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  • Horoscope January 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi

  • The first month of the year is going to start on a positive note, with Mars helping you to realise several projects that have been thwarted for a while and finally bring them to a conclusion; investors who might finance an ambitious project, collaborations that finally give rise to an activity that needed an input of new energy and may lead to new paths to take, some of them abroad. It’s a year that will involve a great deal of travel, Jupiter in Capricorn in the 10th house opens a raft of work opportunities abroad.

    For those in a relationship, love needs to undergo a bit of a shake up with concrete projects that will take shape towards the end of March. If you are single, meetings are more likely to involve friendships: those who have just ended a relationship would prefer to enjoy their freedom right now. You’ll be in good spirits and have energy to invest in new projects.

    Couple / Beyoncé and Jay Z

    Fortune Cookie / The future will be built one day at a time.

    Gemstone / Jasper: The stone of warriors: provides energy, physical and mental strength and stability and reduces stress.

  • January offers lots of opportunities to Taureans, who have already been going through a period of changes and setbacks for a while with Uranus in the sign. Jupiter and Saturn in a good aspect from Capricorn offer stability and great opportunities to grab. If you have already started new projects then the results will yield dividends, but if you still have doubts, you will find solutions. If you’ve left a job then you can count on the support of the planets provided that the seeds have been sown in recent months.

    You may be relocated to another city: Uranus and Jupiter are making positive moves toward change. In love, couples who experienced crises in 2019 and got through them can count on being a more dynamic and stable couple. There are good opportunities for singles to meet someone after the 15th. You’ll be in excellent spirits, have good energy and be full of desire for new experiences.

    Couple / Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

    Fortune Cookie / Fate deals the cards, you play the hand.

    Gemstone / Jade: Helps in making choices decisively and securely, for clarity in your emotional life.

  • A busy month work wise for Geminis, new projects to be developed and different paths to follow. Excellent possibilities thanks to Jupiter no longer in opposition: the only risk is of getting involved in too many projects and not managing to focus on priorities. It’s beneficial to work as part of a team to have several points of view.

    Mars in opposition could make you anxious and impatient, watch out for arguments. Venus in support will make you alluring and it’s likely that there’s an encounter with someone new already on the horizon. For couples, the climate is jittery, given that work commitments are using up more energy than normal.

    Energy needs to be channelled in the right way, preferably in the first part of the month.

    Couple / Harry and Sally (When Harry Met Sally)

    Fortune Cookie / If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

    Gemstone / Fluorite: Stimulates creativity and imagination helps you to make innovative and original choices. Boosts efficiency, combats arthritis and rheumatism.

  • Cancer starts the year with a lot of attitude: you are coming from a year in which you’ve battled a great deal and achieved inner peace that has allowed you to recognise your own personal worth. There will be opportunities in January to re-evaluate your work requirements, you will find new paths rather than be content with the usual ones. For some, the time has come to make new rules, agree on tasks, conclude contracts; it’s a month for settling in and then taking new paths.

    Love also needs an overhaul: for couples, it’s the time to plan to move in together, move home, even relocate to another city, or if the relationship has already come to an end, to finish it in the best way possible without recriminations. For singles, good opportunities will come after the 15th. You’re in reasonable psychological and physical form, expect improvement after the 15th.

    Couple / Jamie Dornan and Adele

    Fortune Cookie / It’s never too late to be what you want to be.

    Gemstone / Rock Crystal: Helps to overcome the phases in which you feel lifeless, adds vitality and good spirits.

  • Mars in alignment helps to accomplish projects that have been on hold for a while: despite last year being slow, many Leos have managed to achieve great recognition and new roles of responsibility within companies. Others will have the opportunity to invest in projects or conclude negotiations that have been ongoing in the previous year. In some cases you’ll need to force someone’s hand to get something extra: this is a good time to do it.

    Love has also been moving at a slow pace and has involved responsibilities: couples have been grappling with personal and work-related problems at the expense of moments of intimacy. For those who have met someone recently they may be undecided whether to take things a stage further or leave them as they are. There’s pressure from the outside as far as work matters are concerned, which is proving a distraction; it’s better to concentrate your energy on yourself.

    Couple / Madonna and Dumbo

    Fortune Cookie / There are no limits for those who know they don’t exist.

    Gemstone / Amber: Helps in achieving friendship and admiration, meeting the right people, gaining self-confidence and trusting others. Powerful natural anti-inflammatory.

  • January starts with a bang with Jupiter in Capricorn: it’s a month full of wonderful opportunities which you should grab. Jupiter brings about growth and expansion and you’ll see ambitious projects in your professional life that you’ve been committed to for a long time come to life if you invest energy and expertise. If you’re not satisfied with your situation you’ll have the chance to make a clean break if you know how to take advantage of new, better opportunities: it’s time to make a change for the better.

    In love there’s also an air of growth and something new. For steady couples it’s time to ask for something more: moving in together, getting married, a new home. For shaky couples it’s the time to end things, but without any second thoughts, because Saturn is cutting out what’s no longer suitable and Jupiter is giving the right positive energy to turn over a new leaf in the best possible way.

    For those who are single, there are many opportunities, and the positive energy given off by Jupiter makes them even more attractive.

    Couple / Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

    Fortune Cookie / From great doubt, comes great light.

    Gemstone / Rose quartz: Absorbs negative energy, helps in expressing emotions and overcoming shyness, protects the heart, circulation and lungs.

  • For Libras, January starts with a dose of the jitters: you can’t manage to organise yourself as you’d like to, you’ve got many responsibilities and lots of work and projects to carry out which unexpectedly require your time and involvement. You can’t find the right direction. Often people of this star sign work in a team of people: at this time it would be helpful to rely on a group for greater support. Things will improve after the 20th.

    Things are similar in love too: those who work together risk bringing their work home with them. Home is also the theme of the month: perhaps you need to reorganise your space, a change of furniture or renovation.

    For those looking to meet someone, on the other hand, it’s better to wait until after the 20th.

    Couple / Arsenio Lupin and Eva Green

    Fortune Cookie / Be your own master and you’ll make few mistakes.

    Gemstone / Quartz: helps to overcome indecision, take initiative and find steady, reliable partners; has calming and anti-anxiety properties.

  • It’s a month for Scorpios to make preparations: lay the foundations to make a determined start to find more stable work. Some have already achieved something in autumn last year and others are waiting for answers. The advice is to continue investing in research during this month of transition, but it’s better to wait for the coming months to put in applications.

    Couples in love are going through a time of instability: you need to put things in order and if relocation to another city for work is on the cards, make sure to find a solution that suits everyone. If you have been distracted by other situations, you will understand where you stand. It’s better to wait until the second half of the month before taking any decisions. For those who are single, positive energy for new encounters will arrive after the 16th.

    Changing psychological and physical energy, with things picking up in the second half of the month.

    Couple / LP and Janis Joplin

    Fortune Cookie / Read your fate, see what is before you, and walk on into futurity.

    Gemstone / Carnelian: Helps you to realise your aspirations, better direct your energy, curb your passions.

  • January is promising from a professional perspective: work is the theme of the year for Sagittarians, who will have lots of opportunities to express their skills in professional terms. Those who have been striving for something for a while will be successful. This is because Jupiter and Saturn are in the second house. Contacts with overseas will be very positive and productive, even if they require travel.

    Love for those in a relationship will involve plans in the coming months. Those in a more relaxed arrangement need to take the next step, which perhaps they are not ready for yet, so it’s better to address the matter towards the end of the month. For those who are single, everything is possible provided there is commitment. Work tends to be a distraction.

    Good energy and physical shape.

    Couple / Paris and Helen

    Fortune Cookie / Missing out on love means missing out on life.

    Gemstone / Malachite: Helps you to find emotional stability, be constant, overcome fear and indecision.

  • Capricorn is the undisputed star of the year. Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn for a long time will be very rewarding, first and foremost at work: new projects, personal recognition and so many other possibilities in every area you work in. It is a time of great success, which is more than deserved, because Capricorns work tirelessly for many years with great commitment. Whoever has ended one cycle will start again from scratch with more determination and possibility of success. Excellent earnings thanks to the Sun and Mercury.

    Love will also benefit from the climate of plenty: for some the time to plan the future has arrived, living together or having a family. For those who are single the chances of meeting the right person are excellent if you are more open and positive. Excellent psychological and physical energy and excellent mood.

    Couple / Yoda and Luke Skywalker

    Fortune Cookie / The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know.

    Gemstone / Hematite: Helps you realise your aspirations, gives you resolve and vitality.

  • Aquarius is evolving, close to a transformation which at the moment doesn’t see the boundaries between itself and the path it wishes to take. January is a month of preparation: even if your ideas are not yet clear. The projects you are working on will gradually take shape and will fit in with your personality. From the 16th onward, with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in support, there will be greater opportunities for making money, new contacts, interesting meetings and collaborations which will take you into the New Year with lots of innovative ideas and determination.

    Venus in the sign brings a breath of fresh air and the desire for a carefree attitude in relationships. There are lots of opportunities to meet new people. For those in a relationship you can think about implementing projects in anticipation of the summer. Essentially, it’s a positive month with no lack of opportunities.

    Couple / Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar

    Fortune Cookie / Luck doesn't exist. There is only the moment when talent meets opportunity.

    Gemstone / Blue sapphire: Balances energy, provides wisdom, harmony and spiritual opening.

  • Developments are on the horizon for Pisces: it is the dawn of new beginnings. For some, they already started in autumn; for others, January is the month you can count on for new work projects. There’s a great deal of enthusiasm and so much positivity aimed at launching projects that have been in the pipeline for a while. There’s a good dose of self-confidence propelling you towards wide-ranging, independent horizons.

    Affairs of the heart are good: Venus in Pisces from the 15th offers new meetings or returning faces from the past, romantic or passionate encounters. For couples, 2020 is a year of great projects which should be planned as early as January.

    Excellent physical shape and lots of energy to invest in different areas.

    Couple / Prince George and Anna Knyazeva

    Fortune Cookie / Take life with a pinch of salt, the smell of coffee and a hint of chocolate.

    Gemstone / Coral: Helps to overcome emotional stability and vulnerability, allowing you to focus better and be more determined.