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  • Horoscope March 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi

  • The month is on the rise for Aries: many of you have started new projects, exploring new work avenues, whilst others have been forced to make decisions, and March will bring welcomed news.

    After many years, Saturn is leaving the quadrature and this means that everything is starting to move in the right direction, without any setbacks. Anyone involved in legal disputes that have been pending for a while will finally see them concluded to their satisfaction.

    Any outstanding debts are currently being resolved, but you can count on that in April. Mars in quadrature generates a bit of tension and may give rise to some discussions. These may, however, be useful to you for making your position clear with co-workers/partners.

    In matters of the heart, there will be a surprise when you least expect it, or people will reappear after you have given up on them. Those of you in a relationship are organising projects that will see the light in April/May. Those of you who are separated will finally see pending legal issues reach a positive conclusion.

    City / Cape Town

    Fortune Cookie / When there’s growth, everything flows more quickly.

    Gemstone / Blue Tourmaline: helps you find mental stability and stops you being overwhelmed by your emotions.

  • Sparkling March! Many of the planets are in an excellent aspect, driving for success, provided that the right choices were made last month. Agreements are signed and projects start with plenty of energy thanks to Mars in Capricorn from the 9th to the end of the month.

    It’s a month of challenges and rematches. Saturn in trine helps finalise projects planned for the future. In addition, with Jupiter in alignment, you can count on economic benefits: “ask and you shall receive” is the key phrase this March.

    In matters of the heart, someone is waiting for news. For those of you who are single, there will be excellent opportunities from the 9th when Mars enters Capricorn. With Jupiter in support, it is impossible not to be noticed by someone who appears to match what you are looking for.

    Established couples are thinking about major projects, like a new house, living together or relocating abroad: anything is possible in this splendid month of March.

    Take care when travelling, you could find love.

    City / The Hague

    Fortune Cookie / It’s time for love and dancing around the moon.

    Gemstone / Moonstone: helps manage strong emotions, expressing them and finding balance.

  • Something is moving in this March sky: discussions that have remained open in previous months may be reopened, where any contacts or negotiations seemed to be suffering from uncertainty. Saturn moves to a favourable position and, after a long stay in Capricorn, takes on a clearer shape. Negotiations can be brought to the table to give life to new collaborations/projects in the coming months, especially in May.

    If there are conflicts with a partner, now, thanks to constructive communication, it will be possible to restore a good balance and you may decide to take a holiday to celebrate. On the other hand, those whose relationship has been on stand-by may take up the reins and become a couple again, but with greater maturity and awareness.

    Singles are a bit undecided as to what should be done: for the time being, it’s better to live day by day, while the prospects for spring/summer are more intriguing than ever.

    City / Copenhagen

    Fortune Cookie / The more you dream, the farther you get (Michael Phelps).

    Gemstone / Pyrite: to obtain abundance and prosperity.

  • Cancer is in transformation and the entire month will be punctuated by situations that require special attention for the coming months. Thanks to the presence of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the sixth house, there’s a lot of movement from a work perspective: for those who work independently, this means more contracts, customers and collaborations, including abroad. With corresponding economic benefits, you could risk asking for greater recognition, and Jupiter is supporting your requests.

    Thanks to Venus entering Taurus on the 6th, couples who have been experiencing some uncertainty and crisis will find equilibrium once again and get back in tune. If you are undecided, you will find the courage to make a definitive decision, also thanks to the drive of Mars, especially for those born in the second ten days of the month. For those not in a relationship, there are lots of possibilities for encounters from the 6th onwards and lasting the entire month.

    City / Saint Petersburg

    Fortune Cookie / Simple gestures nurture love.

    Gemstone / Pink Opal: helps you make the right decisions, overcoming your fears and limitations.

  • A month of review for Leos, you need to understand which way to go: some roads will lead to progress and there are others it would be better to avoid. By the end of the month, Saturn will be in opposition to the sign and will give rise to a whole series of situations to be dealt with. Where there is discontent in a work situation, either it needs to be done your way or you must be prepared to change direction. The advice is to deal with situations in a balanced way and not let yourself be overtaken by impulsiveness in the heat of the moment, because various issues will be reconsidered, and Saturn remains in opposition for a long time, the time needed to think before acting.

    The situation is similar for matters of the heart: clarity is needed, knowing which side to be on and what to do. Do you have any plans? Otherwise you’ll be inclined to give up. There’s a need for order and clarity. Leos aren’t lacking in determination. In the end, the balance is positive. There are good opportunities for those of you who are single, but it’s you who wants to manage things.

    City / Salvador

    Fortune Cookie / Don’t fear the unknown.

    Gemstone / Aragonite: helps with being flexible and tolerant, stimulates internal well-being.

  • A golden time for Virgos, who are living through one of the best and most productive periods of recent years. Those who’ve wanted to change or improve their current position may get more than they could have ever expected. Career advancement and possible new agreements with companies, including abroad, will come to fruition this month. Venus and Uranus in trine with Taurus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in trine with Capricorn, ensure that all the goals you have worked towards in the last two years will bring deserved success.

    Things are looking up in relationships too. For established couples, everything is going swimmingly. If you are seeing someone, but you’re not sure, you will have the courage to ask for more or move on. The goal is to be clear and have the courage to ask for what you want, otherwise, move on without hard feelings as new meetings are strongly encouraged.

    City / Saint-Paul-de-Vence

    Fortune Cookie / You must let yourself go like a wave in the ocean.

    Gemstone / Coral: neutralises jealousy and wards off negative energy.

  • You begin to enjoy a sense of well-being and ease, the ease that Librans are very fond of. At the end of the month, Saturn changes orbit after two long years, which have made many Librans feel weighed down by responsibility and, often, obstacles. This is a month of preparation, but you’ll already start to feel some of the benefits, feeling lighter and more optimistic.

    Some of you are planning new work projects or moves. Expansion in your sector: some of you will leave your partners after years together and set up independently. The key word is change! For some of you, it started several years ago and you are dealing with major internal changes, which are also reflected on the exterior.

    In matters of the heart, you need to take time for yourself and reflect on how things have been as a couple until now: perhaps it’s time to allow more space for what you need, rather than always thinking of what would be better for others.

    City / Paris

    Fortune Cookie / Don’t always lock your dreams away in the attic.

    Gemstone / Azurite: teaches us how not to worry about others so much, but to concentrate on our own goals.

  • Scorpio continues its ascent to success, accomplishments that are achieved through commitment and perseverance. March is a month in which you can count on excellent cooperation and personal satisfaction as far as work is concerned. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn support you with grit and determination in all phases of the changes that you want to bring about, while Mercury in trine for the entire month will ensure that there are no delays or obstacles in reaching these goals. An excellent month for making deals, signing contracts or investing in your activities.

    The romantic situation, on the other hand, is different: Venus in opposition from the 6th will test your patience somewhat in managing relationships between two people where the possible ambiguous attitudes of your partner will put you in a bad mood. Try and clarify the situation better as Mercury is in a good aspect. It’s a different matter for those of you who are single. You can count on interesting meetings, but you must come to terms with the fact that reality does not correspond to expectations. It’s better to have your feet firmly on the ground, at least until the end of the month.

    City / New Orleans

    Fortune Cookie / Happiness is not a consequence, it’s a choice.

    Gemstone / White Quartz: helps you find the right direction, cleans out stagnant energy, helps you be positive.

  • An uncertain month, but generally positive. Mercury is in transit in quadrature for the whole month and this may create slow-downs at work or uncertainties and difficulties in communicating with colleagues, partners or bosses. The good news is that Saturn is moving definitively, entering Aquarius at the end of the month and this will give rise to a distinct improvement in anticipation of the summer, when you will have more energy to invest in work activities and new projects. There will be less restrictions caused by Saturn than in the last two years. Finances will also improve.

    Love will be static and work will take priority. Couples have to deal with expenses and attention shifts to practicalities, at least until the end of the month.

    The same goes for those who are single and distracted by practical problems. Easiness and the desire for meetings around the 25th.

    City / Toledo

    Fortune Cookie / Be there 100% in everything you do.

    Gemstone / Pyrite: attracts abundance, success and prosperity.

  • Excellent for Capricorns! It’s a month when many Capricorns will achieve important goals. Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are supporting brave initiatives. Some of you will sign contractual agreements, including abroad, while others will be given important assignments. Strive to expand your activities by making significant investments. Investments in general are good. They will yield results during the course of the year.

    Perhaps there have been some discussions or misunderstandings with partners that can be repaired from the 6th onward, when Venus enters Taurus in a favourable position. The work/life balance returns and some of you are even planning some holiday time to restore intimacy with your partner.

    For those of you who are single, you need to carve out some space from work. This is a month that favours love with Venus in trine for the entire month.

    City / Madrid

    Fortune Cookie / Life is also made up of lightness.

    Gemstone / Ruby: for strength and vitality, helps in achieving success.

  • There’s a climate of uncertainty in this March sky. There are decisions to be made and new roads to travel professionally. There’s a bit of uncertainty with regard to the decision to make. Venus and Uranus in quadrature do not help in this sense, but have a lot to do with insecurity. You need to be more daring, take heart and throw yourself into new experiences, weighing up the pros and cons, but then deciding without hesitation.

    Saturn moves into the sign at the end of the month. This will bring order and discipline and a drive to clarify ideas and make the right decisions.

    In matters of the heart too, there are decisions to be made and the tendency is to put them off: if there’s something that needs clarifying, it’s better to deal with the situation head-on rather than skirting around it. You’ll feel better about it!

    Those who are single should be more daring and overcome the barrier of comparison. There’s someone waiting for a sign from you.

    City / Bali

    Fortune cookie / Do it now and don’t think about it any longer.

    Gemstone / Emerald: helps to overcome shyness, gives inner security.

  • Productive sky, projects proceed according to plan. You’ve concentrated on your objectives and they’ll probably be some slow-downs, but nothing alarming. You just need to have a bit of patience. Possible collaborations, new responsibilities and contract signings are already planned, but for delays that don’t depend on you, this is a month of anticipation which will see the goal achieved in the spring. For the time being, concentrating on the planning and organisation side will see things back on track.

    In matters of the heart, you want certainty and transparency. It will no longer be acceptable to live with uncertainty in a relationship that is not definite, but it will be you who wants to lay down the law.

    Developments and consolidation for couples who are on the same wavelength.

    In general, it’s a time for finalising things and Mars and Venus bring determination and courage to ask for and get what you want.

    City / Fez

    Fortune cookie / Believe in your decisions, they will be winning ones.

    Gemstone / Sodalite: helps you have faith in yourself and improves self-esteem.