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  • Horoscope March 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • There is a lot brewing in your work life.

    New projects will see the light of day when Mercury enters your sign at the end of March and beginning of April.

    Some of you are working towards ambitious goals with a great deal of determination, which is just what you need to face new challenges.

    You will be turning a new page in your love life.

    After overcoming obstacles, you can now enjoy a moment of peace and harmony.

    Someone might emerge from the past and appear once again; it’s not quite your style, but perhaps you’ll manage to enjoy some unforgettable moments.

    Venus enters your sign on the 22nd, ushering in a multitude of opportunities for passionate new encounters.

    Montlhy Mini Tarot Reading / King of Wands. You can reach your goals through a sense of justice, responsibility and professionalism, free of any obstacles or rivals.

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  • The skies are improving!

    Above all else, feelings of stress will dissipate thanks to Mars leaving your sign.

    You may take into account how much energy, time and stress you have invested in your career.

    If the results are positive and you are satisfied with the changes you have made, the upcoming months will be very fulfilling.

    It’s time to raise the white flag in your love life.

    Some of you have dealt with a separation and are beginning to see the light, while others, having overcome an extremely challenging period, have to put the pieces together and plan a more stable future.

    The best days for meeting new people are the 12th and 13th, when the Moon is on your side.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Nine of Cups. This is a period of contentment and physical wellbeing. You’ve achieved accolades but it is important to learn to share and to step aside a little.

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  • The first part of the month is favourable for concentrating on work-related tasks, such as starting projects and new initiatives; scheduling events and appointments; and reorganising and planning.

    From the 16th, Mercury moves into disharmonious aspect, creating obstacles and causing setbacks and delays at work and in communications.

    You’ll be excited about a new encounter in your love life, but you risk letting your imagination and expectations run wild.

    Venus and Mars are in positive aspect, causing you to feel strongly attracted to an unconventional situation.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Three of Cups. If you are looking to turn things around, networking and sharing good times with close friends is all you need.

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  • Things start to take shape this month.

    There is greater clarity regarding decisions, and you can finally look confidently towards the future.

    If you are waiting to sign a new contract or start a collaboration, everything is possible once Mercury enters Pisces on the 16th, ushering in a period of extremely positive circumstances.

    Some of you may even have a work transfer opportunity, possibly abroad.

    This is a very nice period for your love life with many new changes on the horizon.

    Some of you may move in with a partner who lives in another city, while others will make future plans as a couple.

    You could meet someone new after the 20th, thanks to Venus in auspicious aspect.

    They may even live in another city or country.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Ace of Cups. You are overflowing with passionate, creative energies. This is an excellent time to start new projects; relationships will be rewarding in a multitude of ways.

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  • You can finally start negotiations.

    Last month, you had to deal with many problems that needed to be solved.

    Those who succeeded in doing so can now look forward to positive changes, promotions and new contracts.

    Your financial life is also on the upswing.

    Watch out for the competition.

    A colleague or co-worker may try to put a spoke in your wheel.

    Things are calm in your love life.

    If you decided to break up with a partner, you have no regrets.

    Others may have taken decisive steps and are planning the next stages as a couple.

    The best time for meeting someone new is after the 22nd, when Venus is in favourable aspect.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Seven of Coins. You are filled with new energy and the gumption to take on new projects. Everyone is aware of your commitment to high-quality work, making you satisfied and confident of your skills and abilities.

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  • It’s time to take stock of your situation.

    You have reached certain goals in your career, but in order to move further ahead, you will need to compromise and come to an agreement with partners and associates.

    As Virgos seek perfection and full control of their own resources, this won’t be easy.

    Nevertheless, this moment calls for expanding your horizons and making important changes.

    Work will be taking up a lot of your time and energy, which could cause distance in romance.

    The Sun and Venus in opposition won’t be helping the matter.

    Your love life will be lacking in enthusiasm and there could be arguments in store.

    If you are dating someone, it’s time to make a decision.

    If you are getting to know someone new, it’s best to clearly state what you want from the start, in order to avoid an ambiguous relationship.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The Sun. Success is within reach, but nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. It will take effort, hard work and a lot of energy. Moreover, it is necessary to set the record straight and demand answers, even if it may seem risky.

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  • March is an amazing month filled with an abundance of harmony and achievement.

    Many projects are advancing rapidly.

    Even if you didn't place much faith in new directions, your expectations will be surpassed if you change your mind and accept the challenge.

    Make room for major new opportunities, some Librans may even move to a new place.

    In your love life, there is greater clarity concerning what you want out of your relationship.

    If you have been going through a difficult period, you need to decide what direction to take.

    Others will want to make plans as a couple.

    The best period for meeting someone new or going on a date is before the 22nd, when Venus is in auspicious aspect.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Six of Swords. Changes and moves are necessary to renew your energy and get rid of things that are holding you back.

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  • A window of opportunity is finally opening.

    If the past few months have been difficult, things will finally turn around in March.

    If you have finished a project at work, it will feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

    Others will be able to move on from things that no longer serve a purpose.

    You can finally proceed with a project that was on hold for a long period of time.

    Your love life is once again filled with sunny skies, thanks to the Sun and Venus in positive aspect.

    After the stress of the past few months, couples can feel confident of having the right person at their side.

    For singles, this is an upbeat, carefree moment filled with favourable opportunities for meeting someone new.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Judgement. Good news is on the horizon. You have an abundance of energy to invest in new projects, and important new possibilities may appear in your life.

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  • March offers highly dynamic skies.

    Many of you have embarked down new career paths or moved to a completely different work sector.

    If you have, you may feel a bit disappointed.

    You will be feeling impatient in terms of making changes due to the opposition of Mars.

    You may want to renovate your home or find a new workplace, something that will give your life a complete makeover.

    You could feel a sense of dissatisfaction in your love life, due to Mars and Venus in disharmonious aspect.

    Perhaps you are separated from your partner due to work, or are unsure about a new suitor.

    After the 20th, Venus returns to a favourable position, bringing clarity in all matters.

    Some couples will discuss future plans.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Two of Wands. A lot of energy will be dedicated to new projects. It would be a good idea to think about what direction to take. There are many possibilities, and all of them are equally interesting. Therefore, thorough assessment is essential.

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  • Your professional life is in a state of evolution.

    You will now reap positive results if you’ve followed your gut and taken on new challenges and not let yourself be overcome by indecision.

    Many new projects are taking shape — so many that you may need to create a team to help out.

    This is an optimum period for finances; you may want to think about investing in real estate.

    If you have recently met someone new in your love life, you may want to make a greater commitment and take the relationship to the next level.

    This period is overflowing with new possibilities and projects that will soon take shape.

    March is a bountiful month in terms of romance for all Capricorns, filled with an abundance of opportunities to seize at will.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The World. Thanks to your skills, you can achieve success if you put in the effort, positive energy and willpower.

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  • You can achieve all your dreams under this month’s sunny skies.

    Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in your sign, helping you achieve professional goals that could evolve over time and extend into the future.

    This also a particularly auspicious period in terms of finances; it is an excellent moment to invest in real estate, shop for a new home, or buy a larger house.

    Keep your eyes peeled, because Jupiter enters Pisces in May, bringing the opportunity to find your dream home.

    This is a constructive period for your love life.

    If you are in a stable relationship, you can make plans as a couple.

    Singles desire something lasting, as opposed to the life of freedom lived up to now.

    In terms of romance, this period will be dynamic and seductive for all Aquarians.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / Judgement. This major energy signals important new beginnings. You could receive surprisingly pleasant news and make your dreams come true.

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  • March brings greater clarity and productive ideas.

    If you have been working on a new project, it can finally be launched to great fanfare.

    This month is a taste of things to come in May, when Jupiter enters your sign.

    You will finally receive answers and sign contracts.

    Everything is basically in order thanks to Mercury, which will help you deal with any bureaucratic red tape.

    In terms of your love life, there is a positive alignment of the planets around the 20th.

    You will need to make firm decisions at that date.

    Some of you will make a commitment, while others will embark on a new path, with no regrets.

    Monthly Mini Tarot Reading / The High Priestess. New possibilities are evolving, and energies are waiting to be expressed at the right moment with wisdom and understanding. Prepare for your big debut.

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