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  • Horoscope October 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • This is your month to take on projects and achieve your goals, with Mars in opposition for the whole month bolstering you with determination to get what you want.

    Compared to last year, your situation has significantly improved, and now is the right time to start overcoming your challenges.

    In love, there’s determination. If you’re in a new couple, think and plan big. Overcome resistance as a way to embark on new and stimulating adventures for both of you.

    The Fool / Approach a new experience with confidence in your abilities and without holding your expectations too high. This seems to be the right solution for you at the moment.

    Outfit / Black long belt.

  • IIt is time to build. October is a month for planning and preparations, with Jupiter soon coming back into favour, inviting Taurus to be prepared with concrete projects in hand.

    This will allow them to materialise as new contracts, collaborations and projects related to the professional sphere.

    Love is not central this month; there are other priorities and responsibilities that don’t lend space to free time or romantic evenings.

    The Empress / Projects and ideas crowd the mind, with time for action and time for planning. This card invites you to have clear ideas and plans that matter to you.

    Outfit / "Anais" hot pink mule.

  • Unlike recent months, there is less anxiety about the future, especially among those who have started new businesses and are beginning to see concrete results.

    Opportunities abound for those who work in the creative sector, as moments to make profitable deals appear.

    Venus is not in a strategic position, so stable couples should stick to already agreed projects.

    Those who have recently moved house or locations must find a new balance. For new acquaintances and opportunities to meet others, the second part of the month will be better.

    Temperance / Moderation is the advice of the month; save time and energy by following the natural flow of things, without haste or impulse.

    Outfit / Black skinny pants with slits.

  • The Mercury-Mars conjunction has begun again, bringing days of nervousness and uncertainty.

    Now is not the time to start new projects, but to remain patient and firmly focussed on your existing work. Watch the fruits of your labour grow in the months to come.

    In love, if couples are secure in spending time apart for practical reasons, the usual routine shall continue.

    Those who have made new encounters instead risk experiencing misunderstandings due to differences in their goals.

    The Hermit / A long reflection or pause is necessary to evaluate the positives and negatives of a given situation. Now is not the time to act, but to deepen your thoughts.

    Outfit / "Anais" Capri blue mule.

  • With endless energy in this period, there’s excitement in the professional sphere, especially for those who have started new projects or activities.

    For some this is the possibility of moving to a new city. For others it is a long-awaited career advancement.

    Everything looks to be improving in view of the new year.

    The position of Venus can create some obstacles in love. Perhaps a sense of opposition with a partner or resistance to compromise, though after the 10th, Venus returns in favour; this will be the time to build shared projects.

    The Popess / An invitation prepares you to study a specific subject, requires more competence, or alternatively, the time has come to sign an agreement, or contract.

    Outfit / Black twisted top.

  • It can be said with confidence that it has been an interesting professional year for you.

    One that has been useful for finding a greater sense of professionalism and confidence in your abilities.

    Now you’ve reached a level of autonomy, allowing you to proceed toward new and broader objectives, with growth in the economic sector and investments made to expand the business.

    Venus is in favour until 10th October. After this, it’s possible that distance will be created due to work commitments, with even new couples needing to postpone time together for unforeseen commitments.

    The World / A well-deserved success, a goal achieved with great satisfaction, the right moment to reach the goals you have set.

    Outfit / "Luz" viper slingback.

  • A great motivational boost from Mars and Mercury will influence your energy for the whole month.

    It’s time to dare, expose yourself, make yourself known, invest in yourself, and carry out projects with a determination that will create important results and financial return.

    Venus in favour speaks of the possibility of new encounters. Yet there are some who may still resist, unable to let themselves go, either for lack of trust or due to a recent separation.

    For couples, there’s a desire for news and activities to be shared with friends.

    The Pope / Wisdom, competence and authority are the goals to be achieved at this time. Even teaching is possible and transferring one's knowledge.

    Outfit / Multicolour mini dress.

  • October is a calm and peaceful month of planning and vision.

    You will need to understand how to present yourself and play the cards you have in your hand, void of fantasy and distorted visions.

    Simply stay in the present and try to invest in new projects that will come to fruition toward the end of the year, with the arrival of Jupiter in favour.

    In love, Venus is still in view as new encounters take concrete form. If this does not happen, it is perhaps due to resistance or a lack of trust.

    However, it is also the right time, with the stars in favour, to meet a special person; one that doesn’t emerge every day.

    Wheel of Fortune / Opportunities are to be seized. If you are flexible, you can welcome opportunities that can change your destiny for the better.

    Outfit / "Luz" violet slingback.

  • Dynamism is more evident this month, which should be used to build new plans and projects.

    For some, a new path has already begun that is starting to bear fruit, even if there is a need for more structure.

    For those who work with a team, it's time to think about expanding, with Jupiter and Mercury in favour.

    With Venus in favour from the 8th, in love, everything becomes possible.

    Small misunderstandings can be clarified, and even connections that may have been on pause can now resume with a more concrete intention.

    This month sets the stage for new meetings and an active social life, which will allow for interesting encounters.

    Strength / Energy and ability are the tools available to achieve one's goals and objectives.

    Outfit / Cicar mini skirt.

  • The balance of the year is undoubtedly positive for you, with a great commitment and investment in your professional life bringing results.

    October is the month in which we must pay attention to the hostility of Mercury and Mars, which can generate conflict.

    Your determination and grit can trigger competition and create obstacles with colleagues or collaborators.

    In love, prepare for news arriving at the end of the year.

    For some, we talk about great projects, for others who have left a separation behind, it is possible that once the obstacles have been overcome, a reconciliation can be sought.

    The Lovers / If there are doubts surrounding a choice to be made, it’s no longer possible to postpone the decision.

    Outfit / "Selene" black flat medium boots.

  • Oh, beautiful October! Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter speak of great opportunities, with projects already in progress bringing excellent results.

    For those who have invested in creative endeavours, you have the opportunity to make yourselves known and be successful.

    Others who have changed their lives with a relocation or big move will begin to feel that they are in the right place, with the certainty of having made the right choice.

    Venus in favour creates harmony. Thus, for those who have faced conflicts or indecision, you’ll have clear ideas as to how to proceed in relationships, with the idea of two-person stability gaining ground.

    Those who are not in a couple may begin to feel the need to have someone next to them.

    The Devil / A wealth of circular creative energy will need to be channelled in the right direction, otherwise things could get out of hand.

    Outfit / "Venus" pear green slingback.

  • While waiting for Jupiter to return, it’s time to understand what direction you want to take and rearrange your ideas.

    There may be more than one road to be considered, and for someone with a new job opportunity presenting itself, it’s better to decide the right direction without rushing.

    With Venus in Scorpio, love runs deep and extreme.

    This doesn’t mean ‘all that glitters is gold’, however, especially at the early stages of a relationship. In the initial phase, the key word is intensity.

    If the couple is well-established, it’s time for balance and discussion.

    Judgment / Good news is coming; new business contacts, pleasant discussions, surprises, and the return of something or someone.

    Outfit / "Amber" black and white slingback.