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  • Horoscope September 2020 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • September is an important month with many changes in store — both professionally and personally.

    Mars’ extended retrograde in your sign has swept away feelings of uncertainty and anxiety that have accumulated over the years.

    Negotiations and initiatives that have been on hold for several months will finally get off the ground.

    Even if things are slowed down by the challenging aspect of Saturn and Jupiter retrograde, projects should officially launch later this autumn.

    When it comes to love, the desire for intimacy will return after a period of uncertainty caused by work commitments.

    Once Venus enters Leo on the 7th, you may meet someone who opens up new horizons and perspectives.


    Fortune cookie: Love or nothing.

    Gemstone: Diamond. Promotes strength, power, courage, creativity and imagination.

    Outfit / Red chemisier mini dress.

  • This is a lovely period for Taurus.

    Many innovative ideas are bubbling beneath the surface, along with a great desire to bring them to fruition on their own merit.

    With a helpful push from Uranus, many Taureans have decided to revolutionise their lives by abandoning old avenues and taking on new professional projects.

    September is a trailblazing month, when you can fully dedicate yourself to projects that you have been working on for a long time.

    If you have planted the seeds well, you will now reap a bountiful harvest.

    In love, many will have reached goals set out in previous months and are living a period of great satisfaction.

    Venus enters Leo on the 7th, creating a dynamic aspect that will put new relationships to the test so you can evaluate long-term compatibility.


    Fortune cookie: Save your footsteps for those who will meet you halfway.

    Gemstone: Granite. Ignites passion and boosts relationships.

    Outfit / Black fluid jacquard mini dress.

  • September brings uncertain skies.

    The square of Sun and Mercury will discourage new initiatives.

    Over the past few months, many Geminis have worked hard on projects, with the most creative members of the sign launching new initiatives, but many are now feeling uncertain of what direction to take.

    If you have clear ideas and a set action plan, try to cross the finish line by the 7th, when Mercury is in positive aspect.

    Otherwise, it may be better to wait until next month.

    In love, you will also see projects coming to a close and others underway.

    Venus in the second house has pushed many of you to invest in your home, making changes to redecorate or renovate in order to create the perfect love nest for you and your partner.


    Fortune Cookie / Make your life a dream and your dream will become reality.

    Gemstone / Aventurine; Promotes harmony and balance in all types of relationships.

    Outfit / "Milva" silver long dress.

  • This is a very important time of year.

    You need to concentrate on achieving your goals.

    Many Cancers have changed jobs and are planning projects for the upcoming year.

    It is important to remember that we are at the end of a cycle, and the new one that is beginning will lay the foundations for a more accomplished professional life.

    This is a challenge that also calls for personal evolution.

    Definitive results will come later this autumn, when Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius.

    This month will also see major changes in your love life.

    Now that you know exactly what you need, you can lay down precise rules.

    You will no longer be as accommodating as you have been in the past.


    Fortune Cookie / The only things that can get you down are your thoughts – change them!

    Gemstone / Jade. Promotes concentration and attracts wealth.

    Outfit / "Gigi" black sunglasses.

  • Things are finally turning around.

    Mars and Mercury in positive aspect, along with Venus in your sign, are reactivating all of Leo’s best qualities; your enterprising nature will help you finish projects, while positive communication creates resounding consensus.

    Moreover, your magnetism as a leader will convey trust and empathy.

    All of this will help you get off to a great start and leave behind a rather difficult year.

    This will be a magical period for your love life.

    With Mars and Venus in positive aspect, you can’t help but fall madly in love.

    Those already in a relationship will enjoy beautiful moments together, and even hardcore singles may reconsider their outlook.


    Fortune Cookie / Friendship is a single soul living in two bodies.

    Gemstone / Orange Sapphire. Improves communication with your partner and encourages openness and freedom in relationships.

    Outfit / Green python printed mini skirt.

  • September is the most important month of the year for Virgos - your birthday month.

    It’s a time for checks and balances, when all Virgos can concentrate on personal improvement and professional advancement.

    Over the past few months, you may have made new contacts for collaborations or taken on work duties that didn’t move forward due to forces outside your control.

    This month’s two middle weeks bring good news, including new contracts to review prior to being signed.

    You will also experience new developments in your love life.

    A summer fling may unexpectedly grow into something more at the Full Moon on the 2nd.

    Fortune Cookie / The greatest freedom of all is to be yourself.

    Gemstone / Smoky Quartz. Balances sexual energy and mitigates mental anxiety.

    Outfit / "Donna" aqua green jacket.

  • September will bring a noticeable improvement compared to the past several months.

    Your working life will really take off, with Mercury in your sign bringing new projects and contacts.

    If you have been waiting for news or confirmation since the beginning of summer, you will finally receive concrete offers when the Sun enters your sign on the 23rd and conjuncts Mercury.

    You have been facing many changes in your love life recently.

    Some Librans may have broken off a long-term romance, while others have been reviewing an existing partnership before taking things to the next level.

    The 17th and 18th will be highly auspicious.


    Fortune Cookie / The only thing holding you back is yourself.

    Gemstone / Morganite - Attracts love, promotes healing of old wounds and brings harmony to difficult relationships.

    Outfit / "Venice" pink pochette.

  • The past two months have been extremely demanding.

    Many situations did not measure up to expectations, and you may have had to fight hard for your rights or to renegotiate previous agreements with employees.

    The good news is that with Mercury in your sign from the end of the month, September will bring new clients and collaborations, along with the opportunity to resolve any lingering problems.

    Jump headfirst into love, open yourself up and learn to trust.

    This month will bring a great opportunity to transform a new acquaintance into something more exciting — but it depends largely on you and the other person.

    Prepare for excellent days on the 3rd and 4th.


    Fortune Cookie / You can’t erase a person from your mind if they are engraved on your heart.

    Gemstone / Ruby. Heals emotional wounds and removes obstacles blocking peaceful relationships.

    Outfit / "Bianca" animalier blazer jacket.

  • September is a watershed month.

    Some Sagittarians spent the summer holidays tackling a pile-up of work, while others had to decide how to proceed in business by implementing significant changes that required a great amount of energy.

    Overall, many Sagittarians are reviewing their professional life, since increasing income has become a major priority.

    Your love life has undergone major changes during the past few months.

    Some may have decided to break up, while others have favoured less demanding relationships.

    After several months, Venus returns to positive aspect, bringing the desire to fall in love once more.


    Fortune Cookie / The mind isn’t a vessel to fill, but a fire to ignite.

    Gemstone / Emerald. Soothes sorrows and opens the heart to new experiences; it has been known for centuries as "the gemstone of conquering love”.

    Outfit / Pink mohair sweater.

  • Finally, things are taking off again.

    After the slowdown of the past two months, things are gradually getting better, especially at work.

    Many made agreements that were supposed to start as soon as possible, but instead they sat on the shelf waiting for delayed communications.

    You will see concrete results from the first days of the month, with calls to outline contract terms, and new contacts for future collaborations.

    The upcoming months will be filled with new, exciting opportunities.

    Peace has returned to your love life.

    Many Capricorns put love on the back burner while dealing with workplace stress, now is the time to make up for it.

    If you have met new suitors recently, you will be able evaluate these relationships to understand if you want to break things off or take them to the next level.

    The best days for love are the 2nd and 3rd.


    Fortune Cookie / Use your head to manage yourself; use your heart to manage others.

    Gemstone / Pearl. One of the main symbols of femininity. Enhances sensuality, authenticity and beauty.

    Outfit / "Amber" white slingback.

  • September is a month for transition. An overall positive period preceding a time of new beginnings. Those working on projects should finish them and put a close to this chapter.

    If you have finished the initial research for a new project, finalise it before December when Jupiter and Saturn enter your sign. This way, you will have laid the groundwork for a new cycle leading to long-term success.

    You are tired of being accommodating when it comes to love; there is no sign that is more understanding with their partner than Aquarius. Now, however, you want to be understood as well, and are looking for a highly evolved partner who will stand by your side and offer support.


    Fortune Cookie / If you don’t give it all, you’ll spend your entire life waiting.

    Gemstone / Topaz. Bestows inspiration, activates intelligence and aids concentration, helps overcome obstacles and difficulties, solves complicated problems and tames passions.

    Outfit / "Bella" Monogram white t-shirt.

  • You have never felt the need to collaborate as much as you do now.

    Over the past year, you have had to deal with many situations on your own, but solitude is not in your true nature.

    You prefer to share your work with others for affirmation and feedback.

    Now is the perfect time to find new opportunities for professional collaborations.

    It is important to be cautious before getting too involved to make sure your needs will be met.

    You will also discover new horizons in your love life.

    If you are looking for a secure relationship, possibilities abound.

    You could meet someone between the 15th and 17th.


    Fortune Cookie / Your life is your message.

    Gemstone / Coral. Provides protection, soothes emotions and restores harmony. Awakens love.

    Outfit / Cinnamon boot.