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  • Horoscope November 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • After more than a month, Mars finally leaves the opposition: this involves an eventful period full of twists that will lead to the achievement of important goals with strength and determination.

    November invites you to move with greater caution and to work in collaboration and diplomacy to consolidate new projects and alliances.

    Love is a bit uncertain, if something is not convincing, it is better to distance yourself from it until you will find a solution. There are strong doubts about a recently born encounter, while solid couples have nothing to fear.

    The Temperance / Foresight and patience are the key words of the month: without respecting them, you risk making wrong choices.

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  • The last few months have been characterized by changes and new opportunities: for many, this marked the beginning of a path of professional growth.

    Currently, Mercury and Mars in opposition lead you to make demands and formalize your position through agreements or contracts.

    In love, with Mars in opposition, it is possible to give in to provocations; the climate is certainly tense when added to work tensions, but nothing that can undermine a stable relationship. Venus in Sagittarius speaks of possible adventures, however you may lack the enthusiasm to make new acquaintances, but this decision is up to you.

    The High Priestess / Time for reflection, study, and waiting: with these assumptions - without making too much noise - you will get straight to the goal.

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  • November still offers you interesting possibilities, as long as you stay focused, otherwise you will risk being left empty-handed.

    With the imminent arrival of Jupiter in Pisces, it will be necessary to make targeted reasoning, but we will talk about this again in December.

    In love, for those in a couple, it is possible that work commitments take precedence, for those who are single or in an undefined relationship, it is better to wait the next few weeks before making hasty decisions.

    The Fool / Focusing on the present seems to be the right path to follow at the moment.

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  • After an intense month, we are heading towards a more promising and professionally dynamic end of the year; currently Mercury and Mars in favour offer greater possibilities to undertake new paths based on what you really want, without having to accept compromises or ambiguous situations, but once again the choice is up to you.

    Love is made up of contrasts, Mars in favour encourages to take initiatives with determination and Venus in opposition wants to test the strength of some relationships to give space to important choices.

    The Emperor / Concreteness and practicality are the key elements of the month, you need to have a project in mind and start making it real.

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  • It is true that many situations have improved compared to last year, but November is a month to be taken with caution.

    Hostile Mercury and Mars can make you nervous and create some obstacles; good parties can slow down and plan to stay on hiatus, while some agreements made may not prove to be entirely fruitful. However, we must not lose heart, it is just a moment of transition that can be easily overcome.

    In love, diplomacy is needed, and with hostile Mars and Venus in favor, it is a question of mediating between the stress generated by the work situation and the moments of lightness to share with the partner: the right balance to get to the end of the month without jolts.

    Justice / It is mandatory to put order to find a balance. Sometimes it is advisable to eliminate something you no longer need.

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  • November is a month to be used at its best, before Jupiter comes back in opposition. It is good to take stock of the situation and take home as much as possible in terms of results: what you get today will be the necessary basis for the next few months, given that some moments of uncertainty may come.

    Venus from the 6th of November, enters Capricorn to stay a few months; it is a concrete Venus that does not give space to inconclusive relationships, on the contrary the idea is precisely to build something stable and for some couples it could be a question of formalizing one's position.

    If we talk about new friendships it is possible that they too develop with these characteristics.

    The Chariot / Dynamism and success are achieved with competence and commitment. When you work with passion, the result is certain.

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  • November is a month of great excitement, where new projects are appearing to be considered or those that are still pending are restarted.

    It is necessary to take a look at the budgets and try to save on costs.

    Venus is in favor until the 6th, then begins a long pause in Capricorn which can cause a bit of coldness in relationships. For some it may be a physical distance, for others it will be work that creates it.

    The Star / Creativity to invest in something you believe in, without expectations but being certain that it will bring results.

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  • The splendid November sky confirms what has been waiting for a long time: a revenge in the working area. Mercury and Mars in the sign speak of confirmations, new assignments and promotions.

    November also inaugurates the season of love: Venus pushes towards constructive relationships, the uncertainties of the past are only a distant memory, now it's time to restart again.

    The Sun / Love, sharing, sincere friendship are the prerequisites for building important and lasting relationships over time.

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  • November is confirmed as a productive month, with Mercury in an excellent position and Jupiter in the communication sector, inviting to follow this path to promote the activities you want to give a voice to in any sector.

    A bit of physical fatigue could be experienced, but from the 23rd the situation totally changes with the arrival of the Sun and Mercury in the sign.

    In love, the wave of positivity continues, Venus in the sign has brought new life to couples as well as new encounters and dating for singles; from the 6th Venus passes into Capricorn for a long period and this brings concreteness, the beginning of a coexistence, the formalisation of a relationship.

    The Magician / Beginning of a new business project: bring new energy, enthusiasm and optimism; there is no doubt, the way to go is the right one.

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  • We are now at the end of the year, and it is time to acknowledge what has happened so far. This is probably the most interesting month of the year, because it brings with it some news. Venus stays in the sign for a long stop, while with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in favour, important projects that have been paused are restarting and the expected answers arrive, starting off again with excellent economic proposals.

    Venus in the sign for over four months can only talk about love with a capital L, starting with two-person projects, dreams that finally come true and a greater awareness about what you really want.

    The Judgment / Great news coming, an important announcement comes as a blessing, an important life event.

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  • We are approaching the end of the year, a lot has changed, several goals have been achieved, exceeding all expectations. Mercury still speaks of an excellent working period.

    Mars in quadrature can create stress, conflict and some obstacles, but nothing that can really affect what has been achieved to date.

    In love, ups and downs, caused mainly by external situations in the relationship; stress may be bestowed upon the partner causing arguments for no real reason.

    Even new acquaintances take a back seat, there are other priorities, if instead there is an air of rethinking, it is better not to make any moves at the moment.

    The Wheel of Fortune / External situations can change quickly: by remaining flexible you can take advantage of good opportunities.

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  • Excellent start with Venus and Mars in favour on the 6th, which encourage to go further, to have the courage to invest more in the profession, both in practical terms and in terms of learning, such as training courses, specialisations, everything that can really lead to a realisation, so that the arrival of Jupiter does not catch you unprepared.

    In love, between indecisions and doubts with a Venus in favour, smiles and good mood come back, with a greater chance of making new acquaintances; those who have left pending situations are instead ready to get back into the game.

    The Hermit / Studying and deepening a situation before making movements seems to be not only wise but the only action to obtain targeted results.

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