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  • Horoscope September 2021 – words by Gabi Lussi


  • September is all about celebrating you, your achievements and growth.

    There has been a lot of growth over the last quarter in terms of your career, and before moving into this next phase there is a need for you to stop and reaffirm your future goals and affirmations.

    If you want even greater success, career and financial wise, now is the time to ask.

    It is also a momentous time for you to reconsider the strategies you have already set with yourself and face any challenging situations head on. The time is now.

    Your romantic life is full of a whirlwind of emotions as your summer months have been full of romantic prospects.

    While some of you Aries Humans have fallen deeply, others have taken things for what they are and enjoyed the simple passionate, short-term love affairs encountered.

    With that said, it is now that you need to decide if this potential romantic dynamic is worth moving forward with or letting go of.

    Where are you deciding to put your time and energy, and with who?

    Seven of Coins / You will be enthusiastic and dedicated to a new project that is on the horizon. If you are ready, everything is ready for take off.

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  • The September skies mark the return of greater stability and grounding period.

    Career wise, you're in a great position.

    You can leave uncertainties behind you in favour of a concrete plan and stability.

    There could even be a possible chance of you receiving a promotion and/or added responsibilities under your current position that will bring you even closer to your desired career path.

    It is safe to say that Autumn is a promising time for you professionally speaking.

    A key time in your chart to make note of this, it's during the second week of September as the planets indicate that it is a favourable time to make new contacts and accept credit for a job well done.

    It is also time for a quick review of your romantic life. Knowing limbo is powerless and when that time has come to cut the cord on lingering dynamics that are not satisfying your needs and wants will serve you more than ever during this time.

    Ace of Spades / It’s time for decisive action and a targeted strategy for facing a situation head-on and finding a solution.

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  • September commences at a slower pace for you Gemini Humans, with not a lot happening astrologically in your chart for the first ten days of the month.

    That said, get ready, once Mars aligns with the Sun and Mercury, energy will be shed on a work situation that needs your attention.

    In addition to this, there may even be a chance for you to create new business partnerships during this time, you may even be offered a new/updated contract or even get asked to relocate to a new city or country by your current employer.

    Know that Venus is in a positive aspect of your chart through September 10th, bringing peace to relationships that have been facing hostile circumstances over these last few months.

    Some of you Geminis are seeking more stability within your romantic partnerships, while others are happy just “going with the flow” – either way, now is a good time to do what makes you happy with Venus energy flowing through your chart.

    Queen of Coins / Those around you admire your abilities and strong skill set. One thing is certain at this moment, you have no competition.

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  • September kicks off to a great start for you Cancerians!

    A month filled with determination and renewed energy that will contribute to a mixture of enthusiasm and anxiety around a new project.

    Be sure to sit with yourself and breathe through these feelings, allow yourself to feel.

    Nerves and excitement are positive and only affirm your care to do things right.

    In regards to business, finalize those contracts. With Mars moving through your chart, now is the time to solidify any outstanding contracts, terms and conditions with your business partners. Mars is here to help push you in the right direction.

    Your romantic life needs a reevaluation.

    With Mercury and Venus in your chart things are feeling inharmonious, creating misunderstandings in your current dynamics.

    You may even be expecting certain things without communicating your needs clearly which later leads to a greater confusion.

    Be direct, and communicate your needs and wants clearly. Only you know what they are.

    King of Cups / When you set your mind to it, attention will flow towards the people you care about. You can help those who need it, they will thank you for your empathy.

    Outfit / Black long belt.

  • The skies this month are setting the stage for a better future, yet you still feel unprepared to take a leading role.

    Some work situations are not set in stone and feel out of your control, but things are slowly moving towards greater stability, especially when Jupiter leaves Aquarius in December.

    When it comes to your love life, you are ready to take some chances.

    If you are dating someone you met this summer, you need to take your time before it becomes a true relationship.

    Five of Swords / You have the courage to overcome obstacles and face difficulties, but you need a winning strategy.

    Outfit / "Anais" black mule.

  • Happy Birthday! The Sun and Mars are both in your in sign — an explosive combination that cements the goals you have already achieved.

    By working hard, you will also enjoy growth in terms of finances, professional success and kudos to you for a well done job.

    In love, Venus and Mars are bringing up many new possibilities, as long as you smooth the rough edges off yourself and loosen up your desire of control.

    Focusing too hard on perfection can be totally unproductive.

    The Chariot / You’re heading down the right path to achieve your dreams. The Chariot represents success, admiration and the realisation of goals. You may travel soon.

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  • September kicks off to a great start with Mercury, Venus and Mars in your sign, joined by the Sun on the 23rd.

    You are turning a corner in your professional life; get ready for new surprises in your career.

    You could finalise agreements, sign contracts and enter into new interesting collaborations. Thanks to a trine between Saturn and Mercury, projects that are started now will pan out long-term.

    Venus is in auspicious aspect until the 10th, bringing many romantic opportunities, new suitors and the possibility to take a summer fling to the next level.

    When Mars enters your sign on the 15th, things kick into action, allowing even the shyest Libras to put themselves out there.

    Ace of Coins / Everything is going in your favour. You’re off to a great start, you can achieve results and a general sense of wellbeing.

    Outfit / "Beca" black tank top.

  • This is a month for reflection. If you took a summer holiday, you will return to the office with a head full of new ideas.

    Some of you may be focused on career advancement or signing a great contract while others want to widen their collaborations, including making new contacts to be found abroad.

    You have been stalling in your love life, but with Venus in your sign from the 11th, you can throw indecision and uncertainty to the wind, and start a stable relationship that gives your heart everything it needs and desires.

    The Empress / This is a period overflowing with creativity and intellectual activity, leading to careful and accurate planning.

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  • September is quite calm, representing a change in pace from previous months, when new career paths opened up to you, helping you gain trust from colleagues and clients. Now, all you need to do is let things run their course.

    You may finally receive a reply you have been waiting for since the beginning of summer.

    The situation is more delicate in your love life.

    You may have lost trust in your partner, or you may finally decide to break up after trying to patch things up. From the 15th, Mars and Mercury are in positive aspect, bringing many opportunities to socialise and network with friends.

    Knight of Wands / You tackle new projects with energy and enthusiasm, and have a strong desire for travel.

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  • Not much new is going on until the end of next month. Work projects from previous months are going smoothly.

    Expect delays if you are waiting for a response about a new proposition or endeavour; Mercury and Mars are in disagreement, dampening entrepreneurial behaviour.

    The square of Venus with Mars is also creating temporary obstacles in your love life, but clear skies return after the 10th. Many couples may decide to join forces on a communal project, while romance may take others to a different city.

    The Sun / You can achieve your goals and witness success. New projects and possibilities take shape.

    Outfit / "Milla" black fitted coat.

  • As predicted, September kicks off with a series of professional projects and opportunities.

    You could finally sign agreements that earlier this year were already in the making, as well as change your role or start new collaborations.

    Dynamic, fascinating skies are shining above you all autumn, helping you to better your career.

    Regarding your love life, Mercury brings new interesting, captivating suitors your way, including the possibility of long-distance romance.

    Right now, you feel the need for an easy-going, low-maintenance relationship, which could be just what you need during this period of unclarity.

    Ace of Wands / Everything is in place so you can start a new project or set off in a new direction with boundless energy.

    Outfit / "Margot" neon orange chemisier mini dress.

  • Changes are in store this September, bringing a greater sense of calm in comparison to August.

    With no planets in opposition, you can leave your worries behind and make wiser, more rational choices. Some of you may need to make important decisions regarding work; the time is right for setting off down the right path.

    This is a period of new beginnings and greater awareness in your love life. non-committed attitudes will be discarded in favour of firm decisions.

    A love affair could morph into a stable relationship, or you may decide to bring closure to a romantic situation that has been dragging on for far too long.

    Five of Wands / You may need to overcome obstacles or differences of opinion. It is necessary to clarify your position in the matter. Invite constructive criticism. Keep a cool head.

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