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  • Horoscope July 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • You will experience moments of validation in your professional life. Since it is necessary to define and conclude agreements by the 12th, during the rest of the month it would be useful to direct your energy into optimising and re-organising your workspace in order to rein in spending.

    You have invested a lot in your business, and family spending has exceeded that anticipated, so it’s time to make ends meet. In your love life, there is a lot of enthusiasm around new projects.

    After a period of highs and lows due to work commitments, you will finally be able to make important decisions. Some will get married, while others will decide to set off together towards new destinations.

    Page of Cups / In your love life, there is harmony and kinship. You are willing to give, but not receive. In order to reach your common goals, you need to learn to share.

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  • The first part of the month is excellent for arranging and planning work commitments. You may be feeling a bit anxious or agitated due to changes caused by Mars throwing a spanner into the works.

    For the same reason, you could face heated moments of conflict with friends and family. It’s important not to take things too personally, but let things settle.

    Tensions may abound also in the context of your love life: practical situations could cause turmoil or delays on a home-related project or in issues regarding your birth family, but peace returns towards the end of the month.

    Page of Wands / You are feeling run down in terms of energy. It is best to listen and learn how to conserve your energy reserves. You need more experience and practice.

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  • After a long period of uncertainty and stagnancy caused by Mercury, things start to move forward with a sense of energy and new beginnings.

    Mercury is now bringing new opportunities on the work front, especially if you are self-employed or in the fields of communications, sales or real estate.

    A push towards projects that envisage a more stable future is exactly what you need at the moment. It’s time to sweep away the uncertainties surrounding your love life, and deal with situations that need to be faced, once and for all.

    Relationships that cannot be healed are moving towards definitive closure, while new encounters have a very good chance of becoming concrete relationships. Venus is here to help, but it depends a lot on your own needs.

    Four of Swords / Your situation is static and stagnant. You can’t see solutions, because your present attitude is to give up.

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  • This is most definitely an interesting month in terms of work. Mercury in your sign is bringing concrete possibilities.

    You may finally be able to sign and finalise agreements and contracts after a long waiting period. Many will be able to embark upon a new independent path after years of training, and even more new projects could blossom as a result of investing much time and study.

    Others will be able to carry out an important project with a team of people with like-minded interests. In love, you will be more available to your partner. Your life as a couple will be more serene and positive, making it the perfect moment to set long-term plans.

    For all Cancers, this is a month of interesting implications in terms of putting yourself out there and meeting new people — especially until the 22nd.

    Five of Swords / You need to face a situation full of conflicts and obstacles. If you express your points of view in a commanding way, you can count on victory, but not without a few concessions.

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  • The Wheel of Fortune is finally starting to turn in your favour. In recent months, between obstacles and difficulties, trust may have plummeted and many professionals may have faced complicated situations with colleagues and associates without finding a solution.

    July’s positive skies offer a new vision that will allow you to find solutions that were unimaginable even a few months ago, such as possibilities for career advancement or renewed contracts. In love, the Sun, Venus and Mars in your sign bring charm and mystery.

    It will be difficult to resist the call of romance. The month gets off to a passionate start, and for many of you it will be impossible to walk away from a new love affair, which could arise unexpectedly.

    The World / There is a lot of positivity, and the desire to reach goals you have set for yourself. You’re on an excellent path filled with excellent opportunities this July.

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  • You will experience highs and lows, at least for the first part of the month. Just like last month, there may be doubts and uncertainties about how to move forward with seemingly stalled projects.

    Mercury has been in adverse aspect for quite a while and is putting your patience to the test. From the 12th, happiness finally returns; Mercury and Venus will help diffuse difficulties so you can have a fresh new start, unburdened of some excess baggage.

    It’s possible that certain collaborations have come to their natural end, but in time this may be seen as a positive thing. In love, things are peaceful, but only on the surface. Mars and Venus in your 12th house are seeing you mull over possible solutions that you don’t feel like acting on yet.

    The tendency is to stand on the sidelines without revealing your next moves, but Mars and Venus are your allies through thick and thin. Get ready for some genuine fireworks in August!

    Queen of Coins / You have a strong desire to achieve. Invest in yourself and your skills, then you can share with your little kingdom.

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  • July gets off to a slow start, leaving you feeling slightly irritated. Mercury is of no help, as ventures slow down and responses, new contracts and confirmations are delayed, postponed to a future date. Answers may finally arrive towards the end of the month, but it is probable that everything will be postponed until September.

    As if that weren’t enough, financial expenditures will make your situation even more tense. In love, the situation is extremely different.

    Many couples will be living out their dreams of true love, while others will set off on new romantic adventures.

    It’s an exciting time, and it may be difficult not to give in to an encounter that was “written in the stars”.

    Four of Cups / A part of you wants answers for things that don’t have solutions at the moment. Don’t lose faith and don’t feel defeated or shut yourself off.

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  • You will have excellent opportunities in your professional life, thanks to Mercury bringing possibilities for career advancement, new collaborations, and contract renewals from the 12th until the end of the month.

    Some may face the possibility of transferring to a new city, while others will commence along independent avenues with a resulting increase in responsibilities.

    This is an important step for a sign that has been searching for professional and personal fulfilment for months. In love, stable couples have nothing to worry about, while new relationships may require greater awareness and trust.

    Many of you will have pressing work commitments, and, therefore, won’t have much leisure time left over until the 22nd. But after that, the outlook totally changes, with Mars and Venus bringing moments of great passion.

    Two of Cups / Share emotions and feelings with someone dear to you. This may be the start of a new phase in your love life, as long as there is a real, sincere basis.

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  • After the difficulties of the past few months, July brings a greater sense of stability — showing that the choices and decisions you made are starting to bear fruit.

    Collaborations bring excellent results. If you decided to change jobs after years of problems, you now realise you made the right choice.

    Financially, you are in a period of growth, and it may be a good time to start thinking about making an investment abroad, so you can combine the goals and projects you have been considering for a while.

    Venus and Mars are pushing you to make important decisions in your love life. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you may decide to move closer to your partner, while others may opt for a more stable and reassuring union.

    If you want to meet someone new, opportunity lays truly just around the corner.

    Knight of Cups / Travel and movement are in your DNA. However, going towards a known destination will be an adventure that will open you up towards a place that you hold very dear, filled with memories and love.

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  • While it may be the time to take a break and go on holiday, work duties stand in your way. It is all proportional to the amount of responsibility you took on over the course of the past year.

    This has, of course, brought a great deal of satisfaction, but also a great deal of commitment and sacrifice in terms of your private life.

    Moreover, you have important economic objectives to reach. Many have invested in real state through business expansion, or buying a bigger family house. Love is speaking a concrete language, and you have never been so determined to make things work.

    If your relationship has cooled off, you have no intention of turning a blind eye. The present moment demands passion, and some of you may fall to the temptations of a clandestine affair.

    This month offers everyone food for thought about what is the true definition of passion and romance.

    Ten of Wands / It’s a moment of harvest. After many sacrifices, you can finally reach your goals, bringing a bounty of satisfaction.

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  • After June’s uncertainties on the work front, Mercury is in auspicious aspect until the 12th, bringing order and clarity to certain projects.

    Some of you have been in a holding period, waiting for confirmation and answers that were slow to come. They may finally arrive in the first days of the month.

    For many, this is the start of a period in which you can make independent choices in your professional and personal lives: a promising new beginning that you have long been waiting for. Many of you will have stable relationships in your love life.

    With Saturn in your sign, even the most reserved couples have been able to make plans, but from the 4th to the 18th, the entrance of Venus and Mars into Leo could turn everything on its head. Havoc could be created by the arrival of irresistible, passionate, short-term encounters that will be difficult to say no to.

    The Emperor / Success of a project and a favourable outcome. You can stop and enjoy the victory, at least for the moment.

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  • You need to take things slowly at least until the 12th, especially when it comes to spending. If you went over the top last month, you may now have to deal with your credit card balance.

    You may be unsure about a decision regarding a work offer. Alternatively, these offers may not meet your expectations in term of finances.

    It is better to put off decisions during the first two weeks of the month. When Mercury enters Cancer, long-awaited solutions finally arrive.

    If you jumped into things emotionally in your love life, you may now face doubts and uncertainty. Maybe you realise you were moving too fast and start to hesitate, or else your expectations are far different from the reality.

    In conclusion, July invites you to face the stability of relationships.

    Wheel of Fortune / Everything is turning in your favour. It’s time to make the most of your energy, especially by making the right, targeted decisions. It all depends on you.

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