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  • Horoscope September 2019 – words by Gabi Lussi

  • Between squares and oppositions causing turbulence, not everything will go as you would like. Nonetheless, your positive attitude will help you extricate yourself from the various forces commanding your attention at the workplace. Results will be proportionate to your commitment. With Jupiter on your side, you will reach well-deserved goals without having to worry about competitors. Saturn in square will slow you down a little or put obstacles in your path. Just in case, try to complete your goals by the 15th. An overall climate of discontent prevails in your emotional sphere, perhaps due to a very challenging relationship or demands for attention that you can’t meet at this time. Until the 15th, you will have the proper balance to handle the situation, but after the 15th, with Mercury in opposition, you will need patience and prudence to not get caught up in provocations and arguments. Despite exertion, you will benefit from good psychophysical energies. After the 15th, focus on your well-being to combat moments of anxiety.

    Couple / James Bond and Paris Hilton

    Fortune Cookie / Fill the glass of others, and yours will always be full.

    Gemstone / Jade: Strengthens the immune system, metabolism and heart. Brings stability, perseverance, altruism, wisdom and serenity.

  • This is a special September for Taurus, thanks to exceptional planetary transits. If you have been planning to make changes at work, this is time to put them in place. This is an auspicious period for organization and teamwork. If you have projects to present or share, now is the time to do so with confidence. Show everyone your potential, and you will be successful and rewarded. Increasing finances, fruitful investments, maximum productivity. In love, you can also count on the magical influence of the planets to bring about everything you desire in relationships, as long as your dreams are based in reality. This is a perfect time to buy a home together, plan a wedding, or decide to expand your family. Your will be in great psychophysical shape and keep your diet under control.

    Couple / Gordon Ramsay and Angelina Jolie

    Fortune Cookie / Follow your dreams without doubts.

    Gemstone / Fluorite: Increases IQ, creativity, intuition, wisdom, and clairvoyance, brightens the aura.

  • Returning to everyday life after the summer holidays can be irritating this September, which will be marked by a series of planets in square during the first half of the month. A sense of insecurity will supersede your sign’s natural ability for mediation, changing the outcome of already established agreements and fruitful results. It is better to let things slide and deal with them during the second half of the month when the squares of Mercury and Venus are no longer active. Your love life is capricious. Disharmonious aspects of Mars, Venus, and Mercury will bring a general feeling of discontent. Arguments happen easily and there is a desire to prevail over others. If the other party is not sympathetic, the risk of a break-up is high. It is better to avoid discussions until the second half of the month. With poor psychophysical energy, general fatigue and anxiety, meditation and yoga will bring a sense of wellness. Recovery after the 15th.

    Couple / Regina Grimilde and David Gandy

    Fortune Cookie / It’s thanks to the rain that we can see the rainbow.

    Gemstone /Agate: Fights stress, promotes emotional balance, recharges energy.

  • September is dedicated to positivity for Cancer. New ideas and projects that you have dreamed about for a long time can finally materialise due to the transits of Mars, Mercury and Uranus. If you already have plans regarding agreements, contracts and new work goals, now is the time to make them happen. Even those who want to transform a personal passion into a proper business will have the right intuition. Finances are on the rise. In love, if your dreams are collecting dust on a shelf, it’s time to make them real. Make plans to move in together, move to another city, or undertake joint investments in business. If you’re single, the dating scene will give you what you need. Attending events will be productive, overcome laziness.

    Couple / Morticia and Gomez Adams

    Fortune Cookie / Happiness is not a consequence, it’s a choice.

    Gemstone / Lapis Lazuli: Promotes an opening of consciousness (third eye). Meditation, spirituality, and concentration. Protect your love and strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

  • A period of tremendous prosperity for Leo. A trine from Jupiter as it continues its journey in Sagittarius favours your sign. All your planned initiatives will come to fruition now. Professionally, all roads are viable. If you have already obtained what you have asked for, you may want to plan new projects to see quick results. Finances in growth. Auspicious moment to invest. In your love life, Jupiter is pushing you to be generous towards your partner who, in turn, will express their gratitude, ardour, passion and desire to share. Singles may have multiple crushes, but someone could capture your attention at the end of the month. Your energy will be in tune with your mood, with a sense of harmony and positivity.

    Couple / Lady Gaga and Frank Sinatra

    Fortune Cookie / In courage, you will find true freedom.

    Gemstone / Topaz: Promotes spirituality, brings vitality and elevates mood. Protects against negativity and jealousy.

  • September’s keyword is change. Virgo, you have been waiting with a lot of patience and faith for a long time. The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. If you have given your all in work and have been sowing seeds for months, if not even years, it is time to reap your harvest. Pragmatism, rationality and commitment are the skills most attributed to Virgo, and this month they will help you express your full potential, gain recognition, and attract people wanting to collaborate. Desires will be realised, finances are on the rise. Complete success. Your romantic life will recover vitality that had been lost due to work commitments. As a birthday gift, you can count on the fulfilment of stability built on trust and respect in your relationship. For others, someone may suddenly return from the past under a new guise. In this case, it is up to you to determine the rules. Your physical form won’t be at its peak, but recovery will be fast.

    Couple / Iris Apfel and Giò Ponti

    Fortune Cookie / Do it now and then don’t think about it anymore.

    Gemstone / Emerald: It brings joy and tranquillity.

  • September is a month of transition. The beginning of the month has a slow energy, despite the presence of Jupiter in sextile. Your get-up-and-go is lacking. To see results, you should wait until the second part of the month. If you already set up plans and work projects last month, you may see results later than you expected. The second part of the month will be more productive. Your love life is undergoing a period of tiredness and stagnancy. Don’t put all your cards on the table. Saturn’s square is inviting you to think about what you expect from a potential relationship. Thoughts will become clear and a more stable mood returns during the second part of the month. You will be on a rollercoaster ride in terms of your psychophysical well-being and may experience bouts of laziness. Exercise will help.

    Couple / Baby George and Cinderella

    Fortune Cookie / Creativity looks for windows where others see walls.

    Gemstone / Pink Quartz: Calms and helps sleep, stimulates concentration, strengthens the nervous system. Promotes and protects relationships.

  • Scorpio is among the most favoured signs this month, with almost all planets in harmonious aspect. If you have new plans or ideas, initiatives taken now will produce results. Likewise, if you are offered interesting projects, take them into consideration. To grow your finances, focus on short-term investments. Trust in the synergy between rationality and intuitive inspiration; success is guaranteed. Your private life enjoys a moment of great passion and togetherness by living for the day. If this is not you, it may be time to end a relationship. With the support of Uranus in opposition, you will not have second thoughts. Take time to recharge your batteries. You will be brimming with energy, if you remember to dose it out.

    Couple / King Lion and Scarlett Johansson

    Fortune Cookie / Seek out happy cohorts.

    Gemstone / Amethyst: Promotes spiritual energy and meditation. Wards off negative energy, protects from stress.

  • September has a general aura of discontent. There are a number of active dissonant aspects from Neptune, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Everything you planned to do this month is under risk of setbacks, including delays in negotiations and difficulties finding appropriate solutions. You could lose your calm. It is better to solve disputes in the moment and try to de-escalate arguments via communication and mutual consent, otherwise you risk becoming the bad guy in the situation. Things improve in the second half of the month. In personal relationships, there is fatigue and anxiety. You may be putting up with situations that no longer satisfy you. Out of a sense of duty, you have abandoned feelings and interests, and this is now testing your patience. You will face high levels of stress until the 20th, when calm returns. Outdoor sports bring balance.

    Couple / Taylor Swift and Jade Jolie

    Fortune Cookie / Defend your dreams at all costs.

    Gemstone / Magnetite: Frees from mental blocks and attachments to the past. Boosts psychophysical energy.

  • For a long time, Capricorn, you have been forward-thinking and tenacious, planting the seeds of the future despite adversity. You have never lost sight of your goals, and now is the time to make your comeback. In business, you can push yourself in any direction, even into unexplored territories. There will be success and promotions. Initiatives will take shape. Your skills and expertise will be greatly appreciated and even a little bit feared. Pluto will push you to make choices and decide which people you no longer want to collaborate with. Love, also, will see the light of new projects. If you are in a couple, this is an auspicious time to move, decide to have a baby, and build a firm foundation. If you have moved on from a past love affair, it may be time to see things from a new perspective so it can transform into something more. You will be brimming with energy. Start a new physical exercise regime, as it will bring new motivation.

    Couple / Thelma and Louise

    Fortune Cookie / Take a bite out of everything. You’ll find yourself hungry for life.

    Gemstone / Tiger’s Eye: Bestows safety, courage, optimism and concentration. Aids meditation.

  • Aquarius finally emerges from a moment of stagnancy thanks to support from Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. It’s time to put things in order. With the proper amount of determination you can right the wrongs of the past by evaluating situations or collaborations. You now have the experience to dictate your own rules and have others agree to them democratically through your natural knack for diplomacy. Things get better after the 15th, when Mercury is on your side. Sometimes two-way relationships can be a turnoff, and sometimes relationships require alone time. But now is a moment for sharing if you’re in a couple. Maybe you’ve been alone for a long time, and you still want to keep separate, private spaces so you don’t risk investing too much in the relationship. For those who are single it’s time to open your heart and come out of the shadows by starting something new. Try living in the moment. The difficulties of the past few months no longer need affect the present. Your psychophysical energy is in clear improvement. Extend your summer holidays with long weekends.

    Couple / Coco Chanel and Woody Allen

    Fortune Cookie / Love your imperfections. They are wrinkles in your soul that can never be ironed out.

    Gemstone / Azurite Malachite: Helps consciousness emerge from unconsciousness. Provides harmony. Eliminates mental and emotional stress.

  • September is a month where you must have a lot of patience, especially before the 14th, due to Venus and Mercury in opposition while squaring Jupiter. Between unexpected events, a stressful pace filled with misunderstandings at work, and dealing with slow bureaucracy, you will lose your patience and good humour. Try to put things in perspective; these are just passing clouds, destined to drift away. Mercury moves on from the 14th, improving communication, mood, and anxiety. It is better to delay deals and agreements until the second half of the month. If you want to put your sentimental life in order and inject bright tones into whatever hasn’t been going well for quite some time, try to shed light on obscure situations. It is better to speak your mind than carry around a weight that affects your well-being. There is nothing you can’t resolve. Clear recovery at the end of the month. Taking time for yourself by practicing yoga or following a detox diet will help you rebalance your energy and brighten your thoughts.

    Couple / Pierre Casiraghi and Greta Thunberg

    Fortune Cookie / Train your mind to seize opportunities.

    Gemstone / Sodalite: Cures emotional disorders, bestows strength and mental clarity. Removes fears. Builds confidence in one’s capabilities and wisdom.