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  • Horoscope October 2019 – words by Gabi Lussi

  • Aries is a sign that possesses an inexhaustible source of energy. With Mars in opposition from October 4, you will experience unavoidable conflicts and anxiety. Try to avoid provocations in order to maintain balanced energy.
    Projects that were set in motion last month will not proceed as planned, and there may be setbacks and delays. Jupiter may slightly mitigate your state of agitation, which will dissolve by the month’s end.
    Venus in opposition may make you feel moody, tense and unsure about whether you want to continue a somewhat confining relationship. For those who don’t want to commit, auspicious Mars brings passion and eros.
    Try to tone down excess energy. Exercise will burn it off.

    Couple / Brad Pitt and Courtney Love

    Fortune Cookie / Smile at the haters, don’t fight them.

    Gemstone / Chrysocolla: powerful for relaxation and combatting stress, stabilises mood, protects and strengthens the nervous system.

  • What Taurus fears most is change. As a somewhat inflexible fixed sign, you prefer the safety and stability of routine. October may overturn this security by bringing about unpredictable changes in your professional life, including possible transfers, endings to certain situations and challenges that must be accepted without too much reflection.
    Mercury and Venus in opposition are prompting you to change your patterns and introduce new, less rigid ways of thinking, assisted by the stabilising presence of Uranus in your sign.
    In love, there is tension and passion, thanks to Venus and Mercury in opposition. Uranus brings a multitude of free-flowing energy. A little jealousy will be inevitable.
    Good psychophysical energy, but pay attention to your diet.

    Couple / Joaquin Phoenix and J.Lo

    Fortune Cookie / The best things in life are the ones that are a little bit messy.

    Gemstone / Blue Chalcedony: potent anti-inflammatory, fights water retention, promotes harmony in meetings and new relationships, neutralises negative emotions.

  • This is a great month thanks to positive vibes from Mercury and Venus, which bestow optimism and productivity. Mercury will help you communicate smoothly and effectively. If you work in a team, you can motivate its members to achieve common objectives via creativity and new ideas, resulting in projects that will reach important goals. Success in spades.
    Ruled by Mercury, communication is essential to Geminis. Your love life is undergoing an auspicious period thanks to Mars, giving you the courage to conquer new acquaintances with your innate gift of the gab.
    For those in a couple, spending time together will bring back the right energy.
    Your inner-psyche and body are in synergy, allowing you to feel full of energy once more. Your physical fitness improves.

    Couple / Prince Harry and Gigi Hadid

    Fortune Cookie / Keep learning, and you will always be youthful.

    Gemstone / Amethyst: brings clarity and peace, reduces stress.

  • This is an auspicious month due to the harmonious energies of Venus and Mercury, which will boost various aspects of your life. In business, colleagues or associates will appreciate your ability to find new solutions. It’s a good time to look for new projects to develop, even abroad.
    Saturn and Pluto’s opposition could bring about a slight sense of discontent despite this period’s positivity. This opposition, however, means it is also a good moment for change and putting long-held plans into practice.
    Love is boosted by a super-auspicious trine of Venus: no obstacles block your path as long as you have clear expectations about your relationship, as a dissonant Mars can bring indecision.
    Great physical shape. Venus gives you a magnificent, sensual appearance. Imbalanced energies return to form in the second part of the month.

    Couple / Romeo and Juliet

    Fortune Cookie / If you don’t take any risks, you risk everything.

    Gemstone / White Onyx: balances mind and body, protects against mental and emotional stress, great for memory.

  • This October is challenging for Leo. After a wonderful summer, you now need to deal with dissonant Mercury and Venus. Everything revolving around work, business, and sales becomes delayed or blocked. Mercury creates discontent with colleagues and bosses. Mediation is a wise solution. After October 20, the situation will get back to normal.
    Inharmonious Mercury, Venus and Uranus create tension in relationships, with arguments, friction and discontent. Try to dissolve feelings of jealousy. Uranus is teaching you the benefits of relationships that are less clingy and suffocating.
    Dissonant Venus may make you feel run down physically. Try to find the right balance between work, leisure and outdoor sports.

    Couple / Dick Tracy and Madonna

    Fortune Cookie / Find inside yourself the strength of a lion and the serenity of a sunset.

    Gemstone / Ametrine: bestows general well-being, balances energy, stimulates creativity, calms mood.

  • This is a great period for Virgo. You can restructure all areas of your life this October. Due to the auspicious trines of Uranus and Pluto, your talents will shine at work. Excellent organisation and teamwork in every detailed task, you will reap amazing accolades and results whether you work independently or in a group. Saturn inspires you to make your dreams a reality; it is a month filled with major success.
    In regard to love, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio makes you more seductive and passionate, freeing you from inhibitions. You’ll finally be able to experience moments of great passion without thinking too much about the future. Let go; it will be therapeutic.
    Good energy and fitness.

    Couple / Leonardo DiCaprio and Barbie

    Fortune Cookie / Life can also be carefree.

    Gemstone / Cyanite: powerful energy amplifier, perfect for meditation, protects against negativity.

  • This October is extremely glorious. Mars gives you the determination to accomplish what you’ve planned for a long time. Your projects and ideas can finally take shape. Focussing on collaborations and your social life will lead you down the right path. If you want to broaden your professional horizons, invest a little in all areas, even financial ones.
    Mars brings passion, while a dissonant Saturn puts relationships under the microscope. You may need to distance yourself from certain people or cut them out entirely, if necessary. A square from Uranus is pushing you to experience short, carefree, intense adventures.
    High levels of energy and determination in sports activities.

    Couple / John Lennon and Yoko Ono

    Fortune Cookie / Happiness is not one thing, it can be found in different ways, every day.

    Gemstone / Turquoise: stabilises mood swings, bestows inner calm, brings emotional clarity.

  • Scorpio is among this month’s most favoured signs. Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune give you the strength to push ahead in every aspect of your life with great results.
    Professionally, you can reach important milestones due to changes brought about by Uranus in Taurus. With your mental clarity, analytical abilities, and determination, you have no need to fear rivals; your pre-existing goals will be easily achievable. Needless to say, your sign is amongst the most passionate, but with harmonious Mercury, Venus and Neptune, you can combine passion and intellect, to achieve a total connection with your partner.
    High energy and dazzling physical form: in short, you’re irresistible.

    Couple / King Kong and Beyoncé

    Fortune Cookie / Follow your dreams without doubts.

    Gemstone / Amber: protects against negative energy, strengthens the solar plexus, bestows mental clarity and harmony.

  • October will be influenced by the position of the planets. With Jupiter direct in your sign, you’ll be able to move ahead in all situations that were stalled or slowed down. Projects finally take shape and there is also financial growth. This is a good time to pay off debts. Use this month to make your dreams come true, including planning trips or extended stays abroad.
    Mercury brings a breath of fresh air into your love life. With the help of Mars, encounters will be passionate. A new relationship can transform into something more, but be sure they are not dating anyone else.
    Good physical fitness and energy. Make sure to eat a healthy diet.

    Couple / Rafael Nadal and Rihanna

    Fortune Cookie / If you know how to wait, you will always win.

    Gemstone / Tiger’s Eye: brings clarity of intent, bestows a sense of rootedness, creates stability, confers courage and tenacity.

  • Optimism and success are October’s key words. With Jupiter’s trine and Pluto in your sign, you have been laying the groundwork of earned success in various sectors by dedicating your time and energy.
    Professionally, you’ll finally see projects take off that have slowly been incubating for years. Thanks to your tenacity and confidence, you can now achieve your goals. It’s also great moment for investing.
    Venus looks after your love life, favouring long-term, stable relationships. The key phrase is make it happen.
    Good energy and physical fitness.

    Couple / Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

    Fortune Cookie / Follow your dreams without doubts.

    Gemstone / Magnetite: shamanic crystal that promotes healing, balances energy, removes negativity, and strengthens intuition.

  • The trine of Mars bestows determination and energy to get through this period of instability brought about by dissonant Mercury, Venus and Uranus. You’ve been eager to resolve open-ended situations for some time; not finding immediate solutions brings tension. Therefore, it’s hard to keep calm. On the other hand, you have a lot of energy to invest in many different areas.
    Mars brings passion, to be lived in the moment without delay. Disharmonious Venus and Mercury are making things uptight and obstinate, so it is better to try and compromise to avoid creating situations you will later regret.
    You have a lot of energy at your disposal, perhaps too much. Find ways to unwind and get rid of stress.

    Couple / Brian Griffin and Stewie

    Fortune Cookie / When you knock down the impossible, a thousand possibilities open up.

    Gemstone / Galena: brings transformation, imparts wisdom, peace and harmony, bestows healing, creates new energy in stagnant relationships.

  • Bet on your intuition. The trines of Venus and Mercury encourage you to find new ideas and paths to explore. Mars will give you the energy to sweep away insecurity and move in the right direction.
    Relationships with colleagues, bosses and associates are favoured, in anticipation of goals to be achieved together. Collaborations will go smoothly.
    Relationships are going very well, thanks to positive vibes from Venus and Mars. You will experience moments of passion and togetherness, making your dreams as a couple come true.
    Good physical fitness and mental health. You will be in high spirits.

    Couple / Alice in Wonderland and The White Rabbit

    Fortune Cookie / The time for happiness is now.

    Gemstone / Moonstone: develops intuition, balances emotions, brings freedom of expression, fosters fertility.