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  • Horoscope June 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • June is a month of transition.

    Pluto and Jupiter go retrograde, putting the brakes on work projects.

    If you do business abroad, you may face delays on the delivery of inbound and outbound goods.

    A heavy-going Mercury creates difficulties in communication.

    Appointments and meetings may be rescheduled to a later date.

    Mars brings a noticeable improvement towards the end of the month.

    This is an excellent time to finish unresolved bureaucratic issues.

    Venus supports romantic decisions: it’s time for concrete actions instead of just words.

    A weekend getaway will be a gift for both you and your partner.

    Fortune Cookie / Accepting defeat doesn’t make you a loser.

    Gemstone / Marble. Highly protective, it is still used to build altars. Assists in the attainment of personal success.

    Outfit / Zebra-print denim mini skirt.

  • Work duties and projects take absolute priority.

    Mercury in your third house for the entire month is pushing you to find new solutions through collaboration with people who can make a valuable contribution to your projects.

    Uranus wants to be free from restrictions.

    Focus on achieving personal goals instead of sticking to long-established routines, especially if you were born during the first decade.

    Jupiter in your ninth house favours contacts abroad. You may receive a long-awaited job offer.

    Clarifications and truces in love.

    Venus in positive aspect favours good intentions and new commitments for established relationships.

    There are also many possibilities to meet interesting new people.

    Fortune Cookie / Many people are behind you. Learn to love them all.

    Gemstone / Black Amber. A magical gemstone that absorbs negative energy. Bestows mental balance and improves sleep.

    Outfit / "Bella" army green t-shirt.

  • The Sun and Venus are transiting your sign for the entire month.

    This auspicious combination will help you realise your personal goals, as well as share your ideas and strategies with colleagues

    Your contributions will be much appreciated. Moreover, Mercury in your second house for the entire month will help these projects take shape.

    Mars in positive aspect brings determination and the ability to make firm decisions. You could receive a promotion or management position.

    New opportunities also abound in your love life. It’s time to make changes as a couple. Proposed suggestions will have success. Singles will be able to seize new opportunities and meet interesting new people.

    Fortune Cookie / Trust your instincts.

    Gemstone / Apache Tears. Good luck charm used to protect against envy and jealousy.

    Outfit / "Giorgia" lime evening gown.

  • June is filled with sunny skies. You will be grappling with a whirlwind of very clear ideas, helping you find solutions to any problem. The Sun enters your sign on the 21st, allowing you to carry out projects that are close to your heart.

    Mars in positive aspect all month bestows energy, good spirits and the desire to get out and about. You will probably take some short trips and travels.

    In love, you could still be tied to memories of the past, reflecting on bygone times out of nostalgia. Jupiter in opposition in your seventh house is pushing you to tie the knot in an already existing relationship.

    Fortune Cookie / Stubborn is different than determined.

    Gemstone / Moonstone. This gemstone is receptive and attracts love. Helps resolve lovers’ quarrels.

    Outfit / "Pat" iridescent rose mini wrap dress.

  • This is a pretty calm month. It is not a period of concrete change. Instead, Mercury in your twelfth house is pushing you to reflect on transformations affecting your work life. You may also decide to move house.

    Saturn in opposition in your seventh house puts the brakes on decisions regarding family or professional collaborations.

    Mars and Venus support you in love. You and your partner will be in excellent harmony. With the Moon in your sign on the 24th and 25th, these are the best days to confess your feelings or take things to the next level.

    Fortune Cookie / When climbing a mountain, don’t forget to enjoy the view.

    Gemstone / Pumice. Aids problem solving. Eliminates dark thoughts, bad attitudes, negative emotions and physical pain.

    Outfit / "Venice" zebra-print slimback.

  • This is an overall positive period for your sign. Changes have allowed you to optimise or readjust your lifestyle in practical terms, bringing you peace and greater understanding.

    June is also a positive month. Mars and the Sun in your tenth house favour the self-employed. Many Virgos have gained greater security and made important decisions to move in this direction.

    For the entire month, Mars will be putting your patience and social graces to the test, with many factors affecting your nervous system. Everything will turn out well towards the end of the month.

    In love, couples can make plans for the future. You will be determined to organise holiday plans and make unusual demands.

    Fortune Cookie / Believe that anything is possible and you’ll discover that it’s true.

    Gemstone / Ruby. Strengthens physical energy. Protects against enemies. Helps attain practical objectives. Attracts money.

    Outfit / "Telma" black aviator sunglasses.

  • It’s a wonderful moment, filled with satisfaction and acknowledgement on the work front. There’s a lot going on, including meetings and new collaborations.

    Continue to propose new projects and make new deals; it could have productive results. New opportunities will arise over the upcoming months, but they may be delayed by Mercury’s long transit in your tenth house.

    Be careful with spending on the 7th and 15th.

    In love, Venus will have a positive influence on affairs of the heart. Weekends will be especially romantic.

    Fortune Cookie / Never forget your roots.

    Gemstone / Flint. Powerful protective talisman that helps guard the home against negative energies.

    Outfit / “Ellas” white sandals

  • While there is a clear improvement over last month, there are still many things that need to be sorted out.

    Your actions will be supported by Mars all month. You will have a lot of energy to help you tie up unfinished business, including projects or deals that faced setbacks last month.

    Saturn in your fourth house puts the focus on your birth family. A relative may need your attention.

    Mars is in positive aspect in regards to love, bringing fascinating, spontaneous new people into your life. For those having problems in their relationship, it will be difficult to pick up the pieces.

    Fortune Cookie / Every time you refuse change, you are shutting a door on the future.

    Gemstone / Sugilite. Gemstone with healing properties. Assists clear thinking during meditation.

    Outfit / Black bow top.

  • The month starts off with a lot of challenging energy: Mars in square, along with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in opposition. You will be anxious all month, feeling as if everything is going against you. There will be a lot of unexpected events at work, including cancelled appointments, as well as delayed deliveries and payments.

    Your love life will also be filled with tension. There will be fights over moving or something regarding the home.

    Many will be separating because a relationship has come to its end. With Venus and Mars in opposition, it will be almost impossible to reach an agreement or truce all month.

    Fortune Cookie / Happiness is not an outcome, but a choice.

    Gemstone / Carnelian. Combats anxiety, anger, negative thoughts and doubts. Provides harmony, peace and patience.

    Outfit / "Lauren" mini dress in pastel colours.

  • You are still on the receiving end of changes and big opportunities. Many Capricorns have received positive vibes from many planets during the past year. June is a period of review.

    Jupiter’s long retrograde transit of your sign has you assessing the changes that have taken place since the beginning of the year.

    That’s not to say that those who have changed jobs shouldn’t consider other opportunities and additional changes. However, Jupiter and Saturn in your sign are giving you the opportunity to evaluate what has occurred.

    In love, you will feel the need to take time for yourself, by recharging your batteries, enjoying hobbies and spending time with friends you haven’t seen in a while. In others words, putting yourself first.

    Fortune Cookie / Take what you deserve.

    Gemstone / Diamond. Provides self-confidence, peace, healing and strength.

    Outfit / "Butterfly" white leather pencil skirt.

  • Work will drain almost all your energy. Saturn in your sign puts responsibility at the top of your value system.

    There are many areas of your life you would like to improve. Your action has great potential but you need to decide which road to take and what changes to make.

    Your love life enjoys harmonious energy. You will have a clearer picture of what you are looking for in your relationships. You long for stability and the desire to share life’s duties with your partner.

    With the Moon in positive aspect, the evenings of the 23rd and 24th are very romantic.

    Fortune Cookie / The best is yet to come.

    Gemstone / Olivine. Extremely powerful gemstone. Protects against envy and jealousy. Attracts wealth and promotes professional success. Good luck charm.

    Outfit / Oriental flower printed dress.

  • Junes kicks off with a sense of uncertainty. You will be unsure about what decisions to make. It is better to wait until the end of the month when Mars in your sign will give you a push, injecting you with the confidence needed to carry out work projects – even if its conjunction with Neptune creates confusion and you won’t be able decide what direction to take.

    If you are waiting for a response concerning contracts and new collaborations, you will need to wait until the end of the month or beginning of July when Mercury brings new opportunities, even if things slow down a bit.

    In love, things pick up after a month of misunderstandings with your partner. Someone may have been blowing things out of proportion as a means of gaining attention, through excessive jealousy or tantrums.

    Excellent prospects for singles.


    Fortune Cookie / All change is possible with the right motivation.

    Gemstone / Topaz. Protects against envy, jealousy and illness. Balances the mind and body. Strengthens the nervous system.

    Outfit / "Tate" white kitten heel boots.