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  • Horoscope May 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • Productivity is the key to breakthroughs this May.

    Many Ariens have been anxiously awaiting confirmation since last month to launch new, exciting projects.

    Everything needs a bit of re-organisation.

    It will require a lot of energy, but thanks to Mars in a favourable position and Mercury as the pointer of the balance, current plans will be brought to fruition.

    When it comes to love, it’s a different story.

    For those in a couple, you will be weighing the pros and cons of continuing on a path that doesn’t generate much enthusiasm.

    Singles want to meet someone new, but if the chemistry is not right, you’ll have no problems quickly moving on.

    Fortune Cookie / Happiness is a journey, not a place.

    Gemstone / Rose Quartz (Promotes the giving and receiving of love. Dispels anger and negativity).

    Outfit / ”Lauren” mini dress in pastel colour.

  • Happy Birthday Taurus! New work opportunities await you this month.

    The Sun and Mercury are transiting your first house, bringing change and new possibilities to your professional life.

    Negotiations for new partnerships are good, particularly in communications and sales. Things are also looking up for students finishing a degree, diploma or masters. The first twelve days of the month are especially favourable.

    If there have been misunderstandings with colleagues, business partners or staff, now is the ideal time to settle differences and find constructive solutions.

    New romance for singles with the curiosity of Mercury. Phone conversations or meetings with people outside your usual circle will bring a breath of fresh air.

    Established couples have important decisions to make, such as setting a date, for example.

    Fortune Cookie / Common sense is an instinct for what it true.

    Gemstone / Coral (Attracts romance. Strengthens existing feelings).

    Outfit / Black tuxedo midi dress.

  • This is an interesting period for Gemini.

    The presence of Mercury will bring many opportunities to take into consideration.

    Projects and collaborations will start to take shape.

    Mercury enters Gemini on the 12th, where it will remain for the rest of the month. If you work in publishing or media, this is an auspicious moment to present innovative ideas, both at home and abroad.

    In love, last month’s disagreements are over. Venus is in your sign for the entire month, bringing a relaxed and understanding atmosphere with your partner.

    Singles will have the chance to meet interesting new people. With Mars in trine from the 14th, you will have the courage to make the first move instead of waiting for someone else to do so.

    Fortune Cookie / Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

    Gemstone / Unikite (Strengthens love. Helps in making the right romantic choices).

    Outfit / Oriental flower printed dress.

  • Positive energy for the entire month thanks to Uranus and Mars in auspicious aspect from the 14th.

    Tension and conflict will soon be over thanks to Mars in opposition coming to an end: ultimately, you will find yourself agreeing with colleagues and partners and discover a good communication strategy.

    Guided by commitment and determination, many Cancers are ready for a debut. Your projects will be supported by people you have met in the past.

    Many are also busy with projects and creative ideas that will come to light in June.

    Your romantic life is full of energy. You want to fall in love or make plans together, such as renovating the house or having a baby.

    For those who have been having relationship problems, it’s time to recover your former serenity.

    Singles are in search of something new. There are many opportunities to meet interesting people.

    Fortune Cookie / People who don't understand your silence will never understand your words.

    Gemstone / Morganite (Helps balance the emotions. Controls anger. Brings purity in love).

    Outfit / ”Eva” nocturne flower printed top.

  • May brings a bit of anxiety.

    Saturn in opposition puts the breaks on initiatives for those born in the first ten days of Leo.

    Someone or something may hamper your decisions. Meanwhile, Mars will test your patience, creating impatience and anxiety until its entrance into Pisces on the 14th.

    Mercury is in square until the 12th, postponing decisions, as well as creating delays and possible misunderstandings in communication. It is better to put off decisions, agreements and negotiations until the second half of the month.

    Relationships are focussed on practicalities and stability. It is time to plans things together and make them happen.

    For singles, a friendship could grow into something more. You may find love and intrigue at the workplace.

    Fortune Cookie / Forget the favours done for others but remember those you have received.

    Gemstone / Pink Opal (Helps bring out the best in us. Improves interpersonal relationship).

    Outfit / ”Eva” zebra-print top.

  • This month holds an abundance of new offerings, thanks to the auspicious aspect of the Sun and Mercury.

    You can count on new work opportunities. Projects take shape that can be completed before summer.

    Your communication skills are in top form, favouring negotiations and excellent foreign business dealings.

    The first twelve days is the best time of the month, after which you may face setbacks, delays and misunderstandings due to Mercury’s square. Try to get all negotiations done during the first half of the month.

    Mars is in opposition to your sign from the 14th. This will cause slight dissatisfaction and anxiety, but will also give you the determination needed to confront any opponents and make them toe the line.

    Your fast-paced love life brings optimum results until the 12th, after which you should adopt a zen-like attitude, as Mars in opposition and Mercury’s square will try to undermine your patience.

    You will enjoy an abundance of passion during the first two weeks of the month; try to make the most of this auspicious period.

    Fortune Cookie / Study the past, if you would divine the future.

    Gemstone / Green Tourmaline (Promotes spiritual love. Helps the process of growth with the person you love).

    Outfit / Fuchsia chemisier mini dress.

  • With Mars and Venus in positive aspect, you will enjoy a major comeback.

    There is buzz around new, temporary projects that could bring new, interesting collaborations this autumn.

    This an extremely creative period. With Saturn’s support, you can lay the groundwork for stable, concrete projects.

    Mars brings favourable energy to share your ideas and decisions until the 14th. You desire stability in your love life. Many dream of big plans that could come to fruition next year.

    Singles seek to explore new horizons by meeting someone from abroad or with a different cultural background.

    Fortune Cookie / Those who have an eye find what they are looking for even with their eyes closed.

    Gemstone / Desert Rose (Brings inner clarity. Promotes openness in relationships).

    Outfit / Red ”Call me Back” Venus slingback pumps with upcycled Swarovski crystals.

  • The first two weeks of the month are turbulent.

    Mercury in opposition until the 12th creates tension, including misunderstandings and disputes with your boss or colleagues, as well as financial delays or overdue payments that need to be dealt with.

    Mars is also in square until the 14th, creating anxiety. The smallest things can get on your nerves.

    Things improve drastically during the second half of the month, when you can face the world from a place of calm.

    You long for passion in your love life, but may need to deal with communication difficulties until the 12th due to Mercury. It is better to go with the flow by postponing unnecessary discussions.

    Nostalgia for the past prevents some of you from living peacefully in the present. During the second half of the month, you will once again find tranquillity and passion.

    Fortune Cookie / When you’re in a stew, you might as well enjoy the flavour.

    Gemstone / Coral (Attracts passionate romance. Strengthens love).

    Outfit / ”Stella” sunglasses with crystal strass.

  • May is a month filled with pangs of uncertainty. Due to a pile-up of unforeseen obligations that need your attention, you may not feel as free as you would like.

    Mars is in square from the 14th, bringing impatience with situations or people trying to impose their will on you.

    Compromise will be difficult, causing arguments to arise. Sagittarius loves freedom and refuses to conform to other people’s rules.

    Saturn’s sextile is pushing you to make concessions with colleagues and business partners. Think of it as an investment for the coming future.

    Your love life is complex. Venus is in opposition for the entire month.

    Some of you may be in the process of separating and dealing with an ex’s financial demands.

    Those with long-term partners may feel hemmed in and looking for a possible escape route.

    Singles should be spontaneous. You may be swept off your feet very soon.

    Fortune Cookie / Those with peace of mind disturb neither themselves nor others.

    Gemstone / Pink Tourmaline (Promotes clarity in love. Brings positive closure with the past).

    Outfit / ”Marfa” mint sunglasses.

  • This year got off to a great start.

    Even if you experience delays this May, it is time to push ahead with projects you have been working on for months.

    If you have signed deals with new clients to broaden your horizons, you will see results by early summer.

    With Mars in sextile and Uranus in trine, all Capricorns can look forward to new long-term projects and goals. Those in creative fields will have innovative ideas and intuitions.

    There are also new horizons for your love life. Mercury is pushing you to get out, meet new people and make new conquests.

    The first two weeks of May are especially auspicious. The addition of Mars from the 14th will help those who are shy to make their move.

    Couples can start planning a solid future.

    Fortune Cookie / When prosperity comes, do not use all of it.

    Gemstone / Agate (Helps channel energy. Brings stability and solidity).

    Outfit / Black satin hand bag.

  • Determination and solidity are the key words for May. You have never been so sure about what to do and how to do it. You are ready and willing to face anything.

    Now, deals will be renewed and new clients will be waiting in the wings. Your efforts will be recognised, and where one door closes, another will open.

    Mars in your sign until the 14th is pushing you to take immediate action.

    With Venus in trine all month, you will be creative and in good spirits. Mercury will help you implement your ideas in June.

    There’s also excitement in your love life. Venus will make you charming and romantic for the entire month.

    Mars brings just the right amount of passion. Short-term flings may turn into something lasting.

    Fortune Cookie / Love is like luck: it does not like when you chase her.

    Gemstone / Sodalite (Calms the mind. Protects against emotional stress. Relaxes the body).

    Outfit / ”Greta” blu feather pouch.

  • This is a review period.

    The presences of Mars from the 14th pushes corporate team members towards new initiatives and strategies. People who work in sales may witness delays in negotiations and have trouble in communications.

    With Mercury in square from the 12th, you will have excellent ideas and plans but may need to wait until June to receive recognition and rewards.

    The same is true for love. You may face possible disagreements and misunderstandings. Mercury could cause arguments, while Mars wants to be right at all costs, with no ifs or buts.

    Venus will also be in square all month, with the risk of quarrels and separation.

    Fortune Cookie / Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

    Gemstone / Turquoise (Filters away negative energy. Strengthens courage. Deepens love).

    Outfit / Mint embroidered gown.