone / Moonstone. Strengthens freedom of expression. Develops intuition. Creates a mind/heart balance.

    Outfit / Mirrored iridescent steel leather "Amber" slingback.

  • Looking back over the last year, the good outweighs the bad, even if you often faced unforeseen dramatic events.

    Many areas of your life have started to experience change.

    In December, you will need to stand up and make the case for why you deserve a promotion, financial rewards or a position of leadership.

    Venus enters your second house on the 16th, promising an influx of money, possibly from outstanding payments.

    Venus is also in positive aspect in terms of love.

    You only need to decide how you want to spend your time.

    After a stormy separation, you are ready to slowly open your heart once more.

    The 12th and 13th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Winners are those who never give up.

    Gemstone / Turquoise. Stabilises mood swings. Provides emotional clarity and inner peace.

    Outfit / "Venice" pochette with chain 75 cm length in black vinyl.

  • December marks a beautiful ending to a rather difficult, challenging year.

    Jupiter and Saturn are changing signs, bringing an advantageous boost to your professional life.

    Many of you are ready to make a decision after a long period of hesitation.

    You are ready to start new collaborations or launch new work projects with confidence and a sense of self-assuredness.

    You will see tangible results in 2021.

    In love, Venus enters your sign in the second half of the month, bringing new beginnings and the need for security.

    Even if you have undergone a breakup, you are ready to open your heart once more.

    The 14th and 15th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

    Gemstone / Chrysocolla. Protects and strengthens the nervous system. Stabilises moods. Promotes relaxation while eliminating stress.

    Outfit / Single shoulder top with chain detail.

  • After two challenging years, Saturn is finally leaving Capricorn, which brought about grueling, laborious change.

    With the support of Jupiter, however, you were able to plow the fields and sow the seeds on land that is getting ready to harvest.

    Tangible results will be seen in 2021.

    You’ll be happy to leave behind this difficult year, especially because economic gains are on the way.

    In love, December rewards both established couples who have worked through difficulties, as well as new pairings who are planning a future together.

    The 25th and 31st are extremely positive days.


    Fortune Cookie / Don’t fear the unknown.

    Gemstone / Malachite. Strong regenerative powers. Absorbs electromagnetic and negative environmental energies. Provides the strength needed to face change.

    Outfit / Ivy green nappa leather "Venus" slingback with chain anklet.

  • This month brings a lot of enthusiasm, closing out a difficult year, but also opening up new, promising horizons.

    Notwithstanding the challenging circumstances, many Aquarians left behind old, outmoded ways for a more innovative approach.

    You are now ready to climb the ladder of career success with new ideas and plenty of experience.

    Saturn and Jupiter enter your sign on the 16th, ushering in a period that favours both growth and consolidation.

    It’s time to make firm decisions in your life.

    A hot-and-cold relationship is not bringing anything of worth.

    For this reason, it is time to make things official and secure.

    The 13th and 18th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Search inside yourself and you will find the strength of a lion and the serenity of a sunset.

    Gemstone / Snowflake Obsidian. Assists concentration and being present in the moment. Useful when a great deal of mental focus is required. Strengthens the nervous system. Eliminates stress.

    Outfit / "Margot" mini dress chemisier with shoulder pads.

  • Once again, December requires flexibility and the ability to adapt.

    The possibility of changes at work are very real.

    You will need to make practical compromises and wait for the new year, which has even greater transformations in store.

    In terms of romance, the first half of the month is filled with positivity, passion and romance.

    You could be attracted to a mysterious, magnetic person.

    After the initial phase of seduction, you will need to separate the dream from the reality and figure out how to proceed.

    The 2nd and 3rd are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Believe anything is possible and you will accomplish everything.

    Gemstone / Quartz Crystal. Bestows clarity and faith in one’s ideas. Heightens perception. Promotes awareness and decisiveness.

    Outfit / Boyfriend jeans.