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  • Horoscope July 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • The background to July is still erratic, moving in fits and starts. Mars remains in the sign desperate to kick off with new projects, however, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in square put the brakes on natural developments.

    Specifically, orders, contracts and partnerships will be halted or delayed and this creates frustration and stress because everything seemed to be on track and now patience is the order of the day.

    For those in love things are turbulent too, but there’s also a desire for change and movement. It will be possible to share moments of harmony on the 12th and 13th when the Moon is in the sign.


    Fortune Cookie / The secret to happiness is learning every day to forget many things.

    Gemstone / Turquoise; its calming effect helps in finding balance.

    Outfit / "Bianca" red blazer jacket with matching buttons.

  • A month of great commitment. Many of those born under this sign are involved in projects that they have been working on for some time and, now that Mars has moved into Aries, you will need to devote some time to a personal plan, something that can’t be revealed at the moment, but will come to light in January.

    In love, couples are enjoying a time of harmony, but it may be necessary to postpone a journey. Good lunar aspect on 14th, 15th and 16th.


    Fortune Cookie / Close the doors that are no longer relevant to your life.

    Gemstone / Marble. Carnelian: for clarity of thought, it brings joy and happiness.

    Outfit / "Venus" orange, high heel, slingback pumps embellished with crystals.

  • The month of July features an important event. Mercury, the Sun and Venus in the second house, in conjunction with the solar eclipse that took place on 21 June, offer a great speculative opportunity in the financial sector for making a lot of money. Mars in the tenth house confirms that it will be an opportunity for great professional growth.

    There are decisions to be made in love: not necessarily involving your partner in your professional projects.


    Fortune Cookie / All great changes are preceded by chaos.

    Gemstone / Topaz; for more self-assurance, powerful good luck charm.

    Outfit / "Gigi" monogram pistache jacquard chemisier mini dress.

  • Good prospects for Cancerians with the sign hosting three important planets: The Sun, Venus and Mercury. Some are launching new projects, others who are a bit more unsure are waiting for the right moment.

    With Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in opposition the feeling is that everything is ready to take off but something is delaying the departure: things will kick off on 19th and 20th with the Moon in your sign.

    In love there are lots of ideas for surprising your partner: the first 2 days and the last 2 days of the month will be romantic.


    Fortune Cookie / Even the worst days have a bright side: they end.

    Gemstone / Pearl; stabilises the mood, frees you from stagnant emotions.

    Outfit / Asymmetric “Kaia” mini dress with multicolour sequins.

  • The world of work is using up a large part of your energy and consuming your thoughts: on the surface you appear secure and calm, but your thoughts are in great turmoil.

    Some of you may have received other job offers and are waiting for the right time to leave your current post, others are working on a personal project that you care about and would like to see realised. Any initiative must not be revealed at the moment.

    In love there is satisfaction and tranquillity, perhaps you want to ask your partner something and you are waiting for the right time: 21st and 22nd are days when the Moon is favourable.


    Fortune Cookie / Good is something you do, but don’t talk about.

    Gemstone / Diamond; for purification and regenerating energy.

    Outfit / "Dua" python-print high-rise pants.

  • Everything is on hold this month. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto retrograde put the brakes on you realising your projects. The past months have been dedicated almost entirely to work and new collaborations but now, the planets involved are putting them on the bench. It is, however, a productive period to devote to other new projects that will be realised in the autumn.

    In love it’s a time for reflection on plans undertaken previously with your partner: perhaps you’ve had less opportunity to see each other due to personal commitments. Those of you who are single will have good opportunities to meet someone on 26th and 27th.


    Fortune Cookie / Smiling is a way of solving many problems.

    Gemstone / Opal; good luck charm, stimulates change, brings optimism.

    Outfit / "Donna" orchid pink high-rise pants.

  • It’s a special time for Virgo: there’s a lot of movement as far as encounters, meetings, PR activities and communication are concerned, especially in the area of friendships and acquaintances. That is where interesting new opportunities for professional collaboration may be found.

    Venus in Cancer helps in love. Those who are in a couple are experiencing times of contentment and serenity after leaving the orbit of Mars which was making everyone a bit tense.

    Possible exciting, out of the ordinary meetings on 12th and 13th.


    Fortune Cookie / The trains that change your life exist. You don’t wait for them, you drive them.

    Gemstone / Sapphire; calming effect, reduces anxiety.

    Outfit / "Fiona" white, high heel sandal with ankle strap.

  • The month starts with the Moon in the sign bringing positivity and confidence, however the course is uncertain.

    Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in the third house create delays and situations that slow things down generating stress. Finances also suffer somewhat in the same way.

    In love, couples are living through times of doubt and uncertainty but it’s not yet the time to take action.

    Those who have known someone for a short amount of time may be getting involved with someone who is not very open. Better be on your guard.


    Fortune Cookie / Disappointment doesn’t kill… it teaches!

    Gemstone / Fire opal; brings good luck to deal with new beginnings.

    Outfit / "Bianca" military green blazer jacket with matching buttons.

  • The July sky is serene and, compared with last month, you feel the burden of events that fell like boulders has been lifted. Mercury and Venus have abandoned the orbit and your work situation will also get back on track again without any more obstacles.

    Saturn and Jupiter in reverse in the second house could put the brakes on and delay everything to do with finances.

    In love, you’ve arrived at a crossroads: those of you who’ve been in a couple for some time and dealt with difficulties may have understood that you’ve reached the end of the line; singles, supported by Mars, are ready for new and exciting adventures. The Moon is in favour on 3rd and 4th.


    Fortune Cookie / Whatever you want, give it first.

    Gemstone / Zircon; helps release you from the attachment to material things and appreciate the spiritual side of life.

    Outfit / "Vivien" washed high-rise denim pants with belt.

  • It’s a month for reflection. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto stop for a while in the sign and this slows down many work projects. Mercury, in the opposite aspect, plays some tricks: there are probably contracts to sign or new projects to develop with partners where you need to read the small print before signing.

    In love, if you are in a couple, there are lots of things to clarify. At the moment you want to be free and easy. There will be opportunities for unexpected meetings that stimulate interest on 5th and 6th with the Moon in the sign.


    Fortune Cookie / Think, believe, dream and dare.

    Gemstone / Smoky quartz; tackles stress, helps you to carry out deep, introspective work.

    Outfit / "Lotta" white denim ovesrize shirt.

  • Good energy in July. Mars supports you and you will be curious to evaluate new work challenges. There are projects that you are working on but which you don’t intend to reveal yet. Perhaps something to do with one of your passions.

    The Moon in square on 14th, 15th and 16th could cause something unexpected.

    Emotional life is calm, almost boring for those of you who love new things and twists and turns. 17th and 18th are days for enjoying yourself, 26th and 27th for travelling.


    Fortune Cookie / Perhaps we find the right way when we are lost.

    Gemstone / Aquamarine; helps improve rational thought and find solutions.

    Outfit / "Camille" brown knotted midi dress with long sleeves.

  • This is a good time for Pisces. Some of you have achieved a good balance in your professional life and now with Mars in support in the second house you can think about asking for a raise or promotion.

    In love, you are the stars of the summer. The Sun, Venus and Mercury in the fifth house encourage fun in all forms: a desire for lightness and quick passion on 9th, 10th and 11th.


    Fortune Cookie / Things happen when you least expect them.

    Gemstone / Amethyst; brings equilibrium and helps you see things in the right perspective when you tend to let your emotions get the better of you.

    Outfit / "Donna" orchid pink jacket.