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  • Horoscope October 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • October marks the beginning of new, interesting events that offer a glimpse into the upcoming year.

    This is a beneficial time to sign new agreements, carry out negotiations and re-establish yourself professionally.

    This is all possible thanks to the upcoming sign change of Jupiter and Saturn, which have been weighing you down like a boulder on your back.

    It is important to get your finances in order over the next two months so you are prepared for unexpected expenses and can close out the year without too many repercussions.

    You will be reviewing your love situation.

    It is time to make decisions about a relationship that has been on shaky grounds for a long time.

    If you have to make a choice between two suitors, you can’t put it off any longer.

    The moment is now.

    The 29th and 30th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune cookie / If there's anyone who can do it, it's you.

    Gemstone / Opal: attracts beauty, money, luck and power.

    Outfit / "Virgi" red and black zebra print mini skirt.

  • This is a month of reflection when you can evaluate your professional life.

    Some projects are ready for launching, but others are at a standstill due to Mercury in opposition.

    With Mars turning retrograde, your energy levels will plummet.

    It will be hard to face this moment, which requires mental focus and pragmatism.

    In love, Venus is in harmonious aspect, so you can count on the support of your partner.

    Some of you may have recently moved in with your companion, while others are thinking about having a baby.

    This is the right moment to go for it.

    The Moon is on your side on the 4th and the 5th.


    Fortune cookie / Share your happiness with a friend and it will grow by two.

    Gemstone / Obsidian: wards off negative energy; bestows peace and wellness.

    Outfit / "Ivan" tortoise effect sunglasses.

  • This is an excellent moment, due to Jupiter in your house of finances.

    Expect a payoff, especially if you have been waiting on a delayed payment, bonus, commission, royalties, inheritance or anything else that has to do with money.

    Venus in your fourth house will increase your desire to redecorate your house or even buy a new one.

    In love, it is time to make firm decisions.

    Start by banishing on-again/off-again relationships.

    If you have recently met someone new and don’t know how things will pan out, the situation will become clear by the end of the month.

    The 7th and 8th are auspicious days for decision making.


    Fortune cookie / Train your mind to seize opportunities.

    Gemstone / Howlite: calms the mind; promotes sleep; useful in periods of high stress and tension.

    Outfit / "Amber" white slingback.

  • October is a month to watch closely.

    Venus and Mercury are in excellent aspect, pushing you to break past your limits in the workplace.

    Even the most cautious and reticent Cancerians will benefit from this energy.

    Some are saddling up to explore new horizons and live a more independent life, which is a superb decision, considering what 2021 has in store for you astrologically.

    In love, you and your partner will consider long-term plans, such as having a home together or a new child.

    You may meet someone new with whom you have a strong intellectual connection.

    The 8th and 9th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune cookie / The answer is always in your heart.

    Gemstone / Jet or black Amber: considered a magical gemstone, it creates a protective energy field and promotes good health.

    Outfit / "Donna" white jacket.

  • This is an interesting month for Leos.

    Many have invested time and energy in their own businesses, trying to find solutions for stagnant situations.

    Finally, you will be able to see concrete results.

    Even if earnings are not what you expected, they are sure to grow thanks to a push from Jupiter.

    Your love life will experience highs and lows due to external circumstances, but you can turn things around by planning a surprise for your partner.

    On the 12th or 13th, you could meet someone who is fascinating and of substance.


    Fortune cookie / Convincing yourself is the first step in convincing others.

    Gemstone / Carnelian: calms anxiety; wards off envy; bestows courage.

    Outfit / "Kaia" pink mule.

  • This is an interesting period of reflection and decision making.

    Some of your professional objectives have already been achieved, while others are still being tinkered with before launch.

    Those who have taken on new projects and collaborations will start to see results, also in terms of money.

    Your financial situation is vastly improving, making it a good period to invest.

    In love, Venus in your sign is bringing new horizons to couples.

    It is a great time to plan a wedding or have a baby.

    The 14th and 15th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune cookie / Find your inner fire and let it burn bright.

    Gemstone / Flint: carry it for protection when outside the home.

    Outfit / "Venice" pink pochette.

  • This is an excellent month in terms of finances, thanks to your dedication to ongoing commitments.

    It is the perfect moment to decide whether you want to continue with ongoing projects or widen your horizons.

    If you have any doubts, wait until the end of the month.

    In love, you may be undecided about a relationship.

    For some, it may be a clandestine affair that is starting to smother you.

    It would be best to put off decisions until the end of the month when Venus enters your sign, giving you a clearer picture of what’s going on.

    The 16th and 17th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune cookie / What was right yesterday, isn’t necessarily right today.

    Gemstone / Hematite: bestows wellness and physical harmony; promotes healing.

    Outfit / Black thigh high boot.

  • October starts off with Mercury in your sign.

    If you are waiting for news regarding work, you can count on new contacts, messages, contracts and positions.

    For others, you may have recently closed a professional chapter and are ready to do something more in line with your actual skill set.

    The key words in love are solidity and stability.

    If you and your partner have been going through a rough patch, some couples may have decided to jump ship, while others have been left standing on firmer ground.

    In any case, you are in a good place now.

    If you are in search of the new, take advantage of a harmonious Moon on the 18th and 19th.


    Fortune cookie / Sometimes wisdom is understanding when it is better to let things go.

    Gemstone / Jade: brings luck in finding love, riches and good health.

    Outfit / Red chemisier mini dress.

  • October is an important month for your professional life, with major changes starting to take shape.

    Some may have invested money in expanding their own businesses, while others may have decided to strike out on their own entrepreneurially by disconnecting from business partners or changing their collaborative team.

    You will be able to witness results with your own eyes by the end of the year.

    As a plus, Jupiter and Saturn are in excellent aspect, bringing positive financial vibes.

    After a period of confusion or separation in love, you’re beginning to see what you really want.

    A playful summer fling could grow into something long lasting.

    The 20th and 21st are highly auspicious.


    Fortune cookie / If you tell yourseld the truth, you will live more peacefully.

    Gemstone / Rhodonite: casts off doubt; promotes decision making; creates a sense of calm.

    Outfit / Pink mohair sweater.

  • After a long period of feeling blocked and stagnant, you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Jupiter and Saturn have been stuck in your sign for months, testing your proverbial patience.

    Starting in October, your dreams of success will finally start to come true.

    Thanks to all your hard work, new collaborations and business will start to get off the ground.

    In love, Venus and Mercury are sending excellent vibes.

    Even if work is taking up a lot of your attention, you will still be able to make space to intimately bond with your partner and finally feel settled and secure.

    The 22nd and 23rd are highly auspicious.


    Fortune cookie / Imagination sets you free.

    Gemstone / Malachite: protects against negative influences; bestows peace and success in business.

    Outfit / "Paloma" black slingback.

  • Even though you are facing a lot of commitments and a bit of performance anxiety, overall, October is a positive month.

    Even if you don’t achieve everything you wanted, in the end, you will be recognised for your professional merits, especially if you work in a creative field.

    Your finances require major attention, as expenses will be high.

    You will need to wait until the end of the year to get things totally under control.

    In love, both you and your partner will be overwhelmed with commitments, which will create a bit of physical distance, but this will not create problems due to your independent spirit.

    The 24th and 25th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune cookie / Don't be afraid to look back to the past. It is the key to understanding the present.

    Gemstone / Topaz: wards off envy and jealousy.

    Outfit / Green python printed mini skirt.

  • Mercury is in positive aspect for the entire month, helping to improve a variety of situations.

    If you are waiting for a firm decision at work, you will finally receive the green light to sign new contracts or form new collaborations.

    New projects started at this time will see concrete results almost immediately, especially in the field of communications.

    Your economic life is also picking up in terms of work and investments.

    In love, couples will need to compromise.

    Venus in opposition is forcing you to face reality.

    You may find yourself attracted to a person who is different from whom you usually go for.

    It might be worth it to accept the challenge.

    The 26th and 27th are highly auspicious.


    Fortune cookie / Look back at the past only to build the future.

    Gemstone / Carnelian: bestows to make decisions.

    Outfit / Cinnamon boot.