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  • Horoscope January 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • The year kicks off to a great start and, thanks to the absence of Saturn, life becomes more carefree.

    It’s time to launch new projects, make requests, pitch ideas, and get yourself out there to promote your business activities.

    Mercury in auspicious aspect brings validation and new opportunities.

    It’s okay to take one step at a time.

    Even if you want to get things done ASAP by investing all your energy, it is better to avoid stressful situations.

    Things are great in your love life during the first week of the month.

    You need to show your true colours now by accepting invitations or taking the initiative.

    Venus will be in challenging aspect from the 9th, causing misunderstandings, arguments and difficulties in communication.

    Montlhy Mini Tarot Reading / The Devil. Many energies surround you, you may be approached by someone with an interesting proposal that seems filled with potential; don’t allow yourself to be charmed by promises and flattery because it could all turn out to be an illusion.

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  • The new year kicks off with Mars in your sign, bringing an abundance of energy and determination.

    First off, let’s take a look at work. It’s time to review situations that need to change.

    You will be required to come up with fast solutions, especially where there’s uncertainty or a lack of clarity.

    Jupiter and Saturn are in the house of work for the entire year, making this a great moment to take a quantum leap by starting an entrepreneurial endeavour or building something important.

    If you’ve already started down a new path, you will receive confirmation that you are moving in the right direction.

    Venus is in an auspicious position for your love life, bringing relationships filled with peace and tranquillity.

    Many couples will have taken the plunge last year and are now ready to have a child.

    This month promises new opportunities for all members of the sign, as long as you can successfully carve out time from work.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Queen of Swords. Concentrate on executing projects and initiatives that require a great deal of mental energy. If someone doesn’t agree with your way of doing things, don’t waste your energy waging war against them. Instead, gently persuade them to your side.

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  • This is a promising month, even if some Geminis are a little wary.

    Jupiter and Saturn will be in a positive aspect to your sign for an extended period, bringing opportunities that should be snapped up.

    Using your past experiences, it is also time put things in order and choose the direction where you can invest your energy without distractions.

    Mercury is also sending out auspicious vibes.

    There will be news for those who are waiting for the approval of contracts or are dealing with situations held over from last year.

    Now is the moment to receive definite answers.

    In your love life, Venus in opposition may bring discord or arguments.

    However, these will last only a few days, before things start to improve.

    Couples will need to deal with changes to future plans, such as needing to move because of work.

    Young couples need to take the time to get to know each other better.

    If you are looking for someone new, you may need to sit this month out.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The Moon. The Moon’s energy invites clarity. Focus on work and new projects, while being extremely clear with your colleagues. Leave nothing to chance.

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  • As foreseen, this will be a comeback year for Cancer, when you can finally free yourself from an extended opposition of Jupiter and Saturn.

    Professionally, you are ready to make changes in your life, starting with your own personal freedom and autonomy.

    If you are waiting for responses or confirmations, January will bring many new opportunities, making anything possible.

    It’s a month for reflection in your love life.

    Venus in opposition from the 9th will push couples to confront each other, plan new paths with common goals and not accept compromises.

    For all Cancerians, this is a time for personal reflection, perhaps it’s not the moment to start new relationships.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The World. Dedicate all your energy to focusing on your objectives. That’s all you need to do to move towards success.

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  • New year, new challenges!

    Mars in Taurus pushes you to fight for your rights and recognition.

    Recently, you have settled into work situations where you never really felt at ease and lost a bit of your identity in the process.

    It is time to take control of the situation and reorganise your position but without causing conflicts with partners or colleagues.

    It’s time to review the terms of your love life.

    If you are in a couple, Jupiter and Saturn highlight situations where change is needed or where you simply need look at common goals.

    From the 9th, Mercury will be in opposition, causing misunderstandings, obstacles, some appointments to be rescheduled or unforeseen events and anxiety.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The Hanged Man. Watch everything closely, down to the tiniest details. It will give you a new perspective on how to invest and launch new projects with new energy. It’s not the moment to take risks.

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  • This is a five-star month for Virgo!

    Recognition and validation are on the horizon.

    The time and energy invested into new business projects and collaborations, they will start bear fruit.

    If you have an established business, you could receive offers from abroad to collaborate.

    In your love life, it’s a time for building.

    Couples can make concrete plans for the future and it’s a good moment for everyone to make interesting acquaintances.

    The main thing to remember is to let loose and take a light-hearted approach to life without feeling you need to have everything under control.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Temperance. This a magical period, when you find yourself in the midst of a whirlpool of new energy. Because of this, you need to keep yourself in balance by funnelling these vibes into the right project in the proper manner.

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  • January gets off to a good start.

    Mars is no longer in opposition allowing you to turn the page in the new year and clear those situations where personal freedom was limited by duties, responsibilities and sacrifices undertaken to save other people’s feelings.

    The moment has arrived to take charge of your personal freedom.

    Mercury also enters into favourable aspect from the 9th, bringing a positive boost to your professional life, with surprising results.

    Your love life lightens considerably, becoming much more dynamic after two difficult years.

    You are now free from opposing aspects, allowing you to enjoy a period of peace and tranquillity.

    Couples who have overcome difficulties can enthusiastically look to a future filled with new projects.

    This is a dynamic month.

    Take a look around; even though it may take a while to meet your soul mate, 2021 promises many of interesting encounters.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / King of Cups. It’s time to donate your kindness, empathy and time to another. The best way to receive good vibes is by giving them.

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  • January kicks off with an opposition from Mars.

    Scorpio is a warrior sign and does not see Mars as an enemy to be feared but rather as a worthy opponent.

    You career is under the microscope.

    You may have to make sacrifices or shift direction in order to overcome obstacles that have been thrown your way.

    Jupiter and Saturn promote stability and setting down roots.

    The moment has arrived to find your proper place in the world and continue towards it with determination.

    Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by short-term, uncertain work offers or collaborations.

    In love, established couples need to tackle things of a practical nature, such as a new home or move.

    Singles could meet someone new through an extended social group, but these hook-ups may not be long-lasting, as this January is not a month of epic romance.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The Hierophant. You are ready for a new road. The maturity you have acquired serves as an anchor for you and those around you. With this sense of responsibility you are ready for a new adventure.

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  • This is an excellent period for Sagittarius.

    After a difficult period, you finally free yourself of obstacles and burdens.

    You are in excellent shape; it is time to get out and get moving — after all, you are a highly dynamic sign.

    Mercury in positive aspect brings possibilities for solid, new collaborations.

    If you invested in your own entrepreneurial endeavour and have felt stagnant or blocked, things start to flow and new enquiries begin to arrive.

    There is a marked improvement in your financial life, pushing you to make investment decisions, both home and abroad.

    Venus is in positive aspect in terms of your love life.

    This is an excellent moment to start new projects as a couple and move on from situations that brought friction.

    For singles, this is a great time for meeting someone new and getting new relationships off the ground.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Ten of Cups. You have reached the pinnacle and end point of a cycle. It’s time to start something new! Be generous, but wise, by finding the right balance between giving and receiving.

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  • January promises an excellent start to the year, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in positive aspect.

    As foreseen, Capricorns had to work extremely hard last year, often without amazing results, but now it is all about growth.

    You will receive affirmative replies when it comes to new work opportunities, collaborations, orders and clients.

    You will also start to see a positive shift in energy when it comes to finances, with the possibility of large returns on established investments.

    In your love life, things skyrocket once Venus enters your sign on the 9th.

    Couples can take a major step forward by making concrete plans for the future.

    For singles, this is a great month for meeting a new suitor that could turn into something profound and lasting.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Strength. An abundance of energy is at your disposal, with the foreknowledge that more is on the way. Use this moment to its greatest potential!

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  • The year kicks off to a great start with Jupiter and Saturn in your sign.

    Professionally, things take a turn in your favour, bringing excellent possibilities for positive, new collaborations.

    You invested a lot of energy in your job last year, and you will finally reach your target goals and receive the recognition you deserve.

    Mercury lends it support from the 9th, as does the Sun from the 21st.

    This is the perfect moment to push your limits, make proposals, sign new contracts, enter into new collaborations and pitch projects.

    The time has arrived to achieve your wildest dreams, in both your professional and personal lives.

    With Saturn in your sign, you may want to take a long-standing relationship to the next level.

    Your ideas regarding romance are much clearer.

    With Venus in your 12th house, ideas and projects may exist only in your head, but, more and more, they are leading to possibility of a stable relationship.

    It is a time of rebirth for all Aquarians, and your current concept of a relationship may be different than that which you held in the past.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The Star. This is a magic period! You are filled with an abundance of creativity and passion. If you fully dedicate yourself to your goals with enthusiasm and humility, your projects will surely succeed!

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  • This is a year of transformation, when you may still be facing confusion about what decisions to make and paths to take.

    In work, you are no longer willing to remain in limbo.

    With Jupiter and Saturn in your twelfth house, you are entering an extended period of reflection, allowing you to make concrete plans for the future.

    January offers several opportunities for contemplation.

    Use this time to think about what you want, and choose the right path in the upcoming months.

    Some of you may also be considering moving home.

    In love, there is a bit of tension until the 9th.

    Currently, you are searching for understanding and support when making important decisions about work that will affect your life as a couple.

    With Venus in positive aspect from the 9th, things become cosier and more laid-back, even if career still remains your top priority.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Four of swords. Get ready for change. Even if you are feeling stale and lacking in energy, it would be wise to use this period to reflect and prepare for your next move.

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