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  • The Magical Number 7

    Words by Federico Raffo “The Numbers Man”

  • How many times have you heard that 7 is a magical, sacred or Divine number?

    The number seven represents many things, but today it is viewed as the magic that lives within us, the divine soul that makes each of us individual and unique.

    The number seven represents the pure spirit and the great explorer. Seven is a “perfect number”, an emblem of the totality of space, time and the movements of the universe. As well as change and evolution. It is also the number of completed cycles. It takes Saturn (The Planet of Karma) seven years to revolve around the sun.

  • When we talk about seven, we are talking about perfecting human nature, seeing as it joins the Holy Trinity (3) with the Earthly Elements (4), thereby reconciling the physical and spiritual realms, human and divine. It is also the number of the pyramid, which is formed by a triangle (3) on a square base (4).

  • Numerology says that people with the number seven are individuals with a mystic conception of life, EXPLORERS who navigate the depths of the waters, excellent thinkers and idealists. Meditative, intuitive, sensible, WOKE to magical forces, thinking and codes. They understand human nature and aren’t deceived by appearances.

  • Find out what number you are. If you were born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th, you are a number 7. If you have the letter G, P, or Y as an initial, you too receive a healthy dose of seven’s energy.

  • You may be wondering why I am exploring this number’s vibrations in December. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t thinking about Christmas or the New Year. I chose it after looking at the photos from The Attico’s last party, where G(7)ILDA and G(7)IORGIA’s latest collection Spring Summer 2020 was presented. Without realising it, they created an atmosphere filled with sevens: harp music, a magician who connected everyone to the “unseen” world, and the location of China. With gender play where everything is permitted…

  • Remember that spirituality is not synonymous with religion, and that, in this dimension, the maximum expression of the spirit is found in the material. Aum… Omhh!