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  • 2 is being seen on earth, in the water and the softness of this world.

    The water element is the clearest and most obvious manifestation of this number on our planet. 71% of the planet is composed of water.

    You could also say that 2 is vital energy, the energy that constantly surrounds us and nurtures us.

    2 lives in us through every action of our daily lives. In the caress of a loved one, in tears of joy or sadness, in anger when we’re not understood, in love, in friendship, in professional partnerships.

    Gilda and Giorgia are the perfect demonstration of a working couple in harmony with the world of fashion and much more…

    If we take a look at the initials of these two girls - G G - we see equilibrium here; the two initials give a great mental understanding (G is 7 and seven, the divine number, the number of ideas, but we’ll talk about 7 in another article).

  • Looking at the name of their brand, The Attico, we also see the presence of the perfect combination (T has a numerical value of 2 and its vibration creates a bond that goes beyond the sensory). It is that unbreakable bond with mothers, your mother, my mother, his or her mother, their mother. 2 represents the archetypal mother because it brings along with it the warmth of the Pachamama (mother earth). 2 is softness, transparency, a sparkle… Like feathers, like crystals, like rhinestones.

  • Symbolically, through water 2 is the force that gives life to matter and makes it alive, active and effective. It’s fertility, communion and, above all, harmony.
    1 + 1 equals 2 and we’re not talking maths here, we’re analysing the elements that align our cosmos. The primordial elements of our universe: water, air, fire and earth. Life would not exist if one or more of these elements were missing or did not blend with the others in an active and even form.

  • We must start to see ourselves as complete beings that grow and evolve, merging together without losing a sense of individuality. It’s the time to eradicate the idea from our collective subconscious which is so romantic and also so frustrating of the half apple; you’re an apple, I’m another apple, we’re surrounded by whole apples which meet and decide whether to walk together or not. Her being together with him, her with her or him with him. “Hooray” to the whole apples that grow together and learn from their differences, yet maintain their individuality. “Vive la differénce!”

  • Diversity adds something, and does not take away. With this I want to tell you not to look for an outside model, but look for your own and bring it out. As a career woman if you’re tired of a business suit, wear jeans or sequins. Girls, don’t look for models outside of yourself, you have your own model living within you. Young mothers, be the mother you wanted to be. Women, be different, be yourself.
    Have the courage to be like The Attico is.