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  • Horoscope June 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • This is always a productive period. There may be some moments of stress at the beginning of the month, but when things get back to normal, you go back to being the classic person who is bored because nothing is happening.

    Projects that have already been initiated are off to a good start. Do not be alarmed if obstacles occur during the month. This is due to Mercury being retrograde until the 22nd, after which everything gets back on track.

    Your love life is tumultuous, with ups and downs until the 15th, at least. Venus and Mars are creating setbacks and possible arguments. You may have little time to spend with your partner due to work commitments. Try to keep the peace. Clear up any thing that is still uncertain.

    You could meet someone new and possibly have a fling towards the end of the month.

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  • Work is challenging throughout the entire month. After starting down a new path, some of you are already witnessing tangible results, whereas others feel the need to go even further by considering moving to another city in the future. You are at a turning point, and energies are in favour of new beginnings.

    It is a moment of clarity in your love life, thanks to Mars and Venus pushing you to take concrete actions. But first you must clarify your position regarding what road you want to take, especially if you are in a long-term relationship.

    It is an interesting time for new encounters. Mars is dissolving all feelings of shyness and making you bolder and more open to new experiences.

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  • Happy Birthday Gemini! With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your sign, you are surrounded by auspicious work prospects and may even think about relocating in order to assess new collaborations. Some of you may be hesitant about making certain decisions, while others may experience delays due to Mercury retrograde until the 22nd.

    This is nothing to worry about. It may even be useful, so you can look deeper into certain questions.

    In love, you are determined to make demands, but it may be better to think things though, because what you think you want today, may not be the right choice tomorrow.
    In any case, it is a dynamic, somewhat restless period with possible love affairs on the horizon.

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  • Many planets are in harmonious aspect to your sign. Jupiter is bringing a bounty of enthusiasm and optimism, as well as promoting and amplifying ideas and projects that can be put back on track, once and for all. It’s a whole new you, Cancer, who is determined to independently make their own way, especially in their professional life.

    Legal disputes can find a definitive solution, possibly through reaching an agreement.

    With Venus and Mars in your sign, it is a time of consensus and affirmation in your love life. Uncertain relationships grow deeper, while ambiguous relationships reach a turning point. For singles, you have been opening yourself to new possibilities for a while and are determined to put yourself out there.

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  • It’s time for your comeback. Mars enters your sign on the 12th, boosting your energy and good humour. You can finally look positively to the future, because the wheel of fortune is starting to turn in your favour. Some of you may be waiting for a response or confirmation about a contract or collaboration, while others will probably be moving house.

    Keep your eye on your social circle, because it represents an excellent opportunity for business networking.

    In your love life, you are calmly and constructively thinking about the future. Long-term couples have nothing to worry about. Some of you could probably dedicate more time to your partner, while others could open up and talk more. The arrival of Venus at the end of the month brings new romantic encounters.

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  • You can breathe a sigh of relief this month. Your career alternates between periods with a great deal of work and moments with a lot of down time, due to Mercury being in both direct and retrograde motion.

    You may have to deal with slow responses, unexpected events, delayed deliveries and contracts that never seem to take shape. But this is all nothing to worry about; indeed, it may give you time to put things in order and make room for the new.

    In your love life, you are trying to find a balance between the highs and the lows. The important thing is understanding and finding common ground with your partner so you can build something together. If you recently met someone new, you will be able to build trust and get to know each other better after a period of initial reticence.

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  • June fulfils the promises made at the beginning of the year, making it a month of movement and interesting new beginnings, of career advancement and personal fulfilment. Some have clarified their position with business partners or associates, while others are ready to move to another city after a long period of evaluating the pros and cons.

    In your love life, Venus is not helping smooth things over. Your priorities are elsewhere, at least until the end of the month. This will put some couple’s bonds to the test, while others will find it natural to have their partner’s understanding during such an important period.

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  • With Mars and Venus in auspicious aspect, the first part of the month is an excellent period. Some will have the possibility to start new projects or enter into new agreements relating to an initiative at work. Others will be able to implement radical changes that they have been preparing for some time.

    It is a truly great time to make changes in your professional life. Plant a seed now, and it will bear fruit if its roots are solid. That is why it is important to stay focused and positive.

    It’s time to widen the horizons in your love life. Mars and Venus are bringing possible new encounters that are different from what you’re used to, with people who are bit distant — either geographically or in how often you see them.

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  • You’ll be dealing with an atmosphere of stress and anxiety. Mercury in opposition is creating obstacles and delays in your work life. Some projects that were supposed to start are held up, and it’s the same with negotiations and previously made agreements.

    You may have to wait longer than usual to sign a contract. This series of setbacks will make you a bit disgruntled, but from the 23rd everything gets back on track.

    Venus brings clarity to your love life. It’s time to tie up loose ends and put an end to situations that have not worked in quite a while. If you have recently met someone new, things may become more solid. Uncertain relationships hit a breaking point, while undercover love affairs reach a turning point.

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  • It’s time to review the situation. Half of the year has already passed, and, like clockwork, the Sun is in exact opposition until the 12th, along with Venus and Mars. It’s a matter of fact that your success is due to a tremendous amount of effort and hard work.

    A conflict of interest could arise with colleagues, business partners or associates. You need to figure out who is truly loyal and who tries to take advantage of you behind your back. It’s up to you to decide.

    Conflicts could arise in your love life. Maybe one partner wants to dominate the other, while others could find themselves irresistibly attracted to a person who, in reality, does not exactly correspond to their standards — a sort of fatal attraction.

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  • In terms of creativity, there are new ideas to work on, while you need to pay attention to the various aspects in other areas of your life. Mercury retrograde could create obstacles or delays. It’s necessary to re-evaluate finances, ask for a loan or renegotiate fees. Mars creates a bit of tension. You will need to mete out your time and energy to maintain balance.

    In love, Venus brings a bit of a carefree spirit. There are opportunities for new suitors, but interest seems to fade quickly; there is no one that really gets your heart pumping.

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  • This is the start of an important phase. With Jupiter in your sign, if you’ve had a long view in terms of preparing for change in a concrete manner, you can now glimpse the potential of what you can achieve. Those who have changed professions are more satisfied than in the past, because they have reached new goals.

    Even those who have launched down new paths begin to see results and a positive vision of their professional future — taking into consideration that the summer months represent a sneak peak of what will happen next year.

    Things are harmonious in your love life and it offers a good outlook for the future. If you are in a solid relationship, you can plan important projects for the summer. Couples who faced difficulties during the year will rediscover harmony. For all, it is definitely a time filled with great opportunities.

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