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  • Horoscope July 2019 – words by Gabi Lussi

  • This is an extremely productive month. A trine between Leo and Sagittarius will help you finalise the projects you started in June, iron out contract terms and get started on new collaborations that have been on-hold for a long time. All these initiatives will be boosted by a burst of physical and mental energy from Mars. The tension generated by this transit can be moderated through sports or by avoiding anxiety-inducing situations.
    A trine between Jupiter and Mars puts the focus on passion. Let your emotions run wild in order to rediscover your bond with your partner. Romantic possibilities abound; you can always count on your magnetism and sex appeal.
    The end of the month is a perfect time to relax and travel.

    Couple / Diabolik and Eva Kent

    Fortune Cookie / Remember that the impossible is in your hands

    Gemstone / Red Ruby: Symbol of passionate love that stimulates the senses, perfect for weddings

  • July will be a bit of a challenge. A disharmonious aspect between Mars and Mercury will force some habits and beliefs to change, while minor setbacks could cause bouts of anxiety. Even though changes to your career path will seem like a risk, it will open the door to new opportunities.
    Relationships will also be challenging due to the square of Mars creating unexpected events, small arguments, and fits of jealousy. A great deal of patience is necessary.
    A feeling of balance returns at the end of the month.

    Couple / Romeo and Juliet

    Fortune Cookie / Something exciting is happening on Saturday!

    Gemstone / Green Aventurine: A magnet for happiness that stimulates the mind, bestows creativity and increases self-esteem

  • Even though a disharmonious aspect between Jupiter and Neptune will bring various unforeseen obstacles, Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, will be on your side, favouring all forms of communication with new or useful contacts, acquaintances, friends, and colleagues. Intellect and communication will be the month’s focus and overriding interest.
    Your love life will also get a boost from Mercury, allowing couples to talk things out. A renewed desire for romance and passion will bring you together, and promises made now will be kept in the future.
    You are at maximum energy for socializing.

    Couple / Marilyn Monroe and Ben Stiller

    Fortune Cookie / Don't waste your energy seeking out large discoveries, search for meaning in the small details

    Gemstone / Blue Agate: Protects the nervous system, wards off inflammation and bestows courage

  • Happy Birthday, Cancer! This is an auspicious time for you. Both Venus and Uranus are bringing positive change, with the key word being choice. This is the right time to move in with a partner or set a wedding date, as well as plan for the birth of a baby. For singles, an acquaintance could evolve into something much more.
    Spend your holidays seeking out new things and regaining a sense of equilibrium.

    Couple / Beauty and the Beast

    Fortune Cookie / The secret to happiness is letting loose.

    Gemstone / Moonstone: It's strong, balancing energy helps calm emotional states, increases stability and aids sleep

  • Mars’ transit through your sign brings a month filled with energy, enthusiasm and determination. In terms of career, a fast sequence of events requires a great deal of focus to reach all your goals.
    Mars and Mercury in Leo are trined by Jupiter in Sagittarius. This aspect will be like a tornado drawing you into the storm of new romantic conquests. Try to focus this energy so you don’t waste it pursuing too many different opportunities.
    The entry of the Sun and Venus into Leo brings mental and physical wellness until the month’s end.

    Couple / Woody Allen and Wednesday Addams

    Fortune Cookie / Your dreams will come true very soon!

    Gemstone / Tiger’s Eye: Protects finances and bestows mental clarity and confidence

  • Virgo is a highly pragmatic sign. Saturn in Capricorn in trine with Virgo is highlighting this aspect of your character, while adding a sense of reason and common sense. This will bring to light a series of questions concerning work colleagues that need to be faced and dealt with. If it is impossible to find a mutual solution, Saturn is here pushing you to cut off dead wood without looking back.
    It’s time to reorganize your love life by taking the reins into your own hands. Try not to overthink everything that happens in your relationship down to the tiniest detail, but, instead, attempt to find a balance between mind and heart.
    It’s time to recharge your batteries and release built-up tension.

    Couple / Archimedes and Scrooge McDuck

    Fortune Cookie / Success is guaranteed if you follow your intuition today

    Gemstone / Pink Quartz: Protects the circulatory system, brings mental and physical balance and works on the emotions and intuition

  • During the first half of July, you will be busy finishing up a series of work commitments. A boost from Jupiter will ensure your energy is efficiently channelled by modulating the heavy energy from Saturn’s square.
    Mercury in Leo favours communication. You will be able to make verbal agreements with colleagues, as well as plan and finalise business projects, especially in publishing.
    Clear skies for your sentimental life, with plenty of enjoyable evenings spent with friends attending events or exploring new places. Children may be acting up.
    Regain the proper balance of body and mind.

    Couple / Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

    Fortune Cookie / Leave your worries behind, trust your intuition

    Gemstone / Jade: Attracts love, protects the immune system, stimulates healing, protection and financial success

  • July is filled with a lot of nervous tension, making it difficult to remain calm. It is important to think before you speak, or your words may be twisted against you, affecting your career. It is better to postpone agreements, negotiations and discussions until the 20th, when Mercury re-enters Cancer.
    Your love life will also be filled with stress. A rollercoaster of emotions could drag you into useless arguments over banal topics, such as where to go on holiday.
    An overall uptick in physical energy levels from the 20th until the end of the month.

    Couple / Lady Macbeth and Morpheus

    Fortune Cookie / Write your wish on a piece of paper, fold it four times and put it beneath your pillow for good luck!

    Gemstone / Malachite: Bestows clear thinking, cleanses the unconscious by bringing repressed thoughts to light and promotes healing

  • This is a highly auspicious month. A stellium of beneficial planets, including Jupiter, will help kickstart an ambitious project with the enthusiastic support of colleagues. Projects started in previous months will finally be completed. This is also an excellent period for investments.
    This is also an extremely passionate, exciting moment for love, for both couples and singles heading off on holiday in search of freedom. Jupiter will bring many opportunities to meet fascinating people in far-off places.
    Your determination and magnetism make you irresistible.

    Couple / Lady Gaga and Batman

    Fortune Cookie / The best things happen on the 25th

    Gemstone / Turquoise: Balances reason and the emotions, helps you focus on your goals

  • This is an extremely productive month thanks to the transits of Pluto and Saturn. You will possess the perfect combination of wisdom, ingenuity and focus to make the right decisions at work, bringing significant profits in the future. Your leadership and professionalism will be greatly admired.
    Things will be a bit up and down in your love life. Mars is bestowing moments of passion, while the opposition of Venus brings tension and discontent. Still, you will have the clarity of mind to make the right decisions.
    Singles will have a summer chock full of romantic possibilities.
    The month’s fluctuations require a lot of energy, recuperate through diet and relaxation.

    Couple / Steve Jobs and Wonder Woman

    Fortune Cookie / Try to find joy in the moment

    Gemstone / Black Onyx: Transforms negative energy into positivity, protects sleep and attracts positive thoughts

  • Disharmonious aspects between Uranus, Mars and Mercury are causing nervous tension, leading to a series of unforeseen mishaps and misunderstandings with colleagues, as well as a general, overall sense of unease. It is better to focus on getting yourself to the end of the month and postpone important plans, whenever possible.
    Your love life is also undergoing the same planets in opposition, generating misunderstandings and arguments, as well as ambiguity and jealousy for couples. It is best to postpone decisions for better times.
    Recharge your batteries in nature, far from the workaday world.

    Couple / Frida Kahlo and Leonardo da Vinci

    Fortune Cookie / Give somebody a second chance

    Gemstone / Rock Crystal: Brings emotional stability, boosts energy and harmonises Yin and Yang

  • This month brings positivity on several fronts. Harmonious planetary aspects between Mars, Venus, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn will guide you in the right direction, allowing you to seize all of the opportunities that this month brings. Finances will also be on the uptick. Positive changes are also in store for your love life. It’s time to leave the hurts of the past behind, and move on to new, healthier situations with a sense of optimism and trust. Candlelit romance, just as your sign desires. With Venus in positive aspect, you will be in top physical form, allowing you to do anything you please.

    Couple / The Little Mermaid and Indiana Jones

    Fortune Cookie / Learn to forgive and peace will be restored

    Gemstone / Amethyst: Brings good luck, eliminates a sense of guilt and stimulates positive thinking