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  • Horoscope December 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • Dear Aries, we are coming at the end of the year with a positive balance and excellent conditions for a 2022 full of news; however, there is a need to develop targeted projects and ideas as soon as possible.

    The arrival of Jupiter in the sign of Pisces kicks off a period of preparation, with a need to focus on the goals you want to achieve, all of which will be obtained in the second half of next year.

    Love is being revised, the entry of Venus into Capricorn questions some relationships, for someone it will be assessing their solidity or feeling the need to distance themselves a little. It is certainly not the time for just begun romances.

    Tarot Tip / Nine of Wands / There are many energies circulating and concrete possibilities to start something enterprising, however it is essential to make appropriate assessments.

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  • This year is ending in a great way, with changes taking place since the beginning of the year and a chance of good prospects for the 2022 ahead. But let’s focus on December.

    Jupiter is back in favour, opening up excellent possibilities for achieving some goals or projects, for some it is possible that this happens by exploring new ways or territories as suggested by Mercury in the house of travel.

    In love, everything gets back on track, Venus in the rigorous and reliable Capricorn aims at couple stability, with possible concrete foundations laid in a relationship or extended to the family.

    Tarot Tip / Five of Wands / It is not a period of rest, it doesn’t take much to feel overwhelmed by commitments or in disagreement with someone.

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  • A year of challenges awaits you, with Mercury in opposition until the 13th some obstacles are expected, challenges in the work sector, an agreement or contract to be reviewed, or a need to find new forms of collaboration.

    Jupiter in opposition since the end of the month speaks of instability in the professional sector, but it can also offer new opportunities which, if properly evaluated, can reveal excellent surprises, and give back what has been taken away in the past.

    In love, we sum up with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, with no room for ambiguous situations or undefined relationships: the time has come to make definitive choices for those who live a double relationship; if the couple is stable there is nothing to fear.

    Tarot Tip / The Stars / Dedicating yourself to any activity, investing in something in terms of energy, time and money will bring enormous benefits.

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  • An important moment is approaching. The entry of Jupiter into Pisces at the end of December, in addition to offering a series of opportunities, sweeps away the last obstacles to create a radiant and satisfying period.

    Mercury in opposition is likely to question one's job position, launching into new projects with Jupiter in favour could be the right move to turn the page.

    Venus in opposition brings a little uncertainty and nervousness, especially if there are issues to be resolved; the period is stimulating, and if you welcome it as a phase of positive change you can find unexpected but functional solutions to make the couple's life more dynamic.

    Tarot Tip / The World / It is time for success and redemption, get what you have been waiting for a long time: great happiness and satisfaction.

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  • The December sky is excellent, certain conflicts or delays are finally resolved. The Sun and Mercury in favor give greater positivity and a fighting spirit. Mars from the 14th in Sagittarius sends positive messages: here come the long-awaited answers, especially if we talk about work where something is moving in the right direction and it is important to be ready and grasp opportunities on the fly.

    In love it is possible to recover something left pending, Jupiter leaves the opposition for good and this implies living relationships in a more relaxing way, above all starting to look at the future with more confidence and thinking about concrete projects for two.

    Tarot Tip / The Moon / Maybe it's not all clear yet, something is missing. The world of emotions also plays an important role at the moment and it is good to know how to listen to yourself.

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  • A wonderful December ahead, a month of new projects and professional growth; an important phase that closes a decidedly constructive year, a long running-in period where greater confidence has been acquired. It is time to take a step further, give more visibility to one's profession and talents. For some the time has come to expand their business, and it is good to look around, because everything is ready to begin.

    In love it is a special moment, perhaps exceptional, with Venus in Capricorn and Mercury from the 14th, speaking of love stories that come true according to one's desires: someone begins to live together, others manage to get rid of old situations and give a new impetus to one's life starting from wishes, as if magically everything comes together in the right way.

    Tarot Tip / Queen of Wands / Creativity is an important element at the moment, the turning point of many projects and life attitudes, nothing is left to chance: it follows a very specific pattern.

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  • The year ends on a positive note, confirming that many projects have been successful, some collaborations continue or are confirmed again this month. With Mercury in the house of communication, it is possible to receive proposals for new assignments, and also the economic sector is positively solicited, so much as to think about an investment shortly.

    With Venus in Capricorn, love is in the process of confrontation and revision, practical problems may arise, disagreements on choices to be made that are not consensual, for example a change of house, a transfer. If the couple is solid, a solution shall be found.

    Tarot Tip / The Lovers / It is time to make choices, when you are faced with a crossroads it is not always easy. In this case it is recommended to take decisions within the month.

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  • Big changes in sight, with Jupiter in Pisces we forecast new beginnings and excellent opportunities; for some a new work experience has already begun, and in these days the new assignment is taking off; for others a chapter has closed reluctantly but the possibilities that will arise from now to the next few months will not make us regret anything of the past.

    In love we speak of great passion: Mars in the sign until the 13th can only express itself in this sense, with the support of Venus the understanding grows so much as to suggest the beginning of a new love which surprisingly meets expectations this time.

    Tarot Tip / Death / It is a time of rebirth, leaving the past behind, starting over with new energy. Everything is changing, positively!

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  • With the Sun, Mercury and Mars in the sign, we start with excellent energy and the possible realization of some work projects. A new contract or assignment comes at the right time; it is not easy to adapt to situations where freedom to express oneself is lacking, especially for a person of your sign, but in these months it will be possible to combine dreams and practical needs just by looking around and stepping forward.

    In love, the need for stability is felt, with a Venus in Capricorn speaks of concreteness. In relationship, the time has come to make some important choices; even in new acquaintances there is a tendency to move towards a possible continuity.

    Tarot Tip / Knight of Wands / Movement is part of the nature of the sign, and this card expresses the concept perfectly. It is essential to move, look for solutions and new paths to take where you can express your creativity.

    Outfit / "Venus" leopard slingback.

  • 2021 ends with a boom! And the surprises are not over yet, we can say loudly that everything that has been achieved is the result of great commitment and it is time to enjoy the results. With the Sun and Mercury in the sign it is not excluded that new assignments and calls will arrive last moment; it will be necessary to fit the commitments a bit to cope with everything.

    Venus in the sign for over four months can only talk about love with a capital L, starting with two-person projects, dreams that finally come true and a greater awareness about what you really want.

    Tarot Tip / Queen of Swords / The mastery of thought, finding practical solutions, and knowing how to manage any event with cold blood is undoubtedly a precious quality. However, finding the right balance can give life to other experiences, useful for the moment.

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  • Do not lose heart if there are still situations to be resolved and results to be achieved, an objective assessment is needed before proceeding. Mercury in Capricorn from the 14th can help have more clarity of ideas and the grit needed to assert your rights, especially in the economic sector where there will be excellent results with the imminent entry of Jupiter into Pisces.

    In love there are projects that at the moment do not want to reveal themselves, everything is about to be born: a new home, a marriage, the arrival of a child, even a friendship that turns into something more; you live everything with greater harmony and a need for certainties.

    Tarot Tip / Knight of Coins / Moving concretely seems to be the right attitude to achieve what you want or are entitled to, proceeding with strength and decision will give excellent results.

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  • The arrival of long-awaited Jupiter brings great opportunities and excellent earnings. For those who have sown well it is harvest time and many satisfactions will arrive; those who have launched into new professional projects begin to have good results and if a cycle is closed, right contacts to start a new professional experience will come: some excellent promotions, some long-dreamed transfers.

    In love the consensus arrives, with Jupiter in the sign in an excellent position on Venus, concrete projects are launched which for some come suddenly after a period of indecision, so as to sweep away any doubts. For everyone it is time to embark on new adventures and experience love with enthusiasm and greater self-confidence.

    Tarot Tip / The Chariot / Success and victory, there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you are on the right path: a movement, a trip or a transfer are super recommended.

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