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  • Horoscope February 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi

  • An eventful month for Arians: Venus is in the first house for the entire month. You will set off by yourself, seeking an improvement, a new look or a new hairstyle. Everything connected with beauty and creativity, in all their forms, will take new, experimental paths, also professionally in some cases. Even if work commitments are very time consuming, your positive attitude and passion will lead to excellent results and great satisfaction.

    Some have made work choices and continue with their projects, while others now find themselves at a crossroads and will take the right road without hesitation.

    Love is the key word this month, with many opportunities to meet new people at parties and events, and you won’t go unnoticed. Those in questionable relationships will make decisions, while stable couples will experience magical times.

    Couple / Captain Harlock and Rafflesia

    Fortune Cookie / Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    Gemstone / Green Jade: To achieve your goals and attract love and money.

  • This February is a month of uncertainty and indecision: Uranus, as we have already said many times, remains in the sign and asks for change and renewal, while Taurus has some reservations about change. Some people have had to deal with changes at work, others are unsure which directions to take or are making changes in their activities. New projects may appear, including collaboration abroad, thanks to the benefit of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury, in the 9th house.

    Love suffers from these uncertainties in practical terms: if plans involving two people are already being implemented, there could be delays for practical or logistical reasons. Those who split up last year may have to deal with financial requests.

    Everyone wants clarity: even in new meetings you are going to want everything out in the open with no ambiguity or grey areas.

    Couple / Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

    Fortune Cookie / Whoever is happy will make others happy too.

    Gemstone / Fire Opal: Gives self-confidence, helps get rid of old habits and see new solutions.

  • Some prudence is required throughout the month of February: several projects and collaborations need your attention, Mercury at quadrature could hinder and slow down the progress of jobs that need to be concluded, with delays in delivery, delays in general and probable greater expenditure. Bureaucratic issues will also move at a slow pace, and it would be better to put off any investments of a financial nature until next month.

    The same goes for signing documents and concluding contracts: you need to be patient and careful this month.

    In love you need to plan shared goals and resolve unfinished arguments, trying also to consider your partner’s needs. It is important to be flexible and innovative in the light of the changes over the coming months. There could be interesting meetings for singles, provided you don’t only talk about work.

    Couple / Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

    Fortune Cookie / He that can have patience can have what he will.

    Gemstone / Hematite: Helps you fight for what you believe in and attain your goals, wards off anxiety and indecision.

  • An eventful month for Cancerians: you crave new things and change, even if some of you are faced with delays caused by Saturn in opposition. For those born in the third ten-day period, in particular, it’s better to act by the 17th because Mars in opposition will place restrictions on your projects in the guise of colleagues, partners or co-workers, who put the brakes on initiatives. There’s a possibility of moving and collaboration abroad, Mercury in transit in the 9th house suggests following these paths.

    There are various implications for love: for those who are single, chance encounters will ignite passion, for couples, it’s a period of uncertainty and misunderstandings, which should be clarified before Mars comes into opposition on the 17th. Jupiter and Saturn in opposition encourage decisive choices for those living in precarious situations or who find themselves at a crossroads.

    Couple / Truman Capote and Holly Golightly

    Fortune Cookie / The shortest distance between two people is a smile.

    Gemstone / Amethyst: Helps you deal with changes, make the right decisions and achieve your dreams.

  • Great excitement and expectations for Leos: many changes are occurring and there is desire for competition. Those who have already made plans are impatient to see the results. Possible friction may arise with colleagues for greater recognition, while for those who have to submit requests or sign contracts, it would be better to wait until the 16th. Everything moving now, in terms of new projects, may yield results in the spring.

    In love too, there’s an air of change and newness: you won’t go unnoticed, thanks to Venus in trine from the 8th for the entire month, but perhaps you won’t be totally convinced. Something new could appear or perhaps someone from the past might show a certain interest. For those who’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’ll want to make changes and do something new.

    Couple / Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson

    Fortune Cookie / A life without purpose is an aimless one.

    Gemstone / Blue Tourmaline. Calming, helps you find balance and manage emotions.

  • Even though it’s one of this month’s favoured star signs, a balanced approach is needed. Mercury in opposition creates holdups at the start of projects, delays in negotiations and constant postponement of the signing of contracts. This is just for a short time, however, and then all goals previously set can be achieved by the beginning of spring.

    There’s a bit of discontent in relations with those above and below you and Mercury in opposition favours discussion and clarification, even if you want to have the last word. Devoting some time to yourself and finding a balance can defuse the climate of tension, with recovery towards the end of the month.

    Couple / Sir Elton John and Taron Egerton

    Fortune Cookie / The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

    Gemstone / Danburite: Helps you to manage anger and achieve equilibrium.

  • As we have seen, it’s a year of change for Librans: this is definitely a challenging month, with Pluto and Saturn in quadrature hindering the realisation of projects that you are pursuing with great commitment. On your side, however, you’ll have partners, consultants, co-workers and, moreover, the best results will be achieved in collaboration.

    Be cautious with spending because it’s a month for reviewing accounts: the first two weeks are best for making investments.

    The heart seeks levity. It’s not a time to take things seriously but to live from day to day in an atmosphere of relaxation, as work is going to require greater commitment and attention. Caution for couples: with Venus in opposition and Mars in quadrature from the 17th, conflict is possible and any ambiguous situations will risk coming to the fore.

    Couple / Cate Blanchett and Pierfrancesco Favino

    Fortune Cookie / Man's first need is the unnecessary.

    Gemstone / Pyrite: Attracts wealth and prosperity, shields the energy field from outside influences.

  • After a long period of transition, Scorpios start to see tangible results: some have changed activity or have started new projects, collaborations or relocations; you’ll gradually manage to achieve good results, also in financial terms.

    Mercury in support facilitates commercial operations, returns from investments or loans and greater earnings in terms of money, favouring contracts and negotiations.

    It’s an excellent month for promotion, contracts, agreements and new collaborations, at home or abroad. Even if work commitments are very demanding, love shouldn’t be put on the back burner: there are excellent opportunities for interesting and passionate new meetings, especially in the first two weeks. Couples should think about new, long-term projects.

    Couple / Emma Watson and Joaquin Phoenix

    Fortune Cookie / Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.

    Gemstone / Black Onyx: Transforms low energy into positive energy and helps the spiritual journey.

  • The climate this month is static, many Sagittarians have already initiated changes in their working life, some have also switched cities or countries and are getting reorganised to continue in their chosen direction. For those who have new initiatives planned, it’s a month without any major news. Mercury discordant for the whole month may halt projects and put what you’re working on in stand-by, but that doesn’t rule out continuing to look into new opportunities abroad.

    Venus in trine for the entire month will result in travel for many of this star sign and those with long-distance relationships may think about relocating for a work project. There’s a possibility of meeting new people when travelling: a month of passion and fun for all.

    Couple / Minions and Kendall Jenner

    Fortune Cookie / Love, affection and friendship create feelings that warm the heart.

    Gemstone / Moqui Marbles, also known as shaman stones: They help you overcome deep-rooted fears and stay focussed on your goals.

  • The Capricorn sky is extremely favourable: Capricorns are known as workaholics and they deserve this after years of hard work and sacrifices. Many of them are already enjoying deserved success and planning the coming period with characteristic grit and determination. Even more pressing is the entry of Mars from the 17th: some people are considering job offers abroad and opportunities will be diverse and lucrative.

    For those who are happy as a couple, this month will be totally dedicated to work, not through lack of interest but confidence in your partner’s understanding. Energy invested in work is producing excellent results and this is the time to be present. For insecure couples, there’s some friction created by Venus in quadrature in the second half of the month, while for those who are single there are good connections, but meetings may be postponed.

    Couple / Simon Le Bon and Yasmin Parvaneh

    Fortune Cookie / Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

    Gemstone / Smoky Quartz: A stone with powerful energy that helps you to manage stress and fear and shields you from electromagnetic fields.

  • Many born under this star sign will feel liberated from old burdens and want to experiment with new work directions with confidence and optimism: there’s a lot still to invest in terms of energy and time, but the prospects are good. Venus is in a good aspect and provides support, but you must also reckon with Uranus in quadrature from Taurus, active mainly in the first ten days of the sign, which creates setbacks, delays and unexpected situations that need to be managed. At the end of the month, however, the balance will be in your favour.

    Venus in favour opens the doors to the season of the heart: after a long year of closure, the energies are finally changing and many Aquarians are ready to get back out there and meet new people, which could lead to something positive.

    Couple / Tina Turner and Beyoncé

    Fortune Cookie / Wishing you a bright future filled with your own special smiles.

    Gemstone / Aquamarine: The good-luck birthstone that helps to nurture self-confidence and the fulfilment of dreams.

  • Many Pisceans are focused on new projects and Mercury in the first house supports ideas and initiatives. Mars discordant can change the cards and create obstacles: you’ll have to seek mediation and accept compromises until the 17th at least, when Mars moves to Capricorn.

    Venus in the first house ensures harmony in love. Clarify any doubts by sharing your feelings, as ignoring them may lead to resentment. Mars discordant could give rise to arguments and jealousy. New meetings are encouraged.

    Couple / Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

    Fortune Cookie / Happiness isn’t always the result of chance.

    Gemstone / Amazonite: Helps overcome disappointment and trauma and increases self-confidence.