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  • Horoscope February 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • The month is filled with opportunities to be seized.

    Mars in your second house empowers you with the strength and determination needed to bring new projects to fruition.

    Your straightforward and understanding nature will show you how to reach your goals in a practical, concrete manner.

    You will finally be able to regain your sense of confidence and energy, Aries.

    There are important decisions that must be made at work, including taking into consideration potential collaborations or starting a new business.

    Try to create synergies with other people this month.

    This is an important moment in your love life.

    You will need to make decisions that also concern work and travel. If your relationship is solid, it is time to make concrete plans.

    Many may even decide on a summer wedding!

    There are many possibilities to unexpectedly meet a passionate new suitor.

    Montlhy Mini Tarot Reading / The World. You can achieve success through hard work, consistency and ability. You are overflowing with energy; use it to get creative projects off the ground.

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  • There are a lot of changes in store for you in this anxiety-ridden month.

    Many will need to face important decisions.

    With Mars in your sign, you will lack Taurus’ characteristic patience.

    Many situations will be filled with a jittery energy, especially at work.

    Possible frictions will prove unmanageable, paving the way for new opportunities and setting you down the right path.

    Above all, you will need to face the truth when it comes to love.

    If a romance has reached the end of the line, it is best to talk things over and make the right decisions.

    Some of you may have been so focused on work that you were not paying enough attention to your partner.

    Make time to be together and give affection.

    If you are in a long-term relationship, you should try a more carefree, light-hearted approach — a surprise dinner on Valentine’s Day would be a great place to start!

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Six of Coins. Finding balance and harmony between mind and spirit is the best way to obtain everything you need without conflict. You must give in order to receive; by doing so, you will experience a strong flow of extremely positive energy.

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  • February’s splendid skies are bringing important changes.

    You will feel a huge push to modify, change and transform everything relating to your career.

    You could possibly expand your activities far from home in other cities or countries.

    Some of you may have already touched down elsewhere, and now must take the next steps.

    This can be a scary process, but conditions are so promising that any dangers exist only in your mind.

    Some of you may decide to go back to school by signing up for a course, training programme or master's degree.

    These studies will prove useful in your professional life, as well as allowing you to embark on new paths.

    It’s time to make long-term plans in your love life.

    After a period of uncertainty, many couples will decide to say ‘I do’ or at least make plans for the summer.

    This is a truly wonderful time for love for all members of your sign.

    The Sun, Venus and Mercury are in auspicious aspect, creating the perfect storm for falling in love.

    Your most passionate days are the 11th and 12th with the Moon in Aquarius.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Seven of Coins. This is an important moment of personal satisfaction. If you invest a great deal of energy, you can reap major rewards. Focus on creativity, which can be expressed in a multitude of ways. This is an excellent time to move in a new direction.

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  • February is a contentious month, divided into two phases.

    The first half is quite angst-ridden and your work life may be challenging.

    Some of you may have already made changes, but still haven’t witnessed the desired results, while others have to find common ground with colleagues.

    There is a little discontent, but things will improve after the 20th.

    In love, the first half of the month will fluctuate with highs and lows.

    You may have the tendency to ask for more than you give.

    When the skies clear, it will be a good time to make plans.

    Some of you may be thinking of proposals or declarations of love, while couples may be focusing on a home together.

    A surprise may arrive on Valentine’s Day, with the Moon in Pisces.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Ace of Cups. This is an auspicious period for starting a new relationship. Something that has been simmering on the back burner will finally bring a bounty of success.

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  • This is the month to take the bull by the horns with strength and determination.

    A series of oppositions will shine light on situations that need to be dealt with.

    There could be possible conflicts in the workplace.

    Situations may need to be modified or agreements may not be respected.

    You may also face possible obstacles in your financial life.

    In love, the moment has arrived for many couples to choose a future direction.

    Many will decide to move in together.

    It’s time to decide once and for all!

    Vague, clandestine pairings are destined to finish if there is no way of bringing them into the light of day.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Knight of Swords. Rational, quick actions will help you face any situations without fixating on the obstacles. You must learn how to dole out and channel this flow of energy to avoid making mistakes.

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  • Procedure and focus are the keywords of the month.

    Many members of your sign are undergoing a period of change and growth in their professional life.

    You may have to present important projects, and new collaborations could take things to a higher level.

    Some of you could see an increase in your workload, requiring you to widen your professional network.

    While work and career are currently at the top of your priorities, there are important new pathways that are waiting to be explored when it comes to love.

    Couples can enjoy magical moments together, if you can tear yourself away from your duties.

    There’s a good chance that singles may find themselves attracted to someone in their social circle.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The Emperor. Stability, knowledge and authority are the keys to success. You may not be taking other people’s opinions into consideration, but you will experience a great deal of harmony and energy.

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  • February skies are extremely auspicious.

    The Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are in positive aspect, creating an explosive, creative mix.

    This is the perfect time to pitch new projects — don’t be shy!

    If you want to turn the page by starting a new work project, you should look around and share your ideas.

    You couldn’t find a better moment to do so!

    This is a magical moment for your love life, and couples will feel the urge to shout their feelings to the entire world.

    For singles, someone you recently met could quickly grow into something more.

    There will be an abundance of opportunities to find a new suitor if you’ve been searching for love for a long time.

    Valentine’s Day may even bring you a surprise!

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Queen of Swords. This period is marked by an abundance of energy, creativity and big ideas. While it is important to have plans, it is also important to have a clear vision of how to put them in practice.

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  • A constant sense of rebellion and dissatisfaction hangs in the air for the entire month.

    The opposition of Mars will kick up feelings of anxiety, as well as expose situations that need clarification, even though you risk stepping on the toes of colleagues, co-workers and business partners.

    The square of Mercury and Saturn creates obstacles and problems with family members.

    Your love situation is not much better.

    Some of you will have a lot of family duties, while others have to resolve problems at the workplace, leaving no room for romance.

    You may prefer to stay apart from your partner, rather than involving them in your worries.

    The same goes for singles; your priorities will lay elsewhere.

    Things lighten up after the 26th when Venus enters Pisces.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Ace of Swords. Sometimes you need to make strong, firm decisions, but you must also reflect on them, because you probably won’t be able to turn back.

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  • This month is filled with an abundance of energy and action.

    You will finally see results!

    You won’t have much patience when it comes to taking advice from others, especially in terms of your career.

    You want to feel free to act as you see fit.

    You will know how to harmoniously dole out your actions, leading to excellent, immediate results.

    Even achieving small goals will make a difference.

    New opportunities are on the horizon in your love life.

    Your desire for change will revolutionise your relationships and make them more dynamic.

    Many of you are thinking about travelling together with your partner.

    If your schedules allow, this could be a spark that reignites major feelings of romance!

    You will feel the desire for new experiences, including expanding your social life and meeting new people.

    It is a dynamic period for your love life, filled with many possibilities on the horizon.

    The choice is yours!

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The Magician. You have everything you need to achieve your goals. Your past experience and new energy provide the necessary tools to bring new initiatives to life.

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  • Many Capricorns will feel like a load has been taken off their shoulders in this rather peaceful month.

    You will still be focused on work but concentrating on different aspects.

    Important decisions have been made.

    Now you may need to eliminate something from the past that needs to be changed because it no longer works in the present.

    For example, you may choose to invest in the digital realm, find new strategies or leave old ways of doing things behind.

    You may also need to change the energy in your working environment.

    This is an important moment in your love life.

    You will want to build a concrete future together, starting with a house, which many couples will choose this month.

    For singles, new acquaintances could morph into something lasting.

    Many members of your sign want to have a person by their side with whom they can build a future together.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Three of Wands. It’s the ideal time to widen your horizons by pinpointing and plotting possible new paths. This is the right move to help you gain a new burst of energy.

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  • February skies are filled with fireworks, bursting with opportunities to seize at will.

    New endeavours get off the ground through determination, hard work and good luck.

    Many professional projects take shape this month.

    Some of you may need to move somewhere else for work, while others may decide to look for a new house.

    You are surrounded by dynamic new horizons!

    There is an abundance of possibilities for new encounters in your love life.

    If it hasn’t already happened, someone could capture your attention.

    This person could come from a very different social scene, thereby stimulating your curiosity.

    Couples want certainty and plans.

    Everything is possible at this time, including the arrival of a new baby.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Knight of Wands. This period is defined by an explosion of energy that you can act upon to obtain immediate results.

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  • This is a month to hit the pause button and review the situation.

    Even though there are many things you want to change, there is nothing new on the horizon.

    It is wiser to wait for the right moment.

    If you want to change your work or move in a different direction, it is best to take a look around you and start thinking about presenting your ideas or projects after the 20th.

    You could meet someone out of the ordinary in your love life.

    This person could be someone outside your usual circles, or perhaps someone who lives far away.

    With Venus in your sign next month, there will be an abundance of attraction and romance.

    Who knows?

    An epic new love story could be born!

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Page of Coins. Creative, inquisitive energies are waiting to be explored. There are many paths ahead of you, but with light-heartedness and humility you can take small steps towards maturity.

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