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  • Horoscope November 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • November starts off on a slow note: Jupiter and Saturn have set off on their journey after being stationary for a long time. You are starting to see some movement in the workplace.

    If you had meetings in recent months and no agreement was reached, now is the time to make calls and firm things up.

    We can say that from November onward you will be able to tangibly feel the small goals that will become concrete at the start of 2021.

    Love life is passionate: you may not be able agree on practical issues or, for those of you who have children, you may not manage to devote the necessary time because of work commitments.

    With the moon in your sign on 25th and 26th, you should be able to rediscover peace.


    Fortune cookie / Make someone feel special today.

    Gemstone / bloodstone. For mental strength in making difficult decisions and changes.

    Outfit / Cinnamon-coloured boots.

  • Many tensions have built up with Mars in the 12th house. It’s still not the time to claim your rights but, when Mars enters the first house, you’ll be able to get what’s due to you.

    Uranus in the sign has led to many changes and, in some ways, has wiped out a number of certainties that needed to be changed, with gains in terms of freedom.

    There’s been some friction between couples this month with Venus and Mercury in conflict.

    Perhaps you won’t be in tune on practical issues or you’ll want to change plans that have already been agreed. In any event, there’s nothing that can’t be resolved with the Moon on your side on 28th and 29th.


    Fortune Cookie / The secret is to believe that anything is possible.

    Gemstone / Sodalite. Operates at an emotional level reducing anxiety, provides clearness of thought and removes fears.

    Outfit / Yellow lambswool sweater.

  • An excellent month for expanding your work activities. Mercury and Venus in positive aspect create good opportunities to promote your activities through contacts for procuring new customers or new partnerships. Your verbal skills and your expertise will take centre stage in negotiations.

    Watch out for finances and don’t celebrate too soon.

    The climate in love is excellent too: lots of couples have had moments of uncertainty and obstacles to overcome. Now that you’ve achieved a balance you can be more carefree. Others have had interesting encounters and want to carry on in a light-hearted, fun vein. The 3rd and 4th are good days with the Moon in the sign.


    Fortune Cookie / Take the first step.

    Gemstone / Hyaline quartz. Bestows lucidity and clarity, protects from outside energies, bolsters the nervous system.

    Outfit / Red and black print “Dua” trousers.

  • It’s a magical moment for Cancerians. Mercury enters Scorpio from the 11th. This heralds a wave of innovations in the workplace: there will be new contacts, customers, and partnership opportunities. Some may accept new assignments that will produce excellent results over time. To banish laziness, you’re ready to organise your life afresh for a 2021 that will see you as a leading light in the sector.

    In love, if there are doubts, they need to be addressed. Mars and Venus in conflict could create friction, and you need to have the courage to say what you think without hurting the other person.

    Favourable days for clarification: 6th and 7th.


    Fortune Cookie / Only the fearless achieve true happiness.

    Gemstone / Agate. Gives mental clarity, stability and realism, helps focus on important goals.

    Outfit / "Wynona" pink pouch.

  • There seems to be dissatisfaction in this period: many Leos have changed jobs and it’s likely their expectations haven’t been fulfilled or some promises made at the outset haven’t materialised.

    Those who’ve set up their own business haven’t yet achieved the financial goals hoped for. On the contrary, many expenses have been incurred. Basically, the times are still a bit uncertain because of the situation that we are all dealing with at the moment.

    Emotionally, it’s the time to resolve doubts. Other people, given the general situation, are less tolerant than usual, and then, if you add in jealousy, it’s difficult to keep calm. Favourable days for defusing the tension: 8th and 9th.


    Fortune Cookie / Smile at envy.

    Gemstone / Amethyst. Reawakens spiritual awareness, increases a sense of justice and honesty.

    Outfit / "Irma" black double breasted blazer dress.

  • It’s an excellent time for Virgos. There are lots of job opportunities. Those who’ve invested time and energy in searching can now reap the rewards, even in those situations where it didn’t look like things would end well.

    There’s an invitation for all Virgos to make demands, if they want to achieve more concrete goals, including from a financial perspective, as the time is right to ask for something and get it.

    In love, Venus is pushing you toward practicality and achieving shared goals, but, in any event, it’s you who must decide. On the other hand, for those who want to look around, there’s no shortage of opportunities. The 10th and 11th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Make changes before life makes you.

    Gemstone / Tiger’s eye. Attracts abundance, improves health and a sense of well-being and increases wealth.

    Outfit / White wool pants.

  • Venus and Mercury return to the sign. It’s good news because it reopens a whole series of negotiations and projects that were suspended last month. Some wanted to sign agreements and, because of a series of unforeseen circumstances, they remained on stand-by. Others are waiting for the green light to start partnerships.

    Contacts with abroad are excellent, and it’s also the right time to make investments.

    Fireworks in your love life. Mars and Venus in opposition in the sign, create moments of tension, but also great passion. Couples that have managed to overcome difficult times have great plans to make together. The 12th and 13th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / The best view is from a mountain top after a hard climb.

    Gemstone / Rose Quartz. Offers positivity, makes you calm yet decisive, promotes generosity, frees you from worries and gives a sense of lightness.

    Outfit / Red chemisier mini dress.

  • November is an important month. It marks the start of changes as far as work is concerned and that’s not all. The Sun, Mercury and Venus talk about certainty and stability. It’s the right time to sign agreements and set off on new paths that will be the start of a new journey.

    Some have the chance to make decisive choices. It’s a good idea to remember that everything that’s set up now will mark out important future goals.

    In the realm of emotions too, the time has come to restore order where there have been problems or situations of uncertainty. Making plans aimed at the future on firm foundations will make you feel appreciated and certain you’ve made the right decision. The 14th and 15th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Believe in your decisions. Don’t let yourself be swayed by the wind.

    Gemstone / Carnelian. Helps regulate passions, direct energy better. Protects against complicated situations and helps you realise your aspirations.

    Outfit / "Kaia" pink mule.

  • This year hasn’t been simple for Sagittarians and now’s the time to take stock. Some have ended a partnership or an activity or have changed partners and are now aware that this is the way to move forward.

    If, on the other hand, you have already embarked on a new journey, it’s the time to ask for more, including responsibility. Mars in support favours all situations that need determination and action.

    In relationships, on the other hand, there’s a need for intimacy and privacy. Venus in the 12th house advises you not to reveal relationships that started recently. Perhaps it’s not the right time, especially if another relationship ended not long ago. The climate is very passionate for all. The 16th and 17th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Life is for living. Now!

    Gemstone / Amethyst. Helpful in countering the effects of inconstancy and restlessness, brings calm and moderation, favouring relationships.

    Outfit / Sea green trousers.

  • The good news is that from 11th Mercury will be in a good aspect, resolving all those situations which, for various reasons, were put on hold. For example, an agreement that was signed, but remained on stand-by, or delays, missed meetings or slowdowns of every sort.

    A little at a time, you’ll see everything fall back into place. It could be a good idea to put your faith in an outside partnership if that’s a route you haven’t considered before now. There’s an improvement with finances too.

    In love, you haven’t been there much because of work. Now is the time to pick up your relationship with your partner, leaving out any practical discussions. Cutting loose and devoting yourself just to your partner will be good for both of you. Auspicious days for a romantic evening are 18th and 19th.


    Fortune Cookie / To win over others, you must love yourself first.

    Gemstone / Obsidian. Helpful in dealing with changes, brings strength and courage for tackling difficult situations.

    Outfit / Black lambswool sweater.

  • Recent months have not been easy. The positive aspect is that you’ve become independent and aware of being able to carry on counting on yourself.

    Now is the time for recognition in terms of promotion and career advancement, precisely because your tenacity and expertise have been demonstrated. It’s a different matter for those running their own business because you will still have to wait a while until you see concrete results in financial terms.

    In love, things haven’t been clear lately, perhaps because you were comfortable in a situation that worked at the time, but now things have changed.

    It will be possible, however, to get things straight and find new solutions with Venus in support. The 23rd and 24th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Let happiness surprise you.

    Gemstone / Black onyx. Protects against negative energies, brings strength and concentration, helps with greater stability and security.

    Outfit / Green “Venus” slingbacks.

  • It’s a month of innovation and change. Potential new work proposals to consider, given that it’s a while since you’ve wanted to change your usual routine.

    There will be various possibilities for you to choose from. Contacts or requests for collaboration in other cities or abroad, that will mark the beginning of a new journey.

    There will be changes in your love life too. Venus in Scorpio from 22nd encourages you to be more enterprising and amenable toward new connections. For some it will be possible to end uncertain situations which seemed very promising, but didn’t then deliver.

    The 23rd and 24th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / Don’t fear the unknown.

    Gemstone / Coral. Helps to overcome emotional instability and vulnerability, allowing you to be more determined.

    Outfit / Black thigh high boots.